MoonRun is the perfect workout for small spaces, and now it’s over $ 100.

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11, 2020

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Although gyms are slowly opening up across the country, you are killing yourself if you are not confident of rushing back to sweaty public places. Sure, you can keep working outdoors to get cardio, but as the weather heats up, sweating outside becomes even less enjoyable. There is a better alternative.

MoonRun it’s a portable aerobic trainer that allows you to get an exciting, general cardio workout without leaving home.

You can set up MoonRun in literally minutes and immediately enter running and resistance mode wherever you are. MoonRun was developed by a physiotherapist and uses an elastic upward pull to provide weight loss while minimizing exposure to the knees and joints. With included virtual running programs you can become an avatar to run around the world, work with a virtual trainer or even join a group run from the comfort of your living room. MoonRun is designed to help you feel less limited by getting powerful workouts for your whole body.

Whether you live in a house or a New York studio, MoonRun will still have a place. From cardio workouts to resistance workouts, MoonRun will help you maintain the workout regimen you want without taking any unnecessary risks. According to Forbes, this is “the # 1 sports and technical solution for training at home with COVID-19.”

You don’t need to spend money on Peloton to get on a great workout with a low impact home. MoonRun is usually $ 399, but you can save 46 percent get it for $ 212 today with promo code: GIFTFORDAD15.





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