A book marketing plan is a critical component to the success of a published author.

Still, many authors tend to waste time compiling it.

For one, they may find it time-consuming to put together a marketing plan for their book.

Or I may simply find the process too confusing.

In this article, you will learn three reasons why you need a book marketing plan if you plan to succeed as an author.

Book marketing is important in devising a strategy to put your books in front of the right readers. It is important to know exactly how you plan to read your books.

1. A smart marketing strategy will help you define the opportunities available to you in your chosen book niche. You will be able to identify these opportunities, as you will need to do the research as you develop your plan. This research may include locating book clubs that read books in your niche, finding magazines where you could advertise your book, and so on.

2. A book marketing plan will help you be clear to your target audience. Your target audience is out there; and they are just waiting to read your book. It’s your job to find that audience and get out in front of them. Putting together a marketing plan will help you discover exactly what your target audience is, causing you to research the market. Market research helps you create a user’s avatar. User avatar is a fictional person you create and symbolizes the type of person you see working with or in this case; who you want to sell your books to.

A clear understanding of your ideal audience, or your readers, will help you laser focus on how and what you need to do to reach them.

3. Your book marketing plan will help you stay focused on marketing. Yes, you read that right. Your marketing plan will help you stay focused on the task you are currently doing; which is marketing your book. Marketing is very important. If you don’t learn how to market your book, you won’t sell any books, and that’s true.

Most authors only want to focus on writing a book, not how it will market it. It’s a costly mistake that too many writers make.

Make a plan to focus on reaching people who are really looking for your books and you will see an increase in the sales of your books.

Take the time to work on your plan and seek professional marketing as needed to make sure you reach out to every possible outlet, to reach as many readers as possible.

A book marketing plan can really have to be agreed; however, taking the time to really put it together will prove to be one of the best decisions you could ever make in your copyrighting career.

by Sandra N. Peoples


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