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Whether you are planning a honeymoon, family vacation, weekend getaway, vacation getaway or a beautiful safari adventure, you want safety and security while traveling. But not every trip requires overcoming insurance insurance, which can range from a single fee to as much as 10% of the cost of the trip. And there are many things to think about before buying.

Often travel providers (including airlines and online travel agencies) seek to push travel insurance because they make a large commission. But these plans can come with a lot of red tape in fine print. For example, depending on when the trip was booked, The COVID-19 pandemic is not covered by many travel insurance providers. Fortunately, airlines and hotel companies are stepping up the return of affected tourists appeals, vouchers and waivers.

Many credit cards come with built-in travel insurance if you use this card to pay for the trip, although the card providers are different from what is covered and what is not. In addition, the insurance of your homeowners can cover certain expenses while traveling, for example, to a holiday home, for example.

Most policies have conditions that can reduce their usefulness, so potential losses should always be weighed against the cost of insurance. For example, travel insurance after learning of a rapid hurricane may be useless due to limited coverage. And if you can just hop in the car and drive home or pay a fee for exceeding miles / points, then travel insurance may not be needed.

So, given all these variables, is it worth buying travel insurance? Here we will walk you through the various trips so you can determine the level of risk and weigh whether the insurance is worth the extra cost. Then you can decide if you want to buy it or miss it.

Protect your travel investment

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Travel, desert or distant adventures

A desert safari or other remote adventure usually costs quite a penny. Unexpected interruptions in the trip can mean large financial losses. Even after you start the journey, the cost of returning home in the middle of the trip can be significant if transportation that is not nearby is not available. This is the kind of trip you want to protect with good travel insurance. There are many providers that cover expensive trips, although services may vary by destination.

If medical lighting during the safari is a concern, consider traveling with such a company Elewana Collectionwhich covers the cost Flying Doctors. It is part of the African Medical and Research Foundation and can provide immediate medical care from a network of providers to your location rather than evacuating you to the first hospital (unless absolutely necessary). Such protection can make you safer in remote places such as the elephant-pepper camp that is part of the Elewana Collection property in Kenya’s Masai Mara.

Travel insurance verdict: buy it for this expensive vacation (unless it is part of your vacation package).

Travel with seniors or those who have medical conditions

Wherever you go when traveling with seniors or people who are most likely in need of help, it is wise to have a backup plan. Aside from regular travel insurance, there are companies that take extra steps if you need to be evacuated to another treatment location.

Most travel insurers (including credit card coverage or traditional travel insurance plans) will take you to the appropriate hospital. But additional providers like it Bear will help you get back to a home hospital or another that you may prefer.

Medjet does not rule out as many activities as other providers can do (such as motorcycling). For travelers under the age of 75, he has no previous health exceptions. Adding this extra level of protection should be considered when traveling abroad or to remote places such as islands, safari camps or long overseas trips.

Travel insurance verdict: Buy it if you risk needing help.


When it comes to buying an airline insurance from airlinesTo begin with, it should be learned that airlines often work with the insurer and use a standardized option. Read the fine print before buying to understand what is covered (or not).

If you plan to take part in adventure activities on a trip, such as climbing or bungee jumping, any flight delays or cancellation compensation resulting from concomitant injuries are not covered. Otherwise a lot Credit cards already contain some travel protection measures (if you use them to pay for a ticket).

If you use miles for a flight, most airlines will allow you to cancel and reschedule those miles for a fee (unless you have booked the most restrictive special Internet or basic economy types of rewards that some airlines introduce). Both American and Delta offer them now and they may not allow the change – or even cancellation in some cases.

Travel Insurance Verdict: Skip it on flights unless your credit card has a travel protection form.


Although the cruise industry took a beating during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is likely to end up rebounding like the rest of the travel industry. The cruise cabin, like an airline seat, is a perishable asset. That is, if a cruise departs (or a flight departs), there is no way to sell someone an unused seat. It’s bad why travel insurance to protect against a canceled cruise (or one you have to cut) can be wise.

Cruise lines sell these policies, but often credit card protection can also play a role. If you can prove that you needed to cancel the cruise for medical reasons, many credit cards will refund the cost of that cruise if you used that card to pay for the trip.

While some credit card protection measures can help you if flights are delayed or canceled, they may not cover missed cruises; they can just get you a hotel and a flight home. Why cruise travel insurance can be reasonable, especially if you don’t buy flights to the cruise point of departure from the cruise line itself. Buying flights in a cruise company means responsibility for delivering you to the ship in case of delay.

Otherwise you have to count on an insurance trip. If you compare the potential cost of a cruise disappearance or trying to purchase last-minute flights to get there, then the small cost of an insurance cruise trip can be worth it.

Insurance payment verdict: buy it if you arrange cruise flights yourself; skip it when booking tickets via the cruise line. A a good credit card should provide travel protection who may have a back if you have to cancel for medical reasons.

Family trips

If your trip is expensive – either because it involves a large number of people, or because you decide to go on an adventure once in a lifetime – consider insuring it. This is especially important when traveling with children, as insurance can cover last-minute changes due to illness or weather.

Travel insurance verdict: get it if you want your grounds to be covered by a family trip, but be sure to understand the differences between politicians.

Road or business trip

If the cost of the trip is not too high or the difficulty of redeveloping the trip will not be great, the road trip or business trip should be flexible enough that you can change them without much expense.

If you are traveling on a return fare, insurance is less necessary, as the change fee often refuses these expensive tickets. If your financial salary is just the cost of renting a car, prepaid gas or a few nights at a hotel (often easily canceled), travel insurance may not be worth it for each trip just in case you need it. cancel at the last minute. And forget to forget check the benefits of your credit card for protection you can forget you had.

Travel insurance verdict: skip it for a road trip and business trip.

If you find a type of person who travels frequently and has a tendency to worry, this may be reasonable consider an annual travel insurance plan that can spread the cost over many trips to make it more affordable for you.

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