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Online surveys

There are acquired market research companies that recruit new members from around the world to fill out surveys.

They count on people like you, share their thoughts – from Donald Trump to the latest phone – and offer money and reward in return.

But be careful! Many are not legal and never pay. We used, reviewed and ranked the top 25 sites for the survey will be pay you for your views … 🙂

Each site has a limited number of paid surveys each month per person. To make money on surveys and get serious rewards, subscribe to as many survey panels as possible. We share more tips at the end of the guide!

  • Suabuk reviewsSuechki

    A huge variety of ways to earn rewards. Exclusive sign-up bonus!

    Who are they? Swagbucks is the largest and most reliable paid survey site. So far, they have paid members around the world over $ 600,000,000. They offer rewards for games, accepting offers, searching online, shopping online and watching videos!

    Awards: Money, tickets and prize draws.

    Amount per survey: 30 – 150 SB points (100 SB = $ 1 or 0.77 lbs).

    Min. Award threshold: 1 Sat.

    Our review: We love Swagbucks and we hear positive feedback from our readers about them too. We have found that conducting surveys and surveys every day provides the maximum fee for your time, but they are 11 Ways to Earn Swagbucks through the site.

    Surveys take about 10 minutes, which means you can earn £ 5 per hour ($ 6.50). Swagbucks also offers users the ability to take surveys from multiple providers and provide consolation points if you are not eligible for the survey.

    Use our button below to claim an exclusive $ / £ 10 sign-up bonus. 😀

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  • Surveys of TolunToluna

    One of the largest survey panels with daily online surveys that are paid for with cash or vouchers.

    Who are they? A trusted site that works on behalf of leading companies. They want to know what you think about certain goods, services and problems. In return you get a reward!

    Awards: PayPal, Amazon and high street voucher payments.

    Amount per survey: 1,200 – 50,000 points (80,000 points will receive a voucher of £ 15).

    Min. Reward threshold: 27,000 per voucher (or just 500 if you want to make prize draws).

    Our reviewA: We wrote in full Review of Tolun but in a nutshell, it’s very easy to conduct multiple surveys every day online or through the app. Each survey takes about 15 minutes, so it will take about 4 hours in total to earn a £ 15 voucher (£ 3.75 per hour).

    Toluna also recently introduced a games section where you can play and earn!

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  • Onepoll OnePoll

    Exclusive sign-up bonus of £ 5.

    Who are they? The most famous of the short, quick surveys on each topic. OnePoll provides surveys for the press and major brands.

    Awards: Payments in cash or PayPal.

    Amount per survey: 10r – 1 lb.

    Min. Reward threshold: £ 40.

    Our review: OnePoll was one of the first survey sites in the UK, and they always have quick and interesting surveys. Follow the polls about celebrities.

    Surveys take about 3 minutes, so a 20p survey (on average) will take about 10 hours to earn £ 40.

    You need to check your account daily for surveys and other users who report detention just below the £ 40 threshold. If this happens, you can ask a friend for £ 4 and then pick up your salary.

    Take advantage of the registration link below the exclusive £ 5 sign-up bonus.

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  • Brand surveysBrand surveys

    An online community with frequent global market surveys

    Who are they? Formerly known as Mintvine, branded surveys are popular with survey enthusiasts due to the high volume of surveys.

    Awards: Money or gift cards.

    Amount per survey: Differs.

    Min. Award threshold: $ 10 (£ 8).

    Our review: One of our personal favorites. Great new website, easy to use and paid quickly.

    You can also earn permanent points for referring friends where you get a percentage of everything they earn.

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  • LifePoints logoLifePoints

    LifePoints surveys allow you to earn 3-5 pounds per hour.

    Who are they? Two very popular survey sites, MySurvey and GlobalTestMarket, have merged into LifePoints.

    Awards: PayPal, Amazon and high street voucher payments.

    Amount per survey: ~ 1 lb.

    Min. Award threshold: 550 points (£ 5).

