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While at DM we consider ourselves true professionals digital marketing, we humbly accept the fact that you are most likely reading other marketing blogs besides ours.

Poorly good; we get it (even if we’re happy about it). Exploring a different perspective – especially if we hope to get more detailed in one area of ​​digital marketing. That’s how they say if you are are interesting to see other people * cough * I mean reading other marketing diaries, we would at least help you direct you to some of the best posts out there.

These are just a few of the best online marketing blogs that are deliberately reviewed just for you.

1. ConvertXL

Content strategy

ConversionXL Marketing Blog

In the world of digital marketing, content strategy there is everything. Creating profitable content while maintaining the brand voice and quality that your audience loves is no easy task. Fortunately, ConversionXL’s A complete blog provides digital marketers like you with the most in-depth and data-driven approaches to improving content strategy and SEO. If the content is not struggling, we strongly recommend bookmarking this page.

2. Copyblogger

Diary and copywriting

Blog Marketing Copyblogger

Copywriting it is a delicate art that should never be underestimated (seriously). Regardless of the type of promotional product, have a compelling structure for your written content extremely important. Thoughtful headlines play a big role in yours content marketing strategy. And no one understands this better Copyblogger. They will help you conduct the latest and most effective copywriting techniques to capture and maintain your target audience.

3. HubSpot

Inbound marketing organization

HubSpot Marketing Blog

HubSpot is a key example of good blog design. Even if your content excels and your SEO skills are the highest, keeping a busy audience can be difficult without an organized website. We say you have a company blog that specializes in several different areas. Doesn’t it make sense to divide these specializations into different categories so that users can easily navigate through your content? HubSpot provides a great example of how to do this. Visit the home page of your blog and look at the difference that a clean and straight layout can make.

4. Buffer

Social media

Buffer Marketing Blog

Everything you need to lift social media knowledge, or you just like to be aware of the latest trends, Buffer covered you? In addition to the social messaging planning platform, Buffer is also a great resource for social media marketers. Their official blog is full of valuable content verified by leading social media gurus. Do you have questions about hiring influential people? Are you interested in Pinterest marketing strategies? The buffer has the answers.

5. BigCommerce


BigCommerce Marketing Blog

Although it lives under the umbrella of digital marketing, e-commerce is an exceptional beast. We know how easy it is to feel amazed by the amount of information about it. The reason why it is important to do your research. Everyone has their own opinion on how to become a successful e-commerce business, but found it BigCommerce’s The blog has some of the most insightful resources to help sell your product in the right direction. You’ve found content in ecomm’s design, payment processors, execution and just general marketing tactics.

6. BrandCulture


BrandCulture Marketing Blog

As digital marketers, we should always be aware of the importance of brand identity. The most successful businesses have created their own unique culture that turns customers into ambassadors. When it comes to blogs focused mainly on branding, he found that BrandCulture is one of the best. BrandCulture, both amazingly entertaining and informative, gives readers their views on the most effective branding techniques as well as the latest industry perspectives.

7. Watch the search engine


Blog marketing for search engines

SEO is one of the scariest sectors of digital marketing. We hear people throwing up phrases all the time, like some artificial abstract thing when it’s not that complicated. The best way to learn about improving search engine rankings is to study businesses that work as best they can and keep up with the latest industry practices. Search engine clock is a tiered blog that focuses mostly on SEO strategies. They offer readers a valuable insight into how some of the great players maintain these highly coveted top search results. When it comes to marketing diaries, Watch Engine Watch is one of our favorites.

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8. Marketing of air tapes

Small business

Air Ribbon Marketing Blog

We know that making your small business is not easy. After completion of work the working course stops. If anything, we have more issues, more problems and a higher risk of loss. It is important to absorb all the information you can get so that your business can continue to grow. Marketing of air tapes – A great source for small business owners who want to learn more about the world of digital marketing and how to improve them content strategy.

9. Becklinka

Audience engagement / SEO

Backlinko Marketing Blog

The goal of every marketer is to grab the customer’s attention and keep their attention as long as possible. In digital marketing it depends a lot on content strategy and SEO. Backlinka, a marketing blog known for its high quality and in-depth content, emphasizing the importance of instantly attracting the attention of your target audience through SEO.

10. Consultation


Econsultancy Marketing Blog

As a DigitalMarketer, Consultation Blogging is the only step to reducing digital marketing. From the latest global trends to e-commerce information, social media analysis and more, Econsultancy is a digital friend’s best friend and deserves a permanent place among your bookmarks.

11. Business community 2

The modern digital marketer

Blog 2 Blog marketing community

Much more for digital marketing than creating successful companies. In addition to useful industry information, Business 2 Community explores the daily lives of marketers in today ‘s workforce. Recent blog posts such as “The power of social media employees for B2B organizations“And”How to make workplace humor an asset rather than a responsibility“Offer unique perspectives for employees in the digital space as well.

12. Moz

Case studies

Blog Marketing Moz

Another great resource for today’s digital marketer Moz blog. Moz focuses its efforts on providing readers with some of the most in-depth and detailed examples. Honestly, digital marketing works are struggling, and we may not come to them (but it remains between us …). When it comes to creating strategic, unique content stand out, case studies should always be a tool of your digital belt.

13. Fast sprout

All of the above

A quick growth blog

Last but certainly not least Fast sprout, a blog founded by renowned marketing guru Neil Patel. A quick sprout doesn’t waste time getting to work. They provide you with the information you need without too much fluff – Patel’s practice says that all digital marketers should implement. If you want to captivate your audience, your first opportunity is an appealing headline. Patel explores the most effective use of headlines and many other important topics within a variety of penetrating messages.

These are all great resources for digital marketers like you! Now, go to your favorites bookmarks… just be sure to put us at the top.

(NOTE: Before you start, you need to know who your ideal buyer is, where they are and what they will buy. Download our FREE checked Customer avatar letter now and check who is selling.)

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Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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