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Welcome to the 7th Annual Party
101 best themed email string DigitalMarketer!

Within this post we found 101 PROVEN,
quickly delivered email topics that you need. And if one came
our email subscribers are badi.e.
at least
20% chance that you played your part in determining what you did
list. If this applies to you, please prepare for a little deja vu. 🙂

Although currently read one of
the most apt blog posts of all time and peoples, The results found here are more than just thematic lines. Accompanied by going to break
down 8 components of each good topic and get an analysis
of our top 10 themed lines for 2019.
So, after finishing this post, you can:

1. Start deconstructing and recreating the elements of YOURS
most effective topics…

… Or …2. Completely steal ours if you already have one.

(NOTE: Looking for themes from previous years? We gathered everyone Since 2013, more than 600 top email topics– And all the strange analysis that goes with them – something The Ultimate Subject Line Spend the file! Create your own FREE DM Insider account here to get instant access!)

When a new post is introduced (or email marketing in general), take a moment to familiarize yourself with the basics of the email topic.

are 8 different components I found it again and again in our most effective
Email subject lines …

1. Benefits

This is your bread and butter
strings – you should use them more often.

They are usually direct and talk to each other
the specific benefit your audience will receive by opening an email.

Storylines also help
pre-respond to the opening by giving them a hint about the contents of the body of the email.

2. Curiosity

When personal interests work
because they negotiate direct benefits, the pursuit of curiosity succeeds
the exact opposite reason.

They are of interest to subscribers
not giving too much information, leading to higher ones.

But be careful because
Thematic lines based on curiosity can quickly become obsolete and much more likely to be missed
their sign.

3. Offer

Do you like free stuff? You like it
buy things when on sale?

Like your email list.

If you give something away either
selling what would interest your subscribers by directly stating
that in the subject line is a great way to convince them to open an email and
learn more.

4. Urgency / poor quality

This is the most powerful type
the theme you have at your disposal.

Thematic lines that report urgency
and the deficit will tell readers that they must act now.

But too many of them can lead to a list
depletion, so use sparingly and of course only if you really have
term, limited quantity or limited availability.

5. Humanity

It’s bad to forget to be reminded of your list
the person or people behind your products.

Sometimes you need to thank your own
subscribers, tell them a story about yourself or make a human appeal to them

6. News

Inform your audience about the new
Events in your area build credibility and maintain high open rates.

These themes often work well when
combined with an element of curiosity.

7. Social proof

A fundamental characteristic of man
this is what we look at in other people’s behavior when making decisions.

You can use this in your email
thematic lines, recalling success stories, familiar names either
emphasizing how many people are already using the product or service.

8. History

Storytelling is at least teasing
starting one in a topic is a unique way to highlight benefits and
get an open course to look for.

As for our best plots of the year … here they are.

Top 10 Email Scenes of 2019

10. bad news, Name 😔
CONTENTS: Facebook Messenger distribution plan
OPEN PRICE: 19.21%
ANALYSIS: William Shakespeare said that brevity is the soul of wit. While this storyline may not be what the playwright meant, it closely combines curiosity (vague, negative declaration in the form of “bad news”) and humanity (use of a name field, pensive emojis, and lowercase letters that soften the edge of a sentence). “Bad news”). So everyone who saw this in the mailbox knew that something was bad enough for us to make it into a topic, but not so wrong that I needed to tear up the headline.

9. Table of Contents King (and Queen)
CONTENTS: How to design a pillar in the blog
OPEN PRICE: 19.29%
ANALYSIS: Retaining curiosity, I gained declarativeness with this. Seeing how much in our email list in one form or another identifies as a “marketer” and “Content” is what all marketers need today … I knew that if I took one of the main levers of the industry and used the well – Unknown phraseology of Bill Gates, “Content is the King” as a statement of departure separating us as the authorities on this issue, I would deliver valuable information to our subscribers and get some revelations.

8. 11 Books that you (probably should) read …
CONTENTS: Blog entry
OPEN PRICE: 19.64%
ANALYSIS: Benefit, benefit, benefit. When you read this subject line, you knew exactly what you wanted. The only curiosity that arose in the game was, “WHAT ARE BOOKS?” And that simplicity has made it one of the easiest workshop themes of the year. The logic was simple: people love odd numbers, copywriting, books, copywriting books and passively encouraging a friend to read more often.

MEMORY: Once you got all the ingredients for the hit, you didn’t need to be smart.

7. The final list of blog ideas
CONTENTS: Blog entry
OPEN PRICE: 19.86%
ANALYSIS: Remember what I said about our audience’s connection to “Content” at number 9? The same goes for blog posts 🙂 So if there was a “Final list of blog post ideas”, I had an idea that would make our subscribers smaller. Again, you don’t have to be smart to deliver exactly what your audience is looking for.

