In times of increasing e-commerce impact on business and sales, getting enough visitors to websites is the biggest challenge that marketers face. Although the goal is to find as many visitors as possible on their sites, a long stay and whether they will re-visit are of paramount importance. The inconsistency in organic traffic is one of the major factors that worry most websites and there are countless different causes for website traffic to increase or decrease. The points in the next section do not in any way represent the causes of website visitors’ exhaustion, but are discussed to understand what most influences the number of visits to a shopping site.

The website fails to impress visitors

This is a definite reason for the lower number of visitors to any e-commerce website. People do not intend to visit it because they did not like the content, and worse, they did not get any of what they wanted on their first visit. A convenient way to handle this is through layout, graphics, banners, product presentation and anything else that looks good on the site. In addition, marketers must recognize the interests of their target audience in order to put everything they want in their place.

A difficult sign-out process

Many shoppers have explained that their annoyance is mostly based on the difficult and tedious process of checking out online shopping websites. Sites that ask for a lot of confidential information, including all financial information, irritate them and make them reluctant to continue. Therefore, in order to retain visitors, ecommerce merchants should take down sign-out steps and retain certain trust stamps or trusted gateway icons to let shoppers know that their details are in safe hands.

Undefined Call to Action

Many times, website visitors give up on this and never visit it again, because they couldn’t find any specific option that would push them forward for the final placement of orders. So, to make sure that visitors continue when choosing their products, shopping websites need…

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