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It is understandable that businesses are focusing too much on impressions, thinking that when a website design is pleasing to the eye, it will be followed by heavy traffic. But design is not even a fifth of the number of elements that work to ensure the success of an ecommerce site. There are countless websites that don’t use flash animation or Java too much, but still find themselves high in search engines and conversions. The answer of the course lies in the structure and this is where the philosophy of web development vendors differs.

Structure + navigation

Technically clear and easy navigation is part of good infrastructure. But it is very important that this requires additional emphasis. Some companies that offer web site design use the “grandmother rule”. This means that if your grandmother couldn’t navigate your website and find the “shopping cart” button without encountering problems, you should probably think carefully about your design.

Flash animation in itself can add depth and texture to your site, but too much of it can slow down servers and annoy customers. The trick is to create a dynamic website with this application without too much bandwidth load.

Structure + search

One of the biggest mistakes a developer can make is the failure to create a local search engine. That’s the say eject button. When the consumer can completely abandon the navigation process and switch to the shortcut option. Or the site may have a localized search box, but product categories also confuse them to be geared toward the washing machine when they clearly search the dishwasher.

Web development should have a structure that seamlessly integrates with the search box. So when a consumer is looking for a dishwasher, the products on the results page should already be sorted by brand, price, capacity, energy efficiency and the like. It would be totally offensive if they frustratedly unsubscribed from your site and turned to Google just to redirect you to your site.

Structure + signposts

Road signs and signposts tell the traveler where he / she is at that moment. This should also apply to the development of your site. Are they still on page 1 or page 3 or infinity? When they search the dishwasher and only find three brands on the page, they should know that there are more products when they click on the next button r.

Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 


by Joun De Murrfy




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