eCommerce is the sale and purchase of products and services online. It basically starts with creating a website where you can advertise your product. You can start a website with only $ 20 a month, and in order to continue operating, you may need to start opening a merchant account and gateway service for your payment transactions.

So why choose e-commerce over any other conventional way of doing business? First of all, it’s definitely a lot cheaper to market and maintain. Instead of investing in very expensive advertisements, money can save you better use of the product itself. Especially in these difficult times, with e-commerce, even small businesses can compete in the market with half the price.

Transactions are even easier when it comes to e-commerce – it can be marketing your product, ordering materials, customer care, stocking, telecommunications, payment and even shipping transactions, all in just one click.

Another good thing about doing everything online is that you can customize everything. You can choose how you want consumers to see your product. Packaging your product is easy and easy to maintain and change as needed and in just a few minutes.

Probably one of the reasons why e-commerce is becoming a trend in the business world lies in the fact that in today’s economy, SMEs cannot afford to gamble the small budget they have because of the recession. And since information technology is already out, it’s not that hard to break into the market.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, e-commerce is not so perfect, it has its share of dilemmas. His strength is at the same time his weakness. Cliché? Not really, we’re still actually dealing with the power of the internet. Although it has been found that there are as many people as possible in just minutes, you cannot hide the fact that there are still serious privacy and security issues …

Source by Tina L Douglas


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