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When looking at your current dental marketing strategy, how much does digital marketing play?

You may think that networking and traditional marketing is enough, but as the world becomes more digital, so must your marketing.

In fact, your prospective experts are currently online, researching dental clinics to find one that meets their needs and provides high quality services.

The real questions become, what is your current digital presence and how can you improve it to grow your business?

In this article, we will discuss the eight best marketing practices that dentists use in their sales funnels to improve their practice and how ClickFunnels technology can help.

8 Best Practices Used For Dental Office Marketing

1. Tap on your social proof to increase lead generation for dentists

When it comes to marketing for dentists and your dental office, everything revolves around networking.

Patient referrals and reviews play a major role in your practice, so this creates vital signs that collecting patient reviews and creating space in your funnel for potential clients to read.

Through these reviews or because of social evidence that helps you trust your brand, you can ultimately motivate them to schedule an appointment in your practice.

In fact, BrightLocal found that 73% of consumers said that positive reviews made them trust the company more.

So, how can you gather credible social proof? ClickFunnels provides tools that make it easy to send messages to patients after their visit, asking for their reviews and feedback, mostly via email.

And the poor forget to use another powerful tool at your disposal when it comes to social proof – your social media channels.

Create social posts using recent reviews you have received. You can also encourage your patients to share their reviews on their own platforms, helping to extend their reach.

And lastly, make sure you thank the patients for going for a review and they may even offer an incentive, such as a promotional code, so you can collect more reviews.

2. Make a channel marketing strategy

Multi-channel marketing aims to engage with your prospects across as many channels as possible, creating a unique, unbiased approach.

This makes your practice more familiar with new perspectives as it covers all your bases, getting prospects active on only one or several of your platforms (email, Facebook, etc.) to participate in your campaigns.

Finally, through a multi-channel marketing strategy, you are putting your prospects in the driver’s seat that they want to communicate with you and your brand.

For example, they can only visit your site when you run promotions and will benefit from emails and social campaigns that promote special promotions.

Click here to learn more about the keys to cross marketing success.

3. Optimize your Facebook ads

When it comes to social media channels, Facebook ads are a digital marketing tool that every dental office should use.

Positive through Facebook ads that you can extend to targeted prospects and see results for your sales funnels.

Ads on Facebook offer different types of ads, however, the best ads used as a dental practice include video and photos. This will help create value for your brand.

In addition, Facebook ads make it easy to measure results, so you can see what works and what needs improvement.

You can learn more about your prospects through the information Facebook provides you with, including impressions, clicks, and conversions.

4. Research your current patients and potential prospects

How well do you know your prospects and current patients?

Particularly if you want to expand your reach, you need to know the behavior and interests of your targeted clients to increase conversion rates.

In turn, knowledge of targeted prospects will directly affect the type of messages and brand you use in your flow.

Conduct a targeted market analysis looking at who, what, when, where, why and how.

There are many ways to conduct a targeted market analysis, but a good start is for patients to complete a survey of their services.

Be sure to ask for their feedback on what you can do to improve their dental experience. By analyzing their feedback, you can better understand what they value and want when it comes to their dental needs.

In addition, your funnels and social ads collect data, including potential behavior and demographics, and this can be easily analyzed to understand your current patients and prospects.

Finally, as you research your current patients and prospects, be sure to analyze your competitors and find out what demographics you are targeting to apply if you are meeting the same prospects as you.

5. Emergency keywords

One of the major keywords associated with dentists is “ambulance” and it’s important that you have SEO tactics, so they rank at the top of the results page when someone is looking for emergency dental services in your area.

Do keyword research and see what your dental services can be based on for your dental services.

Use these keywords within the funnels as in your ad copy.

6. High quality photos

Forget generic pictures. Instead, work on incorporating high quality photos into your sales funnels.

In fact, recent research has found that dental office websites with high quality photos are turning more looks into patients.

Include professional photos of your staff, office, and anything else you find aesthetically pleasing.

Also, ClickFunnels makes it easy to split the position of your photos to determine which design provides the best engagement rate.

7. Provide original content

A great way to stay away from the competition is to provide an attractive, original copy within your dental practice’s sales funnels.

All this begins with creative headlines.

The titles should be short but catchy enough to stop the potential path in their song. Use a subtitle to describe the content of the page.

After researching and understanding your prospects and keywords consistently using their search, you can provide better messages to them.

In addition, ensure that your content is easy to read, divided into short paragraphs or feature points, has a strong call to action, and is proofread before you post and promote your stream.

Funnel content is another area that you can use the ClickFunnel split test tool.

8. Optimize local SEO

Lastly, as well as emergency keywords, you should also target local keywords that relate to your business.

By using local SEO, you can help direct those from your community to the dental office when they search by location.

For example, you could insert local keywords into your funnels and ads, such as “Denver dentist.”

It is a good rule of thumb to narrow your marketing reach to 50 miles from your office so you only know how to target local prospects.

Furthermore, Facebook ads have a built-in map map that you can share with your targeted prospects, including address, opening hours and directions.

ClickFunnels for Dentists: Improve dental office marketing with ClickFunnels

Given these eight best practices, you will be well on your way to expanding your reach and finding more dentists.

ClickFunnels is a great tool to use for your business.

It’s easy for any entrepreneur to build their sales funnel in just minutes, all without having to rely on a team of technicians.

Everything you need to create and launch a sales funnel is pre-developed and automatically combined for your business, so you have an easy and fast setup.

If you want to try it out, ClickFunnels offers a 14-day free trial. Try it out and see the growth you have with your customers.

What best practices have you used in your dental marketing? What are your best dental marketing strategies and what lessons have you learned along the way? Sound off in the comments below!

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Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 


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