User experience is probably the most important aspect of your website. It doesn’t matter if you sell the perfect product. If customers can’t find what they want, or the website design confuses them, they won’t stay long enough to love their great products. Work with a user experience developer who understands how the user interface (UI) affects the overall success of the site.

1. Audience: Before you even consider launching an ecommerce site, you need to find out about your audience and potential customers. What do they want? What do they expect on your site? If they can’t find the information they need right away, they will move on.

2. Website Objectives: Obviously, the goal of an e-commerce website involves selling goods or services. However, you need clarity when working with a UI designer. There are two main options, you can attract customers by presenting them to products right away, or you can provide an interactive interface that allows customers to express interests and get personalized recommendations based on their responses.

3. Functionality: How functional is the website? Do users have to search the search bar? Is the information they want and need is easily accessible and easy on the eyes? Use colors such as blue or orange that do not overburden and promote sales.

4. Testing: Set up various web portals to see which website design attracts more sales and whether it meets your goals. Product design and sales can mean the difference between a successful sale and a lost customer.

5. Marketing: Customers who come to your site should quickly understand what the site specializes in. Run tests with people to see how quickly they can identify the services or products of a website. Ask them what the first element they noticed is and see if it matches the goals of your website.

6. Promotions: Offer a promotion to first time buyers who can easily view and find it. If the promotion fits well with the website, the customers have won …

Source by Alison A Aronis


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