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Have you ever heard the saying “Packaging is everything”? Well, in today’s e-commerce world, those wise words from your grandmother’s day still ring true. In fact, packaging was never again important to the success of your business than it is now.

E-commerce packaging has become a hot topic in the last two years. With the rise of internet shoppers and the decline of brick and mortar stores, stores environmental effects of packaging The use of email marketing is growing rapidly.

Once the order has been paid and paid for you as an e-commerce store, it is necessary for the purchase to be safely delivered to the buyer. Frequently shipped items are fragile or will feel worn if not carefully packed.

recycling packages

From water damage to dumped boxes and overcrowded trucks, there are a number of disasters that can easily hit your shipment. Needless to say, if your products reach a defective customer, not only will you lose inventory and sales, you will also hurt the reputation of your brand.

The knee-jerk solution is to pack the goods perfectly. Wrap them in plastic, surround them with packing balloons and place them in a large cardboard box.

The only problem is that with over 50 tonnes of goods shipped worldwide every hour, this packaging is quickly becoming an environmental nightmare and a moral dilemma for companies.

So, what can you do? How can you protect the environment while still delivering goods safely?

Sustainable packaging

Finding a balance between presentation and protection has been a challenge for ecommerce merchants since day one. We are now beginning to realize that we also have a sustainability factor – not just because our customers need it, but because we have a responsibility to protect the environment.

how products are packaged

You may find it difficult to achieve all three, but if you find a way to cut your legs out of your business. You want to end up shutting down the operation only because you are constantly sorting the pack.

Top tips for sustainable packaging

How much packaging do you need?

Think about your products. The rule of thumb is that your product should be packed in order to survive a four-foot drop. If you are sending a book that will be easier to pack than if you are shipping something made of glass. The more fragile your product, the more packaging it will need. You need to be realistic about how much protection your products need.

how much ecommerce packaging

However, you should also ensure that you use more packaging than you really need. Wrapping a T-shirt into a bubble wrap not only consumes money, it also creates unnecessary waste.

Choose materials for sustainable packaging

Not all packaging materials are the same. Look for packaging options made from recycled waste paper or recycled plastic and ensure that the materials you use can be recycled in return. If you are not sure – ask your supplier. Most packaging suppliers will be proud to tell you if they use sustainable methods.

recycled packaging paper

Please note that the use of recycled materials may affect your design and color palette if you print your logo on packaging. That was bad, though. In fact, it shows your customers that you care about a sustainable business.

From corrugated boxes to chips packaging, recycled materials are available for every step of your packaging.

Copy them

Packaging is a marketing opportunity and not only because you can print your logo on it. Give instructions on how packaging can be recycled or returned so that a small deposit can be reused.

This tells the customer that you care about the environment and strengthens your brand.

Help them upgrade

You can also show your customers how innovative you are. Give them instructions and ideas on how your particular packaging can be used for other things in your own homes. If you send a poster into a tube, that tube could be used to make a pen holder. Brown paper can be used to make packaging paper. Adding a list with some ideas (or even printing a URL where you can post ideas online) is a great way to rate a customer and tap into the global step towards upcycling.

Ask for help

professional packaging consultantPackaging is as important a part of the customer journey as it is your marketing. All right, ask for help with that. If you are unsure how to solve packaging problems, talk to designers, your marketing team, and even other staff members (like the guy who packs packages) you never know who might have a great idea for you.

You can also speak with a professional packaging consultant.

Well-designed packaging could also mean less packaging – which is both sustainable and cost-effective.

Recall 3 “R” s

When in doubt, remember your three “R” s – Reduce, reuse, Recycle. This is what kids learn in school, and we, as professionals, tend to forget these basic concepts that can save us money, help protect the environment, and please our customers.

reduce recycling

For more information on sustainable e-commerce packaging in 2017, here paper that you can download for your convenience.

Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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