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17, 2020

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Feared no doubt ate a Time is tough to be an entrepreneur. Unprecedented changes in the way we work and live have ruined the best plans of most business owners, no matter what stage of business development their business is at. For entrepreneurs which of the parents, however, the problems they face are even more terrible. They are now tasked with running a fragile business, as well as overseeing home schooling, round-the-clock childcare and household chores without a break in sight. Not surprisingly, entrepreneurial parents feel overwhelmed, frustrated and exhausted.

For many moms who are entrepreneurs, the point is this raising children responsibilities and entrepreneurial goals are deeply intertwined, nothing new. In data collected over the months leading up to the global health crisis, study co-author Kylie King found that women almost twice as often identify themselves as “mom-entrepreneurs” than parents who identified themselves as “dad-entrepreneurs”. . “In part, this speaks to permanent child care units. Dr. King found that entrepreneurial parents were almost twice as large as spouses / partners who do not work and work part-time.

However, it also speaks to a persistent gender bias in our conceptualization of what an “entrepreneur” looks like. Generally speaking, a defaulting entrepreneur is perceived as a white childless man – and other entrepreneurs are judged by the degree of deviation from this image. Indeed, the popularity of the term “mompreneur” signals the extent to which many mother entrepreneurs are defined (themselves or others) by gender, parenting, and career (as well as by mother’s colors, by race). Whether you consider this term contemptuous or legitimate, it nevertheless signals a greater individual and public recognition of the intertwined nature of parenting. for the mother. We recently asked Puppet hitha, CEO, entrepreneur and investor as he refers to the term “mompreneur”. She aptly noted that we used a “tadprener” to describe parents who are entrepreneurs. But we have to.

This crisis has made it clear that parenting and work are not separated. Indeed, they never were. However, so far many parents-entrepreneurs have had the privilege of creating the illusion of separation. This is made possible by partners who have taken on most of the responsibilities of caring for children and the household, and by the fact that our collective ability is to share professional and parental identities when we think of men. The health crisis has caused a curtain that separates the two worlds into a rift.

Now is the time for entrepreneurial parents to reinforce and accept these dual identities. Jill Salzman, CEO and Founder Founding mothers (an organization dedicated to the promotion of mothers-entrepreneurs), notes: “If ever there was a time for parents of entrepreneurs to understand that their work and raising children no longer need to be separated, now is the time. Quarantine has introduced a new era for adults to learn to weave your work into your own family lives. Those who struggle to keep them separate feel more stressed and frustrated as they work against what they really are – parent entrepreneurs. ”

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During this time, by consciously accepting the “parent entrepreneur” certificate (or “tadprener”), parents can gain greater recognition for recognizing and fulfilling multiple life roles. As a result, when this pandemic subsides and we return to some common emblem rather than insisting In order for mothers-entrepreneurs to sublimate their parental role in order to take them seriously as entrepreneurs, we may have a more egalitarian mentality that allows all parents to accept them.entrepreneurial journey in accordance with parental upbringing, not the other way around.

For parent-entrepreneurs who are willing to go for this leap, I co-authored a book appealing to Stu Friedman Parents who lead. Here are some key ways.

Pass on your values

While most entrepreneurs know the importance of shaping the mission and vision of their organization, they often cannot express what is important and important to them. This crisis provides an opportunity to more vulnerable to share what is most important to us, with others. Women who perceive the identity of “mother-entrepreneur” clearly communicate the value they attach to parenting. Now, entrepreneurial parents need to reinforce the value of their parental identity in conjunction with the entrepreneurial identity.

Share your reality

Poorly conditioned representation of a polished, professional image of oneself to the world of the surrounding home. Explore ways in which you could more accurately demonstrate the problems, entanglements, and disruptions in raising children while working from home. This will help normalize the reality that these parts of life are not really separated, especially now. While you probably shouldn’t tolerate dirty laundry (literally) against a background of magnification, you can more vocally acknowledge that meetings need to be arranged around children‘S schedule or have a child sitting on your lap during the meeting. Moms-entrepreneurs often had nothing else to do, so it’s an opportunity for parents to actively do it.

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Attract the people who matter most

Since our lives have been turned upside down, it’s no surprise that many entrepreneurs are rapidly transitioning to survival mode. However, this default mode may not best serve you as a person, your business, or your family. By interacting with the people who are most important to all aspects of your life (e.g., children, partners, colleagues, investors, friends), you can summarize how things are going and identify opportunities to better meet each other’s needs.

Try a new way

Try experimenting with how you manage your time, attention and energy. Rather no one is now the “right way” to become a parent-entrepreneur, but if you are looking for them, opportunities for greater consent. Ideas for new approaches often arise as a result of communicating your values ​​and reality with the people who matter most. As a parent-entrepreneur, there is an opportunity to find new ways to integrate work and life. Get ready to try a new path, evaluate how far you go, and adopt a new tactic if you’re not quite right.

It’s hard to go be an entrepreneur. It’s a hard time being a parent. But, more fully perceiving how these roles intersect, dad entrepreneurs can join moms entrepreneurs, expressing both the challenges and joys of these dual identities. If we move on to the next chapter, whatever it may look like, it will create a basis for greater /////////////////////// ” capital of mutual potential in entrepreneurship. It will change our perceptions of what an entrepreneur should look like.

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