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As a person who baked for work last year and spent more than 100 nights in hotels, adjusting to the new norm of virtual meetings, conference calls and dressing in a shirt and tie in my spare spare bedroom.

Business travel has been hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak, and many companies are rethinking how important it is for their employees to travel around the city when, in some cases, virtual meetings can achieve a similar goal.

As soon as things start to return to normal life, I fully believe that my travels will start to increase slowly, especially considering that meetings in person give much more fruitful results in my work. But what if your company feels the same way? What to expect from the travel business?

If many business travelers would get on planes less often and sleep in fewer hotels, what would the future of booking premiums look like with so many fewer miles or points accumulating in frequent programs?

Is this the future of business travel?

I recently spoke with a friend who was refinancing his home. Although most of the required signatures can be completed electronically, some documents required a “wet signature” in the presence of a notary. The notary came home with gloves, a mask, and a fresh, unsealed pen box that they could use.

Some types of trips are simply postponed. And as much as businesses adapt to the idea of ​​virtual meetings with webcams and chat programs, there are certain suggestions, projects, ideas and suggestions that are important to make, or bring the best results, if done, in person.

For example, many trading positions require product demonstrations for their end users, and some trainings simply need to be conducted in person.

However, since so much “travel” can be practically done, I expect companies to look long and hard at the effectiveness of sending their trading forces or teams of products to the field as they have done before.

I think travel contracts between large corporations and chain hotels and airlines will be revised, simply because there will be no demand. At the same time, in recent days the cancellation of airline routes by 95% more. Flying planes usually do this with fewer passengers, and airlines will not be able to charge the same prices as before.

Check out this transcontinental flight between Los Angeles and New York. The cost of round trip on Sunday and return on Thursday (typical business flights) ranges around $ 260.

I would expect tariffs for the summer to remain so low in early fall as airlines continue to offer flexible fares and simple cancellation terms.

What this means for premium orders

Business travelers are recruiting tens if not hundreds of thousands of airlines a year. For “regular” travelers, this means that finding access via popular routes can sometimes be a challenge. Add to this the propensity of business travelers to book first class or business class tickets, and you see how difficult it can be to find rewarding seats for this dream vacation in a normal travel time.

If you were planning to travel in 2020, I would be advised to decide where you want to go and book now if you can. Airlines still have very flexible booking conditions, so if you book now, there’s a good chance they’ll be covered by them flexible policy of change and cancellation. Also, because the loads are so light, the chances are higher to find great opportunities to make the right trips.

For example, New York to London has good accessibility in the summer travel season:

But there is also great availability until March 2021. If only one date occurs in March, now on every United United flight between Newark and London you can book kilometers in both economy and business class.

How can you earn more miles and points

Now is the perfect time to increase that margin. Keep building those balances and have many miles to redeem when you’re ready.

If you travel relatively less, which means you don’t earn miles and points, what would you be on those trips, what other ways to earn miles and points?

Check to see if any of the credit cards for travel you have special category bonuses. My favorite postcard American Express® Gold CardHe is currently gaining 4–4 points in restaurants around the world (including takeaway) and 4–4 points in the United States. supermarkets. Conditions apply. In the foreseeable future, we will focus on a large number of our expenses in these places, so earning 4 points is a very easy way to adjust the balance.

If you are not leaving home and are going to do more shopping online, consider your airline’s trading portal. The shopping portal is just a website to go to first before making online purchases. By running a shopping trip there, you will be able to earn a few miles on top of any salary by paying by credit card for rewards.

In the example above, you see that by starting a search on the American Airlines trading page, I could earn 3 miles per dollar at Petco, 5 miles per dollar at Rosetta Stone and 3 miles per dollar at Athleta. Again, this is above all the miles or points I would have earned on my credit card.

Using shopping portals is one of the easiest ways to learn how to earn miles from the comfort of your home (and this is approved by social remoteness).

The essence

While I expect business trips to return, I still think we see it on the same levels as before. The fare will be more than likely as airlines try to recoup not only lost revenue but also consumer interest. I would also like to see a return on stock at the hotel for faster earning luxury nights, more double or triple points and other tempting offers to get you in the door.

All information about American Express® Gold Card was compiled by NerdWallet itself. The American Express® Gold Card no longer available through NerdWallet.

How to maximize your rewards

You want a travel credit card to be important to you. Here are our choices for the best road credit cards of 2020, including the best for:


Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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