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Smartphones and tablets are getting smarter, giving users increased capabilities and greater reach to complete tasks and conversations. These technologies are no longer just a luxury, but are essential tools to improve business performance and provide customers with greater convenience and confidence in products and services.

Smartphone usage is growing and improving at almost dizzying speeds. From internet search, online banking, social networking, research, shopping and more, mobile apps play a big role in attracting people with services and each other.

People spend more time on their mobile devices as the number of mobile apps continues to grow. Among the mobile apps that people use regularly, the Nielson study shows a 12% increase in the use of commerce and shopping apps. According to, on average, smartphone owners spend 90 minutes daily on their phone.

Mcommerce is quickly outpacing e-commerce. Mcommerce is becoming more widely used and ecommerce will soon become popular. By 2018, mobile sales are expected to grow globally to $ 626 billion, and in the U.S. by 2016 alone.

Currently, more than a third of smartphone users use their devices to make purchases. Thirty-six percent use it to search for product information; 27 percent use it to find store information; and 25 percent use it to read reviews.

Today, every business uses e-commerce to some extent, whether it accepts online orders or sells to customers via email and social networks – e-commerce provides faster and easier access to consumers. Mcommerce brings that convenience to the next level. Although people don’t always have their computer with them, they always have their mobile devices handy. Promotional alerts and tracking notifications can be sent directly to the buyer’s pocket and the buyer has immediate access to messages and the ability to respond from the same device.

The mobile store offers increased convenience for customers and “tenants”. Customers can shop from any location at any time. They can get promotions, discounts and incentives based on their location, and their purchases are shipped immediately and directly to their address. Shipments can be tracked in real time, and customer service representatives can be reached immediately.

In the same way, etailers are able to target a wider audience without geographical constraints. They can send customers notifications of new promotions, offers and events, and use new metrics to evaluate customer satisfaction and needs. Retailers can also efficiently manage orders, billing, and delivery from a single multiple admin panel that can automatically generate reports to track sales information.

According to a recent report by ComScore, 60 percent of online shopping is made by mobile devices. This number will only increase, so companies need to take full advantage of the mobile wave to provide themselves with enhanced capabilities and the increased volume they need. Because of the simple features and accessibility of mcommerce, shoppers prefer to use mobile shopping apps and become more accustomed to it.

People between the ages of 18 and 30 are the most common phone users to access and shop. This demographic is technologically smart technology and is capable of making quick decisions about its implementation. They are vocal about what they love and expect speed and convenience in their shopping experience. If the site is not mobile, 61 percent of mobile users said they would go for another option.

The increased convenience of commerce allows consumers to increase the profitability of businesses using this new way of selling. When you have your own sales app that users can access by phone, you open your business up to 24/7 of the flow of customers who have the freedom to shop from anywhere. Mcommerce is the next generation of consumer experience: faster, easier and more connected.

Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 


by Benedict Tadman




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