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The law firm’s sales process varies greatly by area of ​​practice, but whether it’s a family lawyer or criminal defense practice, they need to have some type of process to get new clients.

Learning about sales funnels can help you understand and create a sales process that makes sense to your potential customers.

This post TL; DR? Here’s a video to watch.

Here’s a decision to buy or sell a funnel:

image of sales funnel for sales and marketing practices

The first step in the process is ATTRACT, This is what your marketing does. You need to be the voice that speaks the loudest, the one that says the right words, or just the first result when Google’s “____ lawyer is near me.”

The second step is MAKE, Now that someone has attracted enough attention to get them to your site or watch your Youtube video of their legal issue, the real job of getting someone to pick up the phone or fill out a contact form begins.

The third step is CONVERSION, This is where potential clients become actual clients and retain your legal services.

One can fall at any time of the funnel. By clicking on the link to your site and not connecting with your business for any reason or withholding services, you are dissatisfied with communication or case management.

So, how can one describe the process of selling a funnel at a law firm?

  • First define your audience with clients or similar methodology.
  • Second, make a list that starts with how your customers find you; referrals, organic search, social media ads, and the list goes on. Be sure to write down any marketing or advertising items your business does. See where the guides come from. (Miami attorney Alex Barthet shared the process of managing his company’s leadership in episode 12 of Clienting). If almost every single customer falls into a unique bin and you need more clients, that means more time to put more effort into the ATTRACT process with alternative marketing, advertising, or networking efforts.
  • Third, figure out what your sales process is from start to finish. This will be an ongoing process of monitoring leads and asking questions to understand the reasons why people are falling off your lead pipeline. I plan to write more about this in a future post. What is the process from that initial sales list? Do you have a personal or phone consultation or both? (Sidenote – it would be interesting to try one and the other to see how many clients you are with). What happens after consulting – Do they sign up immediately or do they visit several other companies to select the best ones?
  • Fourth, once defined by the process of selling a business, is to find out where you are losing people along the way.

    Are you a late worm or early bird when it comes to answering a query? If so, start keeping track of how long it will take for your business to respond to each potential query or query. There are a lot of lawyers out there who fail – they don’t communicate on time and drop off to the person who answers the phone or emails the fastest. As a solo or small, the fact is that there may not always be a person able to answer the phone, and if this is the case for your business, consider analyzing the costs and benefits of a virtual receptionist.cartoon picture of a bird with a worm in its mouth and text

    If you are in the counseling phase and have personal meetings – think about what you are doing or not doing to turn people off. Do you rush people through the process, are you late most of the time, aren’t you offering water or coffee? There can be any number of things and you can worry about answering if you look at the reviews or do some post-consultation surveys to look back.

    Spend this time looking for weak spots or cracks in the process.

  • Fifth, go through the customer relationship management system, practice management software or how you track clients to see if they have treated people who said “no” or didn’t book a consultation.
  • Lastly, assemble the pieces and see where improvements can be made. then you actually do everything you need to do to speed up the sales process.
  • Do you need to put more effort into marketing or advertising because you simply get the advantage? Do you need to hire a front desk, virtual or personal, to help with your listing? Do you need to work on your consulting style? Is it missing follow-up because when people leave your office without signing a manual, they cease to exist in your world?

    There will be room for improvement in one or more areas, unless you start every customer who contacts your business, have endless positive online reviews, and have more clients than you can handle. If you are doing this process and you think everything is great, then please get a Small Business Lawyer or Solo Scorecard. They ask similar questions to what I have listed to help you identify weaknesses in your sales and marketing process.

    So, how does a law firm conduct a sales funnel?

    • Landing pages are greatly benefited by a variety of lawyers and are one possible way to get someone through the sales funnel. If you are going to do landing pages to gather guides from specific sources, I urge you to ensure that the tracking process is in place before publishing those pages.

      If you want to know more about building sales funnels or using landing pages in your sales and marketing plan, I would recommend visiting the ClickFunnels website to see what the ‘sales funnel king’ Russell Brunson is talking about.

    • Use more (or less, sometimes) CTA calls to action. Use more of them if you have websites, landing pages, or online profiles. Use fewer CTAs if your entire website looks like this:a horrible false image of a lawyer’s website with real lawyers and 4 calls to action

    To conclude this:

    Lastly, the sales funnel is about data, iteration and organization. You need to understand what is happening at each step of the process to make changes, so take some time to figure out what your process is, or at least.

    Good luck and if we do this so far, but we still have no idea where to start, hit us. While we were doing sales training, we can help you define what might be missing from your sales funnel.

Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 


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