We are excited to announce that the Swell Rewards is now and officially Yotpo loyalty and recommendations.

In today’s competitive e-commerce landscape, brand building is strenuous, and working with uncoordinated technology providers only exacerbates the challenges. Businesses have to spend time learning multiple administrators and checking technologies that speak to each other, resulting in operational inefficiencies, data encryption, and a limited user experience.

With loyalty, testimonials, reviews, visual UGC and SMS marketing in an eCommerce marketing platform, Yotpo uses not only brands save time and money, but also bring in more revenue through a platform that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Will anything change for Swell Rewards users?

Not! The work continues as usual. Yotpo loyalty and recommendations all have great features, functionality and customer service this was expected from the Swell Rewards. That transition is a deliberately gradual process that has been operating behind the scenes since Yotpo bought the Swell Loyalty app back in 2018.

Yotpo loyalty and recommendations have already seen rapid product development, including new performance dashboards. segmentation by predictive analytics. paid membership programs, and even more so in recent months. Brands will now be able to create a unique user experience within the Yotpo eCommerce marketing platform.

Here are just a few examples of functionality that your brand can influence Yotpo:

  • To create segments based on engagement and loyalty programs. For example, ask for recommendations from VIP customers who have left more positive reviews.
  • Reward customers for photos and videos with reviews. Collect more high quality content with great user conversion by generating customers bonus points to upload photos and videos to their reviews.

We are incredibly excited about the path ahead of us for Yotpo loyalty and recommendations. As part of Yotp’s consolidated e-commerce marketing platform, we will continue to power the best loyalty programs (and brands) in the world.




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