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At one point, creating a website is a daunting and expensive task. You had to reach out to a good web developer and designer, spend hours hours figuring out your needs and once the site was ready after a long time, you would still have to go through a lengthy process to make any changes to the web. the future. Now things have changed. You can now easily create your own website without nearly zero outside help with a content management system. CMS, as it is commonly called, gives you an easy-to-use interface and quick steps to create your own website without going through coding or scripting. Therefore, even a non-technical client can create their own website. A range of CMS is available in the market. Two such CMSs are ubiquitous WordPress and lightweight SquareSpace. This article provides an honest comparison between the two to decide which price will be better in different aspects.

Let’s start with:


· WordPress: Although WordPress offers you a reliable and free platform to design your website or blog, you have to pay if you want to go live. You will need to purchase a suitable hosting plan to make your site available worldwide. There are different plans to choose from shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated server. Shared hosting is suitable for beginners who have just started and have a limited technical knowledge / budget. It is inexpensive, provides comfortable scalability with unlimited resources (bandwidth and disk space) and is largely managed by the service provider. If your needs are more specific, you can go for VPS or dedicated hosting. These plans are more expensive because they provide privacy, greater security and dedicated availability of resources. In addition, you would have to manage several aspects yourself. In addition, you must pay for a domain name in order to buy a memorable domain name for your website. Well, while it’s free to create your own website with WordPress, you’ll have to pay for resources if you want it to be live and accessible.

· SquareSpace: SquareSpace offers you a personal plan with all the essential features required to access the Internet. In addition to infrastructure, it also includes the resources needed to revitalize your site. Plans start at $ 8 which may not make much difference to the hosting plans you need to make a website using WordPress CMS. However, catching up when it comes to resources. The $ 8 plan – Personal plan – allows you to add up to 20 pages, 1 blog and 2 associates that can interfere with the economic goals of the site owner. What is more disappointing is that you will only be able to sell one item in your personal plan. Is there no hope then? – You can ask! Yes, there is hope, but that hope comes with the Premium package, which is priced at $ 16. You can add up to 20 products to this plan and enjoy unlimited space, bandwidth and pages. If you need total freedom, spend $ 24 and sell unlimited products while enjoying unlimited resources.

The quality of service, support and infrastructure are very different for different hosting providers. It’s understandable that you might want to take advantage of personal preferences when it comes to hosting and domain. Here, WordPress lets you choose your own hosting and domain vendor.

Changing CMS

· WordPress: WordPress gives you the freedom to move content without any hassle. Easy-to-manage export tools powered by WordPress are light years ahead of SquareSpace and allow you to easily export your entire site. WordPress’s built-in tools allow you to export important data very easily. In addition to your text and visual content, you can back up your plugin themes and complete solution with WordPress backups. After backup, you can easily export the content to other content management systems. So you retain the power to change your CMS service at any time you want.

· SquareSpace: In SquareSpace, you can only export a few pieces of your content as an XML file. You can save blogs and pages of your galleries here. This means that if you do not like SquareSpace’s service or need to switch to another CMS, you will need to go through a lengthy process and request support from SquareSpace to back up all data in an exportable format. Due to this limited appeal, SquareSpace is clearly lagging behind.


· WordPress: Although WordPress started as the first CMS for bloggers, the latter has significantly expanded its approach to adequately support corporate and e-commerce sites. There is a huge repertoire of e-commerce plugins that WordPress offers you. In addition, there are a number of WordPress themes specifically designed to promote e-commerce. Well, you can combine the simplicity of WordPress with the advanced functionality and capabilities required by an ecommerce site as if you were getting the best of both worlds.

· SquareSpace: SquareSpace again disappoints when it comes to e-commerce. You can integrate only very few external e-commerce promotion services on your SquareSpace site. In addition, some of the native attributes and capabilities of these external applications are lost during integration processes. You can also set up only one service for payment – Shrill and it is not available worldwide, but is limited to only a few countries. If you don’t like Shrill or Shrill you are not available in the country where you want to sell – you have no other hope but to change your platform. In addition to limiting your reach, it can also hinder your future globalization path.


If you are starting from scratch and need a quick infrastructure solution to deploy your internet space, then SquareSpace is the best choice for you. While you will enjoy complete pampering and a guided journey, you should be prepared to sacrifice a good deal of freedom. You need to take a walk that is already cut and you have very little opportunity to chart your own trail or even take the other route to your destination.

While great for non-commercial or limited-scope websites, be careful while using SquareSpace if you need to create an ecommerce site or complex corporate site with impressive features and specific requirements.

Although some learning is included while learning WordPress, it offers you much more flexibility and you are able to decide on different aspects of your site. Better design power is a major advantage of WordPress CMS. When it comes to setting up and publishing commands, WordPress is clearly much better than SquareSpace. It provides you with a multitude of features and functions of tools and themes and plugins to manage your site in the most efficient way.

Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 


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