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Consumer mobile phones are their windows into the world and take them over the way people talk, learn, work, have fun and shop. Over 54% online shopping Mobile is expected to take place in 2021, and in May this year, Yotpo saw it An increase of 124% over the same period last year in the number of SMS messages sent by the brands they use SMS marketing on the Yotpo platform.

It is clear that the increase in the use of mobile devices is the most important marketing trend for merchants who go directly to consumers. But how consumers feel receiving texts from brands?

In April 2020, we conducted a consumer survey according to better understand consumer feelings according to SMS marketing messages sent by brands. More than 800 respondents from 38 countries took the survey.

Among the data we collected, here are a few key procedures:

  • Mobile buyers want a personalized mobile experience, and are willing to share their data to get it. Brands that build a targeted SMS experience will encourage even greater engagement.
  • Consumers want to receive messages via text, but also active on other channels. SMS marketing should be one component of a multi-channel e-commerce marketing strategy.
  • Adoption of consumers by SMS marketing as a channel is already underway. Brands need to pay attention to text marketing in order to truly connect with customers where they are most active.

Over half of customers want to receive texts from stamps

Consumers expect – and rather – to be able to write text with favorite brands. increase in mobile usage means that these customers are always on their devices, and there should be companies as well. With almost half of consumers already signing up to receive texts from stamps, brands that manage SMS leverage marketing will remain behind the curve.

  • Over 51% of consumers are interested in text with favorite brands
  • Over 54% of consumers want to get coupons, discounts and promotional offers through brand text
  • Over 48% of consumers have already signed up to receive texts from the brand
  • Only 20% of consumers admit to watching their phone more than 100 times a day, and 72.4% watch the phone between 25-100 times a day
  • Over 65% of online shoppers choose to browse or shop online via mobile devices, as opposed to a laptop (13%) or a desktop computer (12%)
  • 76% of loyalty program members will respond to an interview with a favorite brand via SMS

Personalization was equally important – a necessary imperative

transmission real messages according to rights customers on Right time is the best way to successfully reach and retain mobile device consumers. Brands should focus on creation personalized experiences by engaging each customer with customized messages and two-way conversations, building emotional connections that maximize CLTV.

  • Over 54% of consumers are more likely to buy if the messages they receive are personalized
  • Over 41% of consumers are willing to share information with the brand to get a more personalized SMS experience
  • Over 70% of consumers say they will definitely or very likely tell a friend or family member if they receive personalized messages from a brand.

Customers are multi-channel, and brands should be too

In order to reach every customer, marketers should influence SMS marketing, but that means they need to replace existing marketing strategies. Instead, use a platform with multiple, integrated e-commerce solutions, As reviews and ratings and loyalty programs and recommendations, build a comprehensive user experience that will suit all customer preferences, including SMS, email, social media, website and more.

  • 41% of consumers prefer to receive brand messages on their mobile device via text, but rival email (46%), followed by social media (8%) and phone calls (6%)
  • 24% of consumers prefer to receive communication from the brand via SMS and email
  • 56% of consumers would be interested in sharing feedback on favorite brand products directly via text

What does this mean for e-commerce brands?

The results are in: brands that consume levers of SMS marketing are lagging behind.

Value SMS marketing it’s clear; the channel boasts a huge 98% open rate, and, on average, 90% of the messages are read within three minutes, Brands need to take this opportunity to reach customers where they are: everywhere.

As companies continue to navigate by changes in consumer and e-commerce trends thanks to COVID-19, text marketing opens the door to continue engage customers and build community at a time when nurturing relationships are more imperative than ever before.

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Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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