It’s been a year since I started an online commerce business with my partners. We went through many steps of learning. I think it would be helpful to shut down the processes of starting an online retail business in Arizona. Who knows what will happen tomorrow. Maybe I’ll start a new job again.

These are short steps.

  1. For availability of the new company name, visit the Arizona Corporation Commission from the link below.
  2. Submission of the necessary documents to register the company as an s-corporation. If you like to start as an LLC, you can do so by choosing a different type of corporation and fee schedule.
  3. Download the submission forms from the link below
    • Cover sheet
    • Articles of incorporation for domestic corporations
    • Business Corporate Disclosure Certificate
    • Send a $ 95 check to the Arizona Corporation Commission
  4. If the document is filed through an expedited process ($ 60 + $ 35), it will take about a week to return the corporate articles document ($ 5 apiece). Otherwise, it will take about 55 days.
  5. After you receive the corporate article, publish the article in 60 days. AZ Capital Time can complete the entire process for about $ 91, including a published copy to send to the AZ Corporation commission. Of course, there are many public newspapers that can do this for you. Find the best for your need.
  6. After the process is complete, call to get a new EIN (Employee Identification Number)
  7. Download and submit Election Form 2553 S-Corporation to form an S-Corporation
  8. Apply your Arizona reseller license online at
  9. Sign up for a bank with a new bank account
  10. Apply a new business credit card
  11. Find a good company to buy startup packages (including by-laws, minutes, etc.)
  12. Register your preferred domain name at, which has a great price.
  13. Find a good hosting company.
  14. Setting up an open source shopping cart from It’s FREE!
  15. Customize the logo and layout
  16. Enter products
  17. Set up a Paypal Business Account and Cart Link (Paypal IPN)
  18. Obtain an SSL certificate either alone or with your hosting company. Without SSL, Paypal will not accept your credit card processing request.

It takes about a month to complete the application for the entire corporation. Now. It is up to you to run the business. A little note to remember.

AZ requires tax filing on a monthly basis. Fedral requires tax filing on a quarterly basis. Research your product supplier well. Many waste shipping companies charge extra if you want to unlink. Also be aware of where the product is made and shipped. If the product is manufactured in China, you can probably find different carriers of the same product with different brands. You can negotiate a price.

To succeed as an online business, both are customer service and the quality of your products. Ignoring your customer’s feed will cost you much more to recover the damage.

by Terence Chang


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