    Our review: Another one to sign up for. A lot of surveys have been sent to us from these guys, and they usually match your profile and consumer interests.

    On average, the survey takes about 15 minutes and it gives 100 points. So you can earn about £ 3 £ 5 / hour.

    Register below and wait until they send you some surveys and start earning immediately!

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  • PSOS Tell survey sitesSay (IPSOS)

    Make £ 10 + a month.

    Who are they? One of the largest (and best paid) market research companies, and working with trusted brands and research companies around the world.

    Awards: High Street and Amazon vouchers, as well as prize draws for all participants.

    Amount per survey: ~ 1 lb.

    Min. Reward threshold: £ 10.

    Our review: Reliable panel. They send you surveys every week to respond via email. The reward threshold is relatively low and most people will be able to get money within 10 surveys.

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  • Mailbox logoInboxPounds

    A fairly unconventional website to survey, but discuss why students love it. Get paid to play games and also search the internet! Free sign-up bonus.

    Who are they? In the US also known as InboxDollars, this established community rewards you for activities that go beyond paid surveys.

    Awards: Money and vouchers.

    Amount per survey: 20r – 1 lb.

    Min. Reward threshold: £ 20.

    Our reviewA: If you are looking for a small variation, InboxPounds does make money online a little more interesting.

    You can choose, take surveys, make money, play games, read emails or search the internet in exchange for cash.

    Currently, you can only get a sign-up bonus, so you don’t lose much. Just remember that the minimum payment may take a few weeks.

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  • TRP pollsTRP polls

    A chance to determine the future of television and radio.

    Who are they? A site that conducts surveys about television and media in the UK.

    Awards: Amazon voucher or donations to charities / communities.

    Amount per survey: 12.5p – 5 lbs

    Min. Award threshold: £ 5

    Our review: This is a decent survey site in the UK only as they offer quick daily polls on what you watched yesterday for 12.5p and regular bonus polls on TV related topics from £ 25 to £ 5 (depending on how much time you will take).

    As an added bonus, they sometimes give forum participants the opportunity to observe and give feedback on new programs undergoing testing.

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  • Opinion-Outpost Opinion Outpost

    One of the lowest payout thresholds.

    Who are they? The Outpost opinion has given great popularity thanks to quick payouts and interesting surveys.

    Awards: Currencies for money and Amazon.

    Amount per survey: 50p

    Min. Award threshold: 2.50 pounds

    Our review: If you want to make money fast, this is a survey site that you should subscribe to. You only need to take 5 surveys to be paid and they take about 10-15 minutes each.

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  • PanelOpinion pollsOpinion of the group

    Low payout threshold.

    Who are they? The group’s opinion is one of the most popular online survey sites in 2020.

    Awards: Money.

    Amount per survey: 50p – 4 lbs.

    Min. Award threshold: £ 10.

    Our review: It usually takes about 10-15 minutes for a survey, and sometimes you can even make £ 4 per survey.

    They pay in cash and have a low payout threshold of just £ 10.

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  • Pinecone pollsPinecone research

    £ 3 per survey, invite only.

    Who are they? Pinecone is an exclusive product review and testing company, for today I invite only them.

    Awards: £ 3 per completed survey, free products to check and save.

    Amount per survey: £ 3.

    Min. Reward threshold: £ 3.

    Our review: Pinecone is Holy Grail Survey and invitation sites are rare, so you should subscribe as long as we have multiple invitations. The payout is huge, and the polls won’t take too long.

    note: There is no guarantee that they will be open for new registration at any time, but we strive to achieve a limited number of readers each month. Check out the link below. If we don’t, join our newsletter for updates! 🙂

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  • Yugov's pollsYouGov

    Earn 50p per survey.

    Who are they? It’s a little different from others, more focused on social issues and topics of common interest. YouGov surveys include topics such as politics, public affairs and commercial products. Great if you have great opinions!

    Awards: Money and prize draws.

    Amount per survey: 50p – 3 lbs.

    Min. Award threshold: £ 50.

