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How can brands be advertised now?

Brands immediately choose to advertise, which means a lot of low-quality ads – and it’s always your great opportunity to be relevant, empathetic and breath of fresh air.

Read the room

Recognize the arrival by going and using it to create ads that feel intrusive or deaf. Read the room and read the copy in the ad to ensure the correct position.

One ad that stood out to me was an email from Oatly, an oat milk company. I even ate and drank oat milk and I thought the ad was great. It was something like “just as surprised as you saw the email with the products of the day, but you know what, we thought you might want some oat milk, so we sent you this.”

Awareness and respect is something you can do right now. You definitely need to push the product.

Be generous

Another great approach is simply to be generous. Donate money, supplies, time or resources. It covers up, is well received, and gets your name out there – while still coming back.

Turning to the WFH audience

The Chubbies took their salon, directed it to the WFH audience, and pledged a donation of $ 5 per item. And not just those – if you can target or refresh to satisfy a WFH audience, do it.

Customize your ad and copy

I saw a footwear company, traditionally focused on the absence of the world, that simply adapted its creativity and formulations to make the ad relevant. They photographed someone wearing boots on the couch and changed their copy to “for the world or sitting on your couch”. The ad with the best performance in the last month.

Measure brand effectiveness

Traditionally in digital marketing people are most easily measured. But when they focus only on trying to click or sell, at the end of the day people probably think of you in times like these.

When you are able to build your brand and live with customer loyalty, people will think of you even when you are selling or not selling.

Take the time to figure it out. Did we put too much emphasis on performance and not on our brand? If that happens, take this time to build your brand and put advertising dollars behind it.

Apple only advertises Apple. Coke only advertises happiness. You have to have patience. It may take six months or more, but when you’re ready to buy again, you’ve made enough brand marks to remember you and keep coming back.

We discussed retail conversations from the offline network. What advice do you have for those who have social but closed stores?

You need to recreate that window-buying experience on your social media, whether it’s videos, existing assets, or social evidence.

If you use billboards, TV spots, print ads or passes and change the transition to social, achieving the same ultimate goal – just a different language.

If you have relied heavily on the physical presence of stores in the past, chances are people often shop on your social network. In that case, I would consider buying an ad (if enabled). If you’ve trained your audience to use social media to buy from you, this will happen all the time overnight. Instead, we hold that you need to step up.

On an organic level, try Instagram Live, show what you do, talk and socialize with your customers, Facetime them, try live chat. Find ways to be there for your customers in real time in the same way you could save it. Use this time to build an audience so that when you’re ready to talk, you’re ready to sell.

Equinox quickly launched an online brand with 30,000 followers working online wellness classes. Obviously, they follow them, but they have successfully used that experience in the store, adapted it, and invested in building a community online.

Show existing customers you care about and focus on customer loyalty. Consider paying your customers with loyal brands. Include them in your social networks or let them download.

Gymshark has done a great job at this by placing his personal trainers online to hold classes. It promotes brand loyalty by emphasizing brand champions, while retaining employees and supporting their community.

What do you see about brand messages on social media?

We asked many companies to pause, retreat, take a break, and ask “Okay, what do we do?” And I think that’s the right approach.

Everything changed overnight, it happened so fast that you needed a moment to figure out if your current strategy was the right strategy.

One thing to still hear people humming is empathy.

Empathy is just the ability to understand your audience. You should ask yourself, “What are they going through? How would that be received if it came through my newsfeed? What would I think of that? “Empathy, creativity, and communication are becoming basic skills in times like these.

The key is to really understand your brand. Without books for a global pandemic, you just have to react and believe in guts.

What advice do you currently have for brands, especially those struggling?

If you have the following, you can use this time to keep the seat warm for 2 months, 6 months or for a while when it has passed.

If I had a product that I know people are already interested in buying, I would use this time to use social media to build my brand. I requested any direct sale. Instead, focus on lifestyle and find more interesting ways to communicate and maintain a warm relationship when the time has inevitably come to turn it all around. I guess digital consumption is higher than it is at the moment, so we have an audience. Consider this a great time to grow your community.

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Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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