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It’s no surprise that about half of shoppers leave their shopping carts before making any purchases. While this is difficult to compare, since sales would double if these customers were actually purchased, there is no easy or easy approach to prevent this. However, one of the biggest mistakes for retailers is to let outbound customers without trying to get their attention once again. Knowing that most of them will never return, there is no harm in trying to persuade them in a kind way that could turn them into regular customers. However, there is a need for specific plans or strategies to reverse the thinking of abandoned customers and make them loyal to customers. Here are some of the proven hacks for ecommerce sellers that will turn abandoning your shopping cart into a successful purchase.

# 1 Keeping items in the cart

The first and easiest way to get customers’ attention is to let them know that you still have their favorite things in the cart. For better results, ecommerce owners can keep selected items in their shopping cart for more than a week, so they can select their selected items, which are pending final payment each time they log into the site. This may remind them what they are missing until they actually try to make the final purchase.

# 2 Send a recovery email or reminder

The power of email in marketing can never be underestimated and this is at one point when email targeting works absolutely great. Sending friendly emails to abandoned customers reflects the concerns of trading companies for their dissatisfied customers. This leaves a positive impression on their mind and can lure them into buying. Simple mail with items like “Oops! We found your cart is waiting for you to leave.”, “Having trouble signing out?” or a reminder theme like “Look back in your cart before things run out” will excite customer attention.

# 3 Redirecting to Custom Services

Email targeting may be the most effective strategy, but retargeting approaches are equally good. Prices and products sometimes lag behind the quality of e-commerce services and this is where retargeting approaches can be a winning strategy. Retailers can offer free shipping, easy return and exchange, free goodies that are direct access to routing. While as an indirect strategy I can use Javascript code that puts cookies in customer browsers that will make the advertising of their website products visible wherever they visit the web.

# 4 offering compelling discounts and price comparisons of abandoned products

Customers are always crazy about discounts, no matter what they buy and where they come from! Therefore, it is wiser to use this tendency of customer behavior to return to them in the event of an abandoned cart. Ecommerce owners can send feedback or email to customers announcing big discounts on the same items they have left in their cart. Furthermore, they can provide quick price comparisons for similar products on other sites, to prevent customers from switching to other online replacements.

The idea of ​​returning abandoned customers is pretty simple. When someone leaves the cart, retailers do not lose sales permanently. Instead, they were given some new prospects to turn it into a successful sale. They manifest that initial customer visits for them are simply a “consideration” of visits, so merchants can encourage them to make subsequent visits with retargeted conversion guarantees.

Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 


by Rob Stephen




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