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First introduced in 1969 Green Express American Card is one of the most respected cards in the AmEx line. By the 50th anniversary of the card, AmEx has given it a broad approach to the face, enhancing the welcome offer, elevating the payroll scheme and adding several benefits to the attractiveness of frequent travelers of all ages. The updated green map it’s a card with some premium travel benefits that are more affordable than many of its senior counterparts.

Here’s what has changed and why it might be a good option for you.

The benefits of travel go far

The Green Express American Card has many benefits for those who love to travel. In addition to the admission bonus, he earns 3 reward points for $ 1 spent on restaurants and travel around the world. This pay scheme is even better than it seems, as “travel” in addition to traditional travel costs (flights, hotels, tours and car rentals) includes buses, subways, airports, paid parking and more. You earned 1 point for $ 1 spent on all other purchases. Conditions apply.

You also have some valuable protection benefits such as loss and car insurance, luggage insurance and travel delays, as well as purchase protection and extended warranties. Conditions apply.

In addition, the fee for foreign transactions has been eliminated, so feel free to use the card abroad. The annual fee is there $ 150. Conditions apply.

Clear credit screening

There are many cards that offer credit on admission Global Entry or TSA Precheckbut not clear. Suffered shame; Nowadays, so many people have access to the TSA pre-check that you can easily move along this line, while others move along a special track to view the screen.

To be clear (a pun), Clear gets you through ID verification, not the entire security verification process – so technically not a competitor to Global Entry or TSA Precheck. But if you already have one of these two services (hopefully paid another credit card), you’re golden. After swimming through the ID, continue to be able to put on your shoes, keep your laptop in your bag and go through the old-fashioned metal detector, not the full-fledged scanning machine.

Cleaning costs $ 179 annually, so yours Green Express American Card“An annual loan of up to $ 100 will only take you. The terms apply. However, Clear currently offers an annual membership of $ 119 United Airlines MileagePlus and Delta Air Lines SkyMiles participants, this means that this $ 100 loan can cover at least 84% of your membership.

Do you have an account with any airline? It doesn’t have to be a problem – it’s free and easy to join Delta either United frequent flyer programs.

It is now clearly in 65+ airports and other venues – Check to see if this list includes airports that you visit frequently to find out how valuable membership can be.

Up to four LoungeBuddy visits per year

LoungeBuddy offers access to leisure clubs at airports around the world starting at $ 25, so credit up to $ 100 on your Green Express American Card can cover up to four people or visits. Conditions apply. The halls at the airport vary greatly in quality, so you may have to pay more for access to the best.

However, at least you should expect comfortable chairs, free internet, snacks, coffee, soda and sometimes free alcoholic beverages. If you arrive on a flight early or have a long connection, the lounge at the airport can be a great place to relax or do some work in a more comfortable setting, although the lounges can sometimes also be crowded.

Travel deferral insurance is also included

While some issuers are getting rid of traditional credit card benefits, such as extended warranties or car rental insurance, Green Express American Card added a few valuable guards that you can easily overlook until you need them. For example, travel deferral insurance pays up to $ 300 for delays of 12 hours, up to two claims in 12 months. Conditions apply.

Welcome bonus points can go a long way

You can redeem Membership awards points in a variety of ways: from booking flights to paying for goods. Here are some basic redemption options with corresponding dollar values ​​for the use of 10,000 points:

  • Transfer point to participants of airlines and hotels: the price depends on the partner.

  • Book Travel through American Express Travel: Flights and Upgrades $ 100; hotels and other travel services $ 70.

  • Shop with membership points: $ 50.

  • Pay in points on cash register: Online stores $ 70; Master ticket $ 50; Taxi on the NYC route – $ 100.

  • Buy gift cards: up to $ 100; varies by trader.

  • Put the value of your card (credit on the statement): $ 60.

Giving points for membership fees to airline members can provide the best purchase values, which in some cases can exceed 1 percent per point – especially if you use the accumulated miles for an expensive or premium class.

AmEx has 19 airline partners, and in most cases you can transfer points in a ratio of 1: 1. But keep in mind that the transfer to the domestic airline provides compensation for excise duty of 0.06 percent per item.

All information about Green Express American Card was compiled by NerdWallet itself. Green Express American Card no longer available through NerdWallet.

How to maximize your rewards

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Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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