6. video advertising
CONTENTS: Sale of video advertising workshops Billy Gene Shaw
ANALYSIS: “BUT WHAT ABOUT VIDEO ADVERTISING ????” ← In our opinion, this was the best question in the minds of our subscribers when the topic of “Video Advertising” came in the mailbox. I took part in the awkward, vague impudence of combining the marketing theme of “she” with all the petty themes. There was no dissertation. There was no hint of where I was going with this. NOTHING was fancy. And it was great.

MEMORY: The template interrupts work.

5. [ANNOUNCING] Marketing messengers from Molly Pitman
CONTENTS: Molly Pitman Facebook Messenger Bots Program
OPEN PRICE: 20,38%
ANALYSIS: 2019 has become a loud year in an already loud world. And while sample breaks are a great way to end the attention, sometimes they can scream along with the crowd. And in the world of topics, [CAPS COMBINED WITH BRACKETS] cannot replace the way of attracting attention. Video advertising and the industry body … and will open. This is a game with elements of curiosity, suggestions and interests.

4. Email Marketing Ad: Enrollment Reopened 🙂
CONTENTS: Ryan Deis / Richard Lindner
OPEN PRICE: 21.56%
ANALYSIS: This classic case of personal interest, suggestion, curiosity and humanity – all this is overlaid by one simple, cohesive theme of 7 words. How did I do that? I took our second of the most popular digital marketing topics (aka, what really interests our audience), alluding to the offer, saying the registration is open rather than explicitly showing what the offer was, and added a personal touch of humanity with a classic smiley emoticon .

3. The huge Netflix homepage doesn’t work
CONTENTS: DM Insider newsletter
OPEN PRICE: 21.64%
ANALYSIS: In recent decades, the words “failure” and “Netflix” have traditionally been used in the same sentence. So when the streaming testing service tested the homepage in 2019, I used it on our weekly email newsletter and in turn won the email theme. As you can see, this one is not fancy and not smart. Bad neither loudly nor punctually. We come up with our own way to present information as concisely as possible, and that’s exactly what it should be – because if you name one of the most successful companies, hint at the wrong move and avoid bells and whistles, you’re going to cause genuine curiosity.

2. Ryan Deis – FAKE
CONTENTS: Fools’ Day Campaign
OPEN PRICE: 23.64%
ANALYSIS: If anything is guessed, Ryan Deis is the co-founder and CEO of DigitalMarketer (as well as “on behalf of” for approximately 98% of emails). So when our team came to the conclusion that the best May Day Fool prank we could make was a campaign aimed around Deiss, which exists as an entity somewhere between the Illuminati and the Tooth Fairy …

… I knew that one of the most difficult challenges we faced was how to hint at humor as plausibly as possible. And in that case, our subscribers decided me. Said “Ryan Deiss is FAKE” ranked 2nd on this list because it received a 3-point split test determined by our email subscribers.

MEMORY: When you get a goal, do it self-assessment.

1. Canceled
CONTENTS: Black Friday Sale is close
OPEN PRICE: 27,28%
ANALYSIS: Sometimes all you need is CAPS LOCK and the only word that screams PEOPLE is as loud as you can shout in text form. Surprisingly, a word that shouts URGENCY more effectively than the word “urgency” is not “urgency”.

It turns out the signs are “CANCEL”.


Apparently the question ^ burned out because of people’s curiosity to earn this topic first place in a year when DigitalMarketer sent more emails than ever.

Now that you know what made the top 10 most open, here are the remaining 91 most important email topics that surround us out of 101.

