Uber and Lyft drivers belong to the category of employees the California Public Utilities Commission is formally charged with. The regulator that manages the companies that conduct travel, announced your decision in order published on Tuesday. It states that “a person who provides work or services for remuneration will be treated as an employee and not an independent contractor,” according to AB5, a new state law covering concert work that came into force on January 1, 2020 year.

In its order, the commission mentioned that Uber filed a lawsuit in federal court to prevent his drivers from being classified as employees under AB5. He also noted that Uber and Lyft successfully “came out on the November 2020 bulletin a measure this will exclude all application-based drivers from AB5. The lawsuit and the bulletin affect the Commission’s powers in the field of travel services, so their drivers are “considered employees.” This means that the regulator must ensure that travel services “meet the requirements applicable to employees of the entity that falls under the jurisdiction of the Commission. “




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