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Today, about 40% of the world’s population is comforted in buying things online. This is why retailers opt to maintain a vibrant online store beyond the usual physical sales windows. But competition, fairly strong competition is also prevalent in the e-commerce segment. While it does a great job for them to get customers’ attention on their websites, once that is achieved, encouraging them to buy products is another challenge. However, there are weird ways to secure it! In addition, focused on developing e-commerce sites from the core, here are some proven UX-related facts, considering which will help marketers secure a large number of daily purchases.

Reduced load time

Just a fraction of a second of delay can cost you dearly, leading to a 6-7% decrease in conversions. Most visitors simply leave the website when it takes more than 3 seconds. To make sure you don’t miss any visitors because of the longer loading time, implement strategies to speed it up. Such as a better hosting plan, cache usage, reducing external scripts, compressed image files.

Improved product filtering options

Like most ecommerce sellers, you must also provide an overview of your product inventory on the homepage for visitors to understand the depth of your store. But what about the chances of them suddenly getting the product they need? To help them find what they want, sort all your products into relevant categories. Additionally, make the search box hyperactive or sensitive to what your visitors type there with tipo updates, auto keyword suggestions, product recommendations, and more.

Quality product photos and real information

An important aspect to consider is also the only factor that can directly tempt buyers to click the Buy button. So, one has to be extra careful about that. Try posting high-resolution images, they can be viewed from multiple angles and are zoomed in enough to give viewers detailed details. However, images alone are not enough. You need to inform your customers about the real usefulness they will receive from the product, elaborate on its features, and show them the correct map, size chart and color options (if applicable).

Include a deficiency factor in the game

While everything in this digital world is accessible at your fingertips, the lack of goods still scares people. They fear they will disappear with the product they need, so they will buy it directly whenever it is on sale. So, try to include some defect elements on your website like the number of stocks below the product, the flash is displayed on the main sales timeline page.

Trusted institution

Security is a major concern for any ecommerce business, as they take over the personal and financial details of customers to facilitate online transactions. Therefore, sealed seals are key in all locations to build customer confidence. Another way is to keep them transparent about your website’s security policies by providing them with direct links to the customer support page and services.

Gone are the days when marketers relied on face-to-face marketing, adverts, campaigns to lure shoppers to buy items from their stores. Now with e-commerce, things have turned 180 degrees. Retailers now need less of that effort for an ad campaign, but more of an effort to push the boundaries of web development, especially the aspects of UX design to get shoppers into their ecommerce sites.

Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 


by Rob Stephen




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