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Marketing flow of sales

The key to any successful business is a healthy sales funnel. This is especially true of ecommerce stores whose survival depends on converting visitors to their websites from casual browsers to dedicated customers.

If you are unfamiliar with online marketing and sales funnels, this article will give you a quick overview on how to use them with Shopify stores. In addition, explaining why offering them as an additional service to your clients can drastically increase their happiness and income.

My job,, specialized in building funnels for established online business owners, and as a Shopify partner, we focused on working specifically with Shopify stores. There are basically two different types of funnels we sell: a marketing funnel designed to capture potential emails, and a sales funnel designed to capture payment for products or services.

Below Sharing, they share examples that illustrate how you can integrate both funnels in the Shopify store so your customer can cross-sell similar products to their existing customers.

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Marketing funnels for Shopify stores

First, the marketing funnel is designed to convert traffic to subscribers and customers through marketing automation. Even if your client’s store turns into a solid 2% of traffic, forgetting that means that 98/100 people leave empty handed and are unlikely to ever return. You can improve this by grabbing someone’s email address and following them.

I recently built a marketing funnel for Andrew Youderian’s business, Radio stations on the right channelAs you may know, Andrew is the host Ecommerce fuel podcast, and is one of only a few shows I adapt each week.

We took advantage of it for free Don’t read a scroll application (which slides to the bottom right) to create a quote or “lead magnet”, which offers users a free email course on how to choose the right CB equipment, plus a PDF version of the FAQ already run by the business. If this sounds like a lot of work, it’s a pain. To create a professional PDF – a free Chrome extension, you need to spend hours in Adobe InDesign Print friendly you can create something representative with just a few clicks.

Marketing Sales Flow: Right Channel Radio Stations

We then linked the popup to Klaviyo, the marketing automation software Andrew used and created a new stream with a four-email campaign:

Sales Marketing Flow: CB Course (Pop-ups)

The first three emails provided course content that addressed specific categories and product pages. The final email was the final page of the campaign and contained the offer code.

In the last two months of setting up, the drip campaign has brought in over $ 2000 in revenue. The first email generated 45% of that sales, the second 30%, the third 15%, and the fourth 10% of revenue. These results show that the first email in any drip campaign is always the most important in terms of engagement, but it also emphasizes the importance of having a drip sequence to follow.

We will charge you a one-time fee of $ 999 to set up your account Popup marketing stream, meaning that most ecommerce stores can break through within two to three months. From there it represents all the gravity. The website is starting to convert traffic to customers who are almost month to month.

By sharing the test title and copying the email, ecommerce owners can see a 30% increase in revenue, which often makes email marketing valuable to channels as searches. A great extra service for selling your customers when building a new store.

Sales funnels for Shopify stores

At this point, the typical way ecommerce owners try to increase the average order value by installing upsell apps like Upsell product, which offers a “you might like” box with sales and cross sales. This is great and works well when people have actually added the item to their cart (right at the end of the sales funnel), but this approach is missing from 98% of non-paying people.

Instead, you can set up inbound sales funnels with an offer that can turn cold traffic into new customers. The best way to do this is by offering a free product if the buyer just pays for the shipping.

Russell Brunson, founder of the company Clickfunnels, the king is a free shipping offer. He sold 26,000 copies of his book Dotcomsecrets (a must read for online entrepreneurs in my opinion) by offering his book for free as long as the buyer was willing to pay for the shipping. After the customer enters their contact and payment information, the following pages in the series are one-time deals for $ 197 and $ 297, where people can buy with just one click.

Sold To My Shop Shopify built a “free shipping” offer that sells prints of photos that people have taken on their iPhones, Here’s how I did it.

I first created this offer on Facebook:

Marketing Sales Flow: Panorama prints a Facebook offering

When people request the offer above, a popup window appears that includes a link to the funnel offer built on the subdomain using Clickfunnels and Cloudflare.

Sales Marketing Flow: You've saved Panorama Print's Facebook offering

The first page in the sales funnel, also known as the “squeeze page,” is where I collect their email addresses, even if they don’t end up in the funnel for purchase.

Marketing flow of sales

Nothing special so far. However, when people click the “Add to Cart” button, they pass first single offer page, which sells a framed print version at a discount of 30%:

Marketing sales funnel: Ask for your panoramic print offer

This is where Shopify integration comes into play. If they select “No thanks, I only want free printable 18”, the link pre-fills the product offer at the Shopify box office using permalinks for pre-loading carts, To do this, you need to grab the product variant ID (found by adding .xml to the end of the page URL of the page inside Shopify, which in this case is 7013815521), and then add it to the URL link to this structure:

If a person clicks the link to upgrade to a framed print for $ 69, they are instead sent through another page with one quote, shown below:

The following page is the main sale / offer where a visitor gets an offer in their cart.

Just like before, if someone crosses the “no” link, it sends them to the cashier with a previous upgrade. But if they get a “yes” to upgrade to a larger framed press, they’re waiting $ 149 at the box office – not bad starting with a $ 9 product!

Given that for every 100 people who find themselves on a squeezed page, 50% complete their order. Of these 50 buyers, 60% receive the original offer, 30% receive the second offer, and ~ 10% receive the third. That would mean 100 people gross ~ $ 1000 in revenue and if my margins were 40% they made $ 400 net. The value of each visitor would be $ 4 and I could easily advertise in any place where CPC is <$ 4 and I still make money.

Here’s a link to the whole bid for panoramic bid in ClickFunnel if you want to replicate for your clients.


  • Each Shopify site can benefit from a marketing funnel and sign-up form, whether created on a popup, slide, or separate “squeeze” page, and an auto-send email sequence.
  • Marketing funnels are simply sold to customers with existing traffic when they can offset their initial investment within just a few months.
  • Ecommerce stores should harness the power of sales funnels to turn cold traffic into new customers through innovative free + shipping deals that lead the way in higher priced products.
  • By increasing the average order value per visitor, sales funnels mean that store owners can spend more on PPC advertising for their profitable funnels. From there, PPC management can be another service that you can cross as a Shopify partner.
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Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 


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