Many wall and mortar companies that do not have an internet presence are finding that their popularity has been slowly declining over the last five years. Of course, economics played a big role in this slowdown; However, what is becoming increasingly apparent is that many of these, who are thought to be loyal, shoppers are now participating in the growing explosion of social e-commerce. Yes, social networks are scrambling for social buying opportunities, and a business owner who has not taken advantage of this ever-growing opportunity will be left behind.

This is something that has been coming for a long time and people who interact with each other talk about a particular product or service that they enjoy. Social interaction and engagement have proven to be a very powerful tool combined with the products and services that need to be bought or sold. As a business owner, you may be wondering why this platform will be more powerful than simple advertisements and unfamiliar customer reviews. The answer is easier than you might expect – and that is people.

People sell products. In the years that pass, when people get involved in a product and they like it, they become the company’s best-selling tool. This is because friends and neighbors are more likely to buy products and services recommended by someone they know. Now combine this with hundreds of thousands of people who are interconnected within groups or friends lists and you can see how powerful this can become for each business model. At this point, you probably see how valuable it is, but you may be wondering just how you can combine social ecommerce and your business.

Establishing an online presence will not be difficult; However, creating profiles on social networks, participating in groups and communities, and developing a marketing strategy will be the first step in the process. After completing the first step, you will need to find your target audience or people who would be interested in the products and services you provide. Once you identify this specific group, you will need to provide something useful for this community, such as knowledge, freelancers or something that will create a voice around your brand.

Once you create a voice, you will find that people within social networks will start helping you grow your business by discussing your products and services with others within their groups. This in turn will create anger about what it has to offer and you will be successfully sucked into the explosion of social e-commerce.

by Jan S. Swami


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