    Our review: YouGov is one of the most interesting sites you can subscribe to because of the many surveys they conduct. Most of them are dedicated to current issues that are news, and they encourage you to express your opinion.

    Surveys can take up to 30 minutes, but don’t always happen that often. We’ve got one or two in half a month, so passing the threshold can take months. However, you only get £ 1 per entry, and if you make friends sign up too, you can quickly earn much more points and cash!

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  • Panel PanelBase

    Earn £ 3 just for a subscription!

    Who are they? PanelBase is not your average survey site. They don’t fill you with polls, but the ones they send are very well paid and treat you!

    Awards: Money, tickets and prize draws.

    Amount per survey: 50p – £ 10 (Average ~ £ 1.50).

    Min. Award threshold: £ 10.

    Our review: £ 3 just to subscribe to a survey site is not monitoring at all … Surveys also pay higher than the industry average, giving you the opportunity to make good money!

    However, they select respondents very carefully, so you may be a little less likely than other sites. Just make sure you completely fill out your profile to give yourself the best chance.

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  • Hiving-Surveys Hiving

    Good directional scheme.

    Who are they? Traveling online we conduct online surveys on behalf of leading brands.

    Awards: Money.

    Amount per survey: ~ 50p

    Min. Award threshold: £ 4

    Our review: If you complete the survey, the reward brings you 50 points per minute and you can withdraw once you score 4000 points (£ 4).

    They also reward users for contacting friends and give you points even if you are denied a survey.

    Sign up for a hike »

  • vopinions-logo Evaluated opinions

    Voucher £ 10 per hour.

    Who are they? “Significant Considerations” is part of a large market research group. They send out online surveys to members whose profiles meet broad demographic norms and requirements.

    Awards: Vouchers (including Amazon, M&S, Sainsbury’s, John Lewis).

    Amount per survey: £ 1 – £ 5.

    Min. Award threshold: £ 10.

    Our review: They use your profile to send you only the relevant surveys in which they participate.

    Surveys are usually quite interesting and can take anything from 10-30 minutes each, so in just one hour you can collect a £ 10 voucher.

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  • QuestionnairesQuestionnaires

    £ 3 when registering and replenishing the profile.

    Who are they? SurveyBods works with leading companies that want your opinion.

    Awards: Money, Amazon vouchers and prize draws.

    Amount per survey: 50p – 3 lbs

    Min. Award threshold: £ 15

    Our review: Surveys usually take about 10 minutes and are easy to complete. You have to be as honest as possible because they have a “strike system”. 3 bad polls and you’re gone (we’d like to take that as a problem).

    They are a trusted site that works with leading brands, and when registering you should join our link to receive a cash bonus of £ 3. Make sure you also fill out your profile. Plus their site is much more amazing than many others …

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  • PrizeRebelPrizeRebel

    The minimum reward threshold is £ 2

    Who are they? PrizeRebel is a GetPaidTo site that characterizes surveys quite broadly.

    AwardsA: Paypal cash or gift cards.

    Amount per survey: 50p – £ 20

    Min. Award threshold: £ 2

    Our review: This is a great survey site if you are looking for a fast and low payout as you only need 200 points to claim a voucher on Amazon £ 2.

    You can usually earn about 20 points in a 10-minute survey, so make sure you also look at other opportunities to earn points, such as filling out offers and watching videos.

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  • Opinion of the BureauOpinion of the Bureau

    £ 5 bonus on registration.

    Who are they? Relatively new survey site with interesting surveys.

    Awards: Money or permits.

    Amount per survey: £ 1 – £ 10

    Min. Award threshold: £ 10

    Our review: Although not a real top-level survey site, a conclusion bureau is a good option for earning a little extra money.

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  • Maru VoiceMaru Voice

    The chance to win £ 1,000 by subscribing.

    Who are they? They provide information among government agencies and nonprofits.

    AwardsA: Paypal cash or gift cards.