91 Additional email subject lines for holding your finger

• ⏰ My copy and paste of email templates disappeared in 3… 2… 1…
• Discount of $ 200 disappeared in 3… 2… 1…
• NAME, are you a member of 41%?
• [WEEKEND UPDATE] NAME traffic strategies for 2019
• Your ads (probably) suck
• TOP T&C 2019 Classes
• Your step-by-step game plan for the next frontier marketing
• 2.3 billion leads for $ 7
• [SWIPE] My updated FB ad templates
• Your free ad templates on FB are waiting for NAME
• Your free download is waiting, NAME
• [OPEN] Invite NAME during office hours without Ryan Deis
• How to create a video studio with a budget
• Video studio on a noisy budget?
• [SWIPE] 15 viral video templates
• I have viewed your name in my list, NAME
• Answer: Strong __ Marketing
• This email tells you about email 😱
• [EMAIL MARKETERS] Get certified. Beat Amazon, Uber and Old Navy.
• Get EMAIL certification at 80% off
• METRILS that only matter by email?
• ⏰ Get a watch [EMAIL] certified with 80% discount …
• [SWIPE FILE] Learn to write headlines that get more clicks
• [READ & SWIPE] Learn to write headlines that get more clicks
• [LAUNCH 🚀] How to write a post about a blog post that sells
• [NEW RELEASE] STOP publishes new content every day
• [VID] Write a “Pillar” message that the apartment is for sale
• [CONTENT MARKETERS] The importance of a unique angle
• CYMI: How to write a message about a PILLAR blog for sale
• Read: Increase conversions by providing a consistent advertising experience
• Scene advertising: Increase conversions by providing a consistent advertising experience
• Second (and last) chance NAME
• NAME – your 21-stage paid traffic is waiting
• 1 day left to get checked [TRAFFIC] Deployment plan?
• [EARLY ACCESS] Sale July 4
• Special early access NAME to our “flash sale July 4”
• ANNOUNCEMENT: Discount up to 90% on our best selling products 🙂
• said, say, warn, warn 😬
• a skill that every copywriter should know (but the most expensive)
• Want to improve your LinkedIn profile? Check it out.
• Re: Want to improve your LinkedIn profile? Check it out.
• [REMINDER] 2 days left to save $ 400!
• [QUIZ] SECOND Most visited site
• This email is not about Facebook.
• This is my (next to) last letter about YouTube.
• It’s awkward, but …
• this is him 🙂
• Pull out your “brand”. Create a “place” instead
• This email is about redirecting ads.
• “Your child is ugly …”
• achieved received 5 (ish) hours ->
• This is a letter about paid advertising.
• This letter is NOT Halloween.
• Issue № 7: Google’s rating dropped? Blame BERT
• ⏰ AFTER CHANCE: DigitalMarketer Lab leaves market in 3… 2… 1…
• Say goodbye
• Your Order of Black Friday
• NAME, do I have a few minutes at a time?
• “Run blitz” … defined
• It happens tomorrow …
• [URGENT] A marketing plan for 2020 awaits
• “nice” list
• Intellectual profitability of NAME in 4 400%
• Day 5: The most important marketing skill
• I’m being held by an eagle = July 4th save on NAME
• Kill Billy Gene’s step-by-step video ad formula?
• [ICYMI] Create a video ad that is sold in / Billy Gene Shaw
• [SWIPE] 15 blank video ad templates + FREE notes
• What is digital marketing?
• “Team with paid traffic”
• [ANNOUNCING] Fully re-paid traffic mastering course
• Paid traffic: 2019 EDITION
• _ REFILL: For a better marketing community
• [Last Reminder] Up to 85% reduced our best-selling products for 3… 2… 1…
• ⏰ 30 minutes to save thousands?
• Are “traditional” launches dead?
• Save $ 200 on your best marketing strategy of 2020?
• VIP access to NAME up to 12 days of offers!
• It’s not “SALE!” email
• ✉️ Discount up to 80% Our best email trainings?
• grow your profits 49% faster than the competition?
• [VIDEO MARKETERS] Save hundreds and stock up by 2020 NOW …
• 👉 Discount up to 85% [COPYWRITING] strategies
• [TODAY] Save 83% on our Best Customer Acquisition Tactics
• Prepare for 2020 w / 85% OFF Our “basic” trainings
• 📢 [ANNOUNCEMENT] Every DigitalMarketer product is now reduced to 85%?

Aaa …


If you are tired of reading “NAME” and seeing “[BRACKETS WITH WORDS IN ALL CAPS], “Said for a good reason:

Last year such were [REALLY POPULAR FOR US, NAME].

In fact, of our 101 best email subject lines of 2019, 23 are used [CAPS BRACKET] and 15 used the name field.

Another interesting find?

While our average subject line was 6 words, in our 2019 TOP-3 everything was less than 5 words.

MEMORY: NOW: Conciseness is the soul of wit, and the pattern interrupts the work.

My thoughts?

There will never be a “golden storyline formula”.

And thanks to the GOOD news, because the formulas lead to stagnation. And stagnation leads to your storylines (and, as a result, yours email marketing strategy) being white noise.

As far as I know, recent efforts [CAPS BRACKETS] and subject lines under 5 word emails can be this using the topic topics “all emojis” or “5 questionnaires and ampersands” (whatever it is) what is).

Speaking of which, I refer it to “who knows” because ALL the PROBLEMS are guidelines and best practices that need to be followed.

And if you can combine the aforementioned best practices, a little creativity, the power of split testing and the application of the scientific method …

… Effectively got myself a pretty solid formula for consistently pumping winning themes.

Yes. Maybe some formulas will really work.

Food for thought.

Anyway, if the content of this post can serve as a core for best practice and creativity part of my little spiral ^ there, she did her job.

Get to work now. 🙂

(NOTE: Want to see what topics were listed last year? And what about the year before last? You can find the last 6 YEAR top lines of top email topics – over 600 subject lines The best file on the subject of final email. Subscribe to FREE DM Insider account get here instant access!)

Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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