Sales funnels: what they are and why they need your business now | Definition of a sales funnel, the stages that a potential customer goes through, what role marketing plays in your sales funnel, and why you need sales funnels.

When new business owners hear the phrase “sales funnel,” many of them either have no idea what they are talking about or think they need to because they are just starting a business.

Oh, they’re wrong.

Sales funnels are important because they lead customers down the buying process.

Proper sales funnels will turn website visitors into email subscribers, and email subscribers into customers or customers.

In today’s post, we describe the definition of a sales funnel, the stages a potential customer goes through, what role marketing plays in your sales funnel, and finally why you need sales funnels as part of your business strategy.

Rather get started!

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Sales funnels: what they are and why they need your business now

Sales funnel definition

The sales funnel is as scary as it sounds. Basically, that means potential process buyers go through to become customers. The word “funnel” is used because the shape of the funnel mimics the amount of people who go through the whole funnel sales process.

Here’s a graphic to describe the sales funnel:

Phases of sales funnels


The top of the funnel is the widest because this is where the initial stages of awareness occur, while the bottom is for money-paying customers.

The goal is to target your potential customers to those who are serious about buying.

Sales funnel steps

There are several stages of a sales funnel as you move further and further down the stream. Below is a brief description of each phase.

awareness: Potential buyers are beginning to become aware of your products (example: blog readers looking for a solution to a problem they have).

interest: Potential buyers are starting to become interested in your product (example: email subscribers).

assessment: Potential buyers rate your products against your competitors.

decision: Potential buyers decide to buy.

purchase: Potential Buyers Become Real Buyers, Success!

Depending on what is being sold, your sales funnel may be a longer process than the others. Higher-priced products and services may require longer sales and contact points than cheap ones.

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How marketing fits into your sales funnel

Marketing is crucial in almost all stages of the sales funnel, but is especially important in the early stages, especially in the awareness phase.

Marketing your products online using social media and paid advertising is crucial in the awareness phase, as these are places where potential customers can find you and your products.

What types of marketing go with the sales funnel stages?

Blogging is great for creating awareness about your product and business. You can share your blog post on other platforms such as Pinterest or Facebook.

Opt-ins are great for generating interest in your product. For example, we have a Getting Started Guide that leads people into the sales funnel to buy one of our WordPress themes.

Webinars are fantastic for attracting those interested in your product to the decision-making and buying stages. Here you can direct your product to people you know who are interested.

These are just examples of how marketing can play a role in your sales funnels. Obviously you can switch marketing tactics around your needs and decide what works best for you and your business.

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Who needs a sales funnel

E veryone! Seriously, everyone.

But with seriousness, everyone who sells a product or service needs the right sales funnel strategy.

Without mapping your funnel sales strategy, your marketing efforts may not familiarize you, since it is not clear to your potential customers what the next steps are in the buying process.

You want to nurture your leads to the point where they realize they are going live without buying your product or service.

Why you need a sales funnel

Owning a sales funnel (or multiple sales funnels) gives you the opportunity to not always follow the next sale, which is all we want, right?

Mapping your sales funnel will help you stay consistent with your marketing and help measure the progress you make at each stage. Measuring your progress is essential because you can begin to recognize at what stage people are falling and begin to adjust.

Great sales funnels build trust and credibility over time by providing incredibly valuable content. Gaining their trust will give your potential customers, even more, an incentive to buy from you.

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Final thoughts

We hope this introductory article is about sales funnels and what they are all about.

Proper sales funnel is critical to successfully scaling your business while building authentic relationships with leads.

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