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15, 2020

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is one of the most important managed factors in either . Great marketing will give amazing results and bad marketing will not. Unfortunately, most business owners know about the difference until the money is spent, which is adjusted late.

We build trust again

The largest survey result in many franchisors and franchise Owners over the past few months have been that consumers need to feel safe and trust the business before they return. You can no longer attract them with the lowest price or even the highest quality if they feel safe. Your marketing messages should communicate everything your business does to make sure your customers are safe. Talk to this a lot to make sure you build trust with customers in every market.

We have more marketing options and better tracking than ever before. So why do most business owners report that their marketing is less effective today than it was in the good old days?

Marketing seems to have become more sophisticated as technology has expanded. We used to have very targeted media outlets, such as local newspapers in the region. If this region was close to your local business, you could place a printout in this newspaper and readers would learn about your business, stop by, or call you. Now online advertising can reach people all over the world, but your buyers may not get online. Do you also have much more competition online since you stand out? The modern business owner needs to use all available marketing tools and strategies to stand out above the competition.

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Marketing Poles

We train our clients using the analogy of a fisherman in a boat. The business owner is a fisherman, and the six poles represent different subcategories of the arsenal of marketing plans. The best way to catch the most fish is to have all six poles in the water always. You can try different lures (messaging, media, suggestions, calls to action) and at different depths (markets, regions, demographics), as well as track and customize for better return on investment (ROI). What I usually find when we do a marketing evaluation is a business owner who puts all his attention on one or two poles, such as the Internet and / or . This only affects the prospects of using these media. To stand above the rest, you want to get to the “Zenith Marketing Department” with all six pillars in the water to catch the most fish.

The Internet has not replaced other marketing media. Some young marketers believe that digital marketing is the only way. Digital marketing is great for certain segments and certain types of business products and services, but you will miss other buyers if you ignore other offline marketing options. For example, a creative, focused campaign with direct mail can be very effective with the right message, offer and list of prospects.

Here are some of ours Bible Coach Franchise Marketing tips that you can implement to get a return on investment:

  1. Create a comprehensive marketing plan that includes all six categories (poles), as well as departmental goals and KPIs, budgets, and projected profitability reforms.

  2. Franchisors must have a marketing plan for consumer marketing to be used in franchise locations and corporate divisions, and a separate marketing plan for franchise selection.

  3. Undertake to have all six pillars in the water always. It was supposed to break the bank as well. There are creative and inexpensive ways to use different categories to find new customers.

  4. Make sure you have systems that allow you to track all customer traffic and leads so you can track and configure to consistently get better profitability.

  5. Meet regularly with your marketing team to check the results of the marketing plan and adjust as needed.

This week on our Franchise Bible Coach Radio Podcast with Rick and Rob, our guest was Amy Freeman, co-founder and CEO of the company Sharing spices and tea. Amy shared her marketing and leadership strategies that allowed them to grow a strong franchise brand. You can listen to the entire podcast by joining the fight to receive free weekly emails. Register now and access past sessions in

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This week, create an amazing marketing plan that includes all six pillars so you can catch more fish than ever before, and remember to keep your customers safe. You’re doing amazing things out there to keep going, so give yourself the credit you deserve and remember to keep fighting a good fight!


Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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