    Amount per survey: £ 1 – £ 10

    Min. Award threshold: £ 10

    Our review: This very popular company from Canada has opened a survey site in the UK and it is great.

    There are no loads for answers, but the ones that pass are usually a decent opportunity to make money. The questions are more interesting than other survey sites, so they continue to engage.

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  • Mindmover MindMover

    Interesting online surveys on consumer goods

    Who are they? MindMover let you share your thoughts on everything from food to public transportation.

    Awards: Money.

    Amount per survey: 50p – 1.50 pounds.

    Min. Award threshold: £ 20.

    Our review: MindMover is a decent option, but it may take some time to generate points, as surveys are sometimes few and far between.

    It will take about 15 minutes to complete each survey.

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  • A fruitful academic logoFruitful academic

    Good money if you give quality answers.

    Who are they? They provide data for scientists and researchers at many leading universities and companies.

    Awards: Money.

    Amount per survey: £ 1- £ 10.

    Min. Award threshold: £ 20 free.

    Our review: Prolific Academic is a high-end survey site, which means you need to really focus on getting good answers to maintain a high score. If you fall below a certain level, you will find yourself with a lot of surveys.

    However, with great effort come great rewards. Surveys take about 45 minutes and can cost as much as £ 10. If you can get to the sweet spot from this survey site, you could make good money.

    And if you’re looking for the highest paid survey sites in the UK, it’s probably one of the highest, so we definitely recommend letting it go.

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  • iPoll survey

    Mobile phone compatibility and multiple payout options.

    Who are they? iPoll used to be the head of surveys and is a company in the US.

    Awards: Money, vouchers and magazine subscriptions.

    Amount per survey: 40p – £ 1.70

    Min. Award threshold: £ 20

    Our review: It will take you about 15 minutes to take the survey, but the choice of rewards is decent.

    The only downside is that the number of available surveys is quite low.

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  • Opinion-CommunityCommunity OpinionPanel

    Users get just £ 10 per subscription.

    Who are they? This is the largest research team for those aged 13-30. They offer interesting surveys and online focus groups for major brands and universities, and their research often reaches media attention!

    Awards: Амазонка і ваўчары на высокія вуліцы.

    Сума за апытанне: 50p- £ 4 за апытанне, £ 30 – £ 50 для онлайн-фокус-груп.

    Мін. Парог узнагароды: 25 фунтаў

    Наш агляд: Супольнасць МеркаванняўPanel з’яўляецца давераным сайтам, і іх апытанні займаюць каля 10 хвілін. Большасць апытанняў звычайна плацяць каля 1-2 фунтаў стэрлінгаў.

    Існуе таксама сумяшчальнасць мабільных тэлефонаў, так што вы можаце рабіць апытанні на хаду.

    Падпішыцеся на OpinionPanel »

  • Populus-Logo PopulusLive

    Зарабляйце 1 фунт за кожныя 5 хвілін.

    Хто яны? Гэта буйны сайт апытання ў Вялікабрытаніі, які прадстаўляе статыстыку для прэсы і праграм бягучых спраў.

    Узнагароды: Грошы.

    Сума за апытанне: ~ 2 фунты.

    Мін. Парог узнагароды: 50 балаў (£ 50).

    Наш агляд: PopulusLive прапануе прыстойную выплату, аднак можа прайсці некаторы час, каб дасягнуць парога, і апытанні хутка скончацца, калі ў іх будзе дастаткова рэспандэнтаў.

    Важна, каб вы цалкам запоўнілі свой профіль, каб атрымаць максімальную колькасць апытанняў. Вы таксама павінны быць вельмі ўважлівымі да сваіх адказаў, бо ў іх ёсць праверка якасці, каб пераканацца, што вы не падманваеце і не прабягаеце.

    Падпішыцеся на PopulusLive »

  • Сайт апытання NewVistaНовая Vista Live

    Зарабляйце 100 фунтаў у год і 5 фунтаў толькі за ўступленне.

