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Trav is the founder of Flex Watches. Each color of the watches they sell is a different charity with which partners pay back 10%. He has starred in MTV’s “The Real World” and CNBC’s “Profit” with Marcus Lemonis. He is an e-commerce expert with over 10 years of experience. Within a year of launching its first website, it has raised more than $ 1 million and has sold eight data directly to consumers. Trav is also a licensing expert and has created products for some of the world’s biggest brands like Star Wars, Minions and WWE.

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Richard Jordan started e-commerce in 2016, making his first $ 100,000 by 2017 and $ 1 million by 2018. He ran stores totaling up to $ 380,000 a month. His e-commerce companies are all private brands and aim to come out with a healthy profit. His first outing was in 2019 to buy $ 580,000. Richard’s greatest success was at one of his brands, buying 3 rental properties in California in December. In addition, his e-commerce and SMMA fuel are like a cow of money for his real estate investments, averaging 67% a year.

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Laz Chavez is a Cuban-born immigrant living in Miami who has been engaged in e-commerce for the past 5 years. He studied at Cornell to become a mechanical engineer but was looking for ways to make some extra money. Then one day he and his business partner Richard got involved in dropshipping. It took 7 months of testing and failure until they saw their first profitable day. Those first 7 months were the hardest because they weren’t sure if they were doing something wrong or if it was a system. These 7 months really helped them understand which of these variables they had in their control and enabled them to focus their efforts on those variables. When they realized this, they started regular sales and continued to scale. At one point, they made so many sales that it was impossible for them to handle everything, so they started outsourcing different tasks and really started automating their business. After 3 years of play, some 7 months of trial and error, they decided to share their knowledge of E-com with the public and started the “Ecom Profit Masterclass”. Students began to experience success, grew steadily, and created a community of like-minded people on a similar path to financial freedom. Today, some of these students are more profitable than Laz and Richard. They provided the basics, but all this growth was a consequence of the students’ own experimentation and effort.

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Richard Telf has been a first-generation Cuban immigrant engaged in e-commerce for about five years. When he started, he was always interested in the company and finding ways to make money outside of his regular job. He knew about dropshipping, but wasn’t sure if it worked or not. After doing a tremendous amount of coaching research, he went halfway through the course with current business partner Laz Chavez. It has been seven difficult months, confused, frustrated and unprofitable. Richard and Laz were trying to build an e-commerce business along with going to school, working jobs and maintaining their social life, so the workload was monstrous, but they kept it up. At one point, they finally realized. They were investing too much in the products they selected before actually testing them. After releasing this attachment, they relentlessly tested, evaluated and experimented. Then everything changed for them. All of a sudden, they were making hundreds of sales a day and decided to continue expanding their test mindset. Two years later, they completed the first 7 months, graduated from college, and quit their daily jobs to focus their efforts on work. Richard realized the true blessing that comes from e-commerce. He is able to spend time doing what is fulfilling to him, creating incredible memories with family and friends without worrying about where the money will come from. It was then that Richard realized that this blessing was something that CAN ALSO be shared with anyone willing to listen to it and give it a chance. Richard and Laz decided to share this freedom with strangers online and started an “Ecom Profit Masterclass” in the hope that they too would experience similar joy. To date, they have over 1000 students and couldn’t be happier. Don’t let any other person measure your success, your “limitations” only affect you as long as you believe in them.

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The HighKey Brothers aka the Lintz Brothers, Jordan, Luke and Jackson own and run HighKey Technology Inc. They created this e-commerce business three years ago, and today the brand name HighKey is recognized throughout North America. The HighKey brothers love to stay engaged with the current pop culture. In doing so, they create and nurture content in line with targeted demographics and tie in with their top-selling product (HighKey Wireless Earbuds) to achieve top branding. Family is first and business close to second. The name HighKey has now expanded from our e-commerce company to two other fast growing companies; HighKey Agency Inc. (social media agency) and HighKey Clout Inc. (podcast and Instagram growth). Jordan, Luke and Jackson are a phenomenal trio that will continue to cruise the social media space.

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Kevin Sausville grew up in his hometown of Wyckoff, NJ. About a month before he graduated from high school, Kevin used all his free time to study the e-commerce and skills needed to earn big bucks as a business owner. The business model he wanted to try was called “dropshipping” – reselling items through platforms on paid ad networks, without actually touching / processing any inventory. He launched his first website shopify in June 2018 with a loan of $ 1500 from his father and with the support of a mentor. He continued to expand his knowledge and experience and became a multimillion-dollar business owner from his office at home at just 21 years old. Kevin now wants to change the world in a very positive way with what he earns from this business and is looking forward to a busy and successful 2020 year.“data-reactid =” 51 “> Paula Henderson

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Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 


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