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This list is only reserved for Massachusetts-based or Greater Boston-based parent companies, not affiliates or sub-brands. Technical giants like EMC recently acquired by Dell will no longer be included in this list because Dell is headquartered in Texas, although the main EMC department is still in MA.

The goal of this list is to focus on Boston-based companies that have stayed true to the roots of Boston and New England by remaining established and not moving like Facebook and Dropbox. These are not really part of affiliates or larger companies headquartered elsewhere. You can see my old list from 2016 here.

Here are the top tech companies heading to 2020 based in the Boston area:


Formlabs is one of the largest 3D printing companies in the world and has recently received over $ 1 billion in value. They are doing very well and are considered one of the Boston unicorns. Formlabs targeted professionals who needed more precise parts for more complex three-dimensional print projects. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them in the future and become another staple of the Boston tech community.

Market Cap: An estimated 1.4 billion

Revenue for 2018: 125 million

2019 revenue (projected): 130 million


Skillsoft is a trusted partner and a leading provider of high quality, innovative cloud-based learning and performance support resources. To enable organizations to achieve competitive advantage through superior knowledge and skills throughout the enterprise. Skillsoft eLearning programs can enhance and enhance the skills needed to capture maximum value from those who use the software.

Market Cap: 1.06 billion

Revenue for 2018: 723.4 million

2019 revenue (projected): 800 million


Toast is a restaurant sales and management system that helps restaurants improve their business, increase sales and create a better guest experience. Combining point-of-sale, front-of-house, back-of-house and guest technology, with an unrivaled commitment to customer success, we enable our caterer community to delight their guests, do what they love and thrive. They have grown to over 2000 employees and have become the leading cloud-based restaurant management platform in the world with Series D secured financing at 215 million.

Market Cap: 2.7 billion private estimates

Revenue for 2018: 180 million

2019 revenue (projected): 350 million


DraftKings is an American fantasy sports daily and sportsbook provider. The company allows customers to enter daily and weekly competitions in fantastic sports and win money based on individual gaming and team appearances in five major US sports. By investing directly from MLB, it becomes the first major sports organization to join daily sports gambling. DraftKings is in direct competition with Fanduel, but outperforms them in terms of 2018 revenue.

Market Cap: 1.5 billion

Revenue for 2018: 14 million

2019 revenue (projected): 16 million


Klaviyo is a growth marketing platform created for online businesses – featuring powerful marketing automation and a revenue-generating email platform. Their Boston-based team is focused on customer data to deliver the best experiences across all marketing channels, including email. Their services are constantly evolving, making their customers smarter and giving them more opportunities to grow.

Market Cap: ON

2018 Revenue (Projected): 48.6 million

2019 revenue (projected): 50 million


Drift is a conversational marketing platform that helps businesses communicate with their customers with live chat and automated marketing campaigns. Drift focuses on tracking leads and contacts and establishing personalized communication. In April, the company also secured a $ 60 million Series C investment, led by Sequoia

Market Cap: ON

Revenue for 2018: 45 million

2019 revenue (projected): 50 million


Salsify is a Product Experience Management (PXM) tool that enables brand manufacturers to deliver the product to the experiences consumers are looking for regardless of their online purchase. The software uses the product as a digital tool and a product information tool that is combined into one. Salsify has a flexible approach to data modeling and is designed to seamlessly fit into any ecosystem. Their original experience in the e-commerce space has confirmed them to beginners in the space and as true digital professionals.

Market Cap: ON

Revenue for 2018: 125 million

2019 revenue (projected): 125 million


Acquia is a leader in Drupal cloud hosting. They host a huge percentage of the best Drupal sites and are a large company pushing the Drupal platform forward. They have exceeded revenues of one hundred million and are likely to go public in the near future. They are certainly one of the best technology companies in Boston that employs about a thousand employees and have remained loyal to the Boston area since their inception, without moving to another city like Facebook or Dropbox.

Market Cap: 280 million

Revenue for 2018: 160 million

2019 revenue (projected): 180 million is the leading online resource for finding carers for a young child or the elderly. Since then, they have grown into a public company that employs over a thousand employees and grows. Founded in 2006 in the Boston area, still resides outside of Boston, in the Waltham area. They continue to grow every year as a leading technology company not only in Boston but worldwide in their industry.

Market Cap: 395.22 million

Revenue for 2018: 192 million

2019 revenue: 205 million


Hubspot is a worldwide brand that has taken this industry by storm, referring to the term “inbound marketing.” Inbound Marketing refers to building a marketing engine that drives customers to you through searches and other organic means than cold calling. Since then, they have launched great CRM that is free, and they are constantly innovating in their products. With YOY strong growth, they are ready to be leaders in the marketing automation space for years to come.

Market Cap: 6.13 billion

Revenue for 2018: 513 million

2019 revenue (projected): 550 million


Logmein is originally known for its login product that allows remote access to your computer from other locations. They have since grown into a much larger SaaS company. Logmein has now acquired the Citrix Goto family. They also recently shut down their cloud storage service, Cubby, most likely due to competition issues on platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox and Box. They are a Boston-based company based in Boston.

Market Cap: 3.38 billion

Revenue for 2018: 1.024 billion

2019 revenue (projected): 1.2 billion

Endurance International Group

Endurance International Group has been a strong tech company in the Boston community for a long time and runs large hosting companies like Hostgator and Bluehost. They recently acquired Constant Contact, which is why they are no longer on this list because they are simply an affiliate of EIG. EIG is focused on helping small businesses and now has over 5 million customers worldwide, representing a huge amount of small businesses worldwide.

Market Cap: 585.5 million

Revenue for 2018: 1.145 billion

2019 revenue (projected): 1.12 billion


iRobot is as cool a company as it sounds. As if from the future, they create robots that literally clean your house. They now have robots to clean your mats, wipe the floor, clean the pool and clean your gutter. It will be interesting to see what kind of robots will be in that account for the future as their capabilities grow, and they can take on more responsibilities.

Market Cap: 1.394 billion

Revenue for 2018: 1.092 billion

2019 revenue (projected): 1.1 billion


Tripadvisor, one of the largest online travel companies to help millions of people around the world find and get where they want to go, is a staple in the Boston tech community. With a new massive office in Needham, Tripadvisor is poised to continue to grow in the travel space for years to come. They have taken a recent hit on the market, struggling with revenue growth at their earlier pace, but I’m sure they will look back in the years to come.

Market Cap: 4.409 billion

Revenue for 2018: 1.6 billion

2019 revenue (projected): 1.7 billion


Wayfair is one of the most successful ecommerce companies based in Boston. With revenue rising in the billions, one of the leading US companies is focused on e-commerce and will soon become a bigger player in the IR 1000 list. Their growth rate is quite substantial from an e-commerce perspective and they should become in the foreseeable future. internet leader in home furnishings in the United States.

Market Cap: 7.834 billion

Revenue for 2018: 6.8 billion

2019 revenue (projected): 7.4 billion


Akamai is a leading cloud-based delivery company that runs some of the largest companies in the world. Their CDN network is massive with locations around the world. Akamai is certainly a leader in the CDN space and is likely to stay above space as a dominant force in the enterprise for the foreseeable future, despite new startups trying to enter that space. As a Boston-based company, they are obviously one of the largest technology companies in Boston, with a strong market cap and annual revenue.

Market Cap: 13.87 billion

Revenue for 2018: 2,714 billion

2019 revenue (projected): 3 billion

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Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 


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