How can you make money from the articles you post on your site? You will earn good revenue by carefully choosing high-paying partnerships. It is an important part of the process to know where to find the best paid and most relevant affiliates for your sites.

When selecting and joining, you need to determine which programs will benefit the most based on the frequency of product sales. There are several affiliate programs that will offer large amounts of cash per sale, but before you commit to dollar signs, you need to look at product conversion rates. There is no point in having a high paying affiliate if you are not making any sales. Selling $ 100 every quarter compared to selling $ 10 three times a week looks bad, $ 400 a year compared to $ 520 a $ 10 program. Big well-known brands tend to offer low profits per sale because they know that they will be easier to convert than a lesser-known brand that does not have a good reputation and history. This is why smaller brands offer a higher commission to allow more exposure and build a reputation as they go through the difficult period of low sales as they build their presence.

The key rule when choosing the best affiliate products to place on your site is which products will appeal to your site visitors. You will not make a lot of money by selling items that no one is likely to visit your site wants or needs. If you have a car niche on cars, promote relevant car products. If you promote automotive products to gardeners, you are guaranteed to make no sales, and therefore no profit, no matter how much you earn per sale. You only sell relevant and related products on niche sites.

The last step is finding a affiliate for your website. The first way is to apply for a company that manages the accounts of companies running affiliate programs; this gives you an instant market for hundreds of companies, small and large. An example is Comission Junction or Click Bank. Another method is to apply directly to corporate affiliate programs from links on the company website. You can easily do this by entering a phrase partner program with the relevant keywords of your niche site, and then it’s an easy task to apply through the affiliate links.

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