    Хто яны? Вядучая кампанія па маркетынгавых даследаваннях, якая вырашыла праводзіць апытанні ў Інтэрнэце, а не традыцыйныя тэлефоны і гэтак далей.

    Узнагароды: Грошы і прызы розыгрышы

    Сума за апытанне: Каля 1 фунта апытання.

    Мін. Парог узнагароды: 50 фунтаў стэрлінгаў.

    Наш агляд: NewVista прапануе карыстальнікам наяўныя грошы за запоўненне апытанняў, дзе 100 балаў = 1 фунт. Для некаторых гэта можа заняць некаторы час, каб дасягнуць парога 50 фунтаў, але апытанні звычайна займаюць усяго 15 хвілін (так ~ £ 4 / гадзіна), і яны добра плацяць.

    Пераканайцеся ў тым, што вы адказваеце на сумленныя пытанні, так як NewVista вядомы ў пастаноўцы на некалькі чырвоных селядцоў, каб пераканацца, што на самой справе думаеце, а не перавышае хуткасць.

    Падпішыцеся на New Vista »

  • Замест таго, каб проста пакідаць вам спіс сайтаў онлайн-апытанняў, мы хочам пераканацца, што вы ведаеце, як зарабіць на іх. 🙂

    Далучыўшыся да як мага больш платных панэляў апытання, вы заўсёды будзеце мець апытанні, каб адказаць, а не чакаць, калі кожны месяц прыйдуць адзін-два.

    Вы заўсёды можаце адмовіцца ад падпіскі, калі вам не падабаецца паслуга, якую прадастаўляе адзін з іх.

    Вам не трэба рабіць гэтага, але мы рэкамендуем налада асобнага ліста для ўсіх вашых уліковых запісаў сайта апытання. Такім чынам вы можаце ўвайсці ў сістэму кожны дзень і лёгка бачыць апытанні, якія вы прапануеце (без засмечаных асабістых паштовых скрынь).

    Вы таксама павінны рэгулярна правяраць электронныя лісты, бо некаторыя апытанні адкрыты толькі на дзень (часам менш).

    Паспрабуйце быць сумленнымі пры запаўненні гэтых платных апытанняў у Інтэрнэце, бо часам вас могуць пакараць штрафамі за тое, што супярэчыце сабе альбо за неадэкватныя адказы.

    Акрамя таго, не спрабуйце разгадаць сістэму, сказаўшы, што вы заможны бізнесмен ці жанчына, каб атрымаць больш апытанняў. Гэта не атрымаецца!

    Варта таксама адзначыць, што вы не будзеце гарантавана атрымліваць тавары сайты тэставання прадуктаў як карыстальнікі выбіраюцца выпадкова, таму, калі хто-небудзь абяцае, гэта вельмі асцярожна.

    Кажучы так, на кожным сайце апытання ёсць тысячы карыстальнікаў, вы сапраўды лічыце, што яны могуць дазволіць сабе адправіць 1000 тысяч бясплатных PlayStation для праверкі людзей?

    Калі вы не жадаеце назапасіць вялікую суму і нацэліцца на адзін з найвышэйшых прыбыткаў, на які ў вас ёсць час, то лепш за ўсё зарабіць грошы раней на гэтых платных сайтах апытання.

    Таксама варта памятаць, што на некаторых сайтах будуць абмежаваны час, калі вы можаце марнаваць балы і як доўга яны дзейнічаюць.

    Усе пералічаныя вышэй сайты платных апытанняў могуць карыстацца і карыстацца. Вы не павінны ўцягвацца ў аплату падпіскі на любыя сайты інтэрнэт-апытанняў, што б яны вам ні абяцалі.

    Сайты апытання, пералічаныя на гэтай старонцы, былі апрабаваныя і з’яўляюцца сапраўднымі. Калі вы ўжо з’яўляецеся ўдзельнікам любога з гэтых апытальных сайтаў альбо не ўнесены ў спіс, калі ласка, зрабіце гэта дайце нам ведаць што вы пра іх думаеце!

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