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Sales funnel examples for complete beginners.

Dear entrepreneur,

I can assure you that on the right page …

You are curious about sales funnels and want to learn everything about them.

Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you.

Because this is not a half dollar article.

We only share the best content with the best people like you.

So it started with the basics …

What is a sales funnel in 60 seconds?

The sales funnel serves one purpose.

And they went to make money.

And make a lot of money.

One to many perspectives and one to many customers.

Here’s the thing.

A sales funnel can have multiple stages.

But the standard sales funnel will only have four.

And that’s it Awareness, interest, decision and action.

Known as AIDA.

And by definition,

“AND a sales funnel is a series of steps that are designed to guide visitors toward a buying decision. “

So now we understand what a sales funnel is?

A converted step forward from my 10 examples of sales funnels.

10 An example of a sales funnel that makes you think of a Pro funnel

The best way to learn is to learn by example.

Why …

I return a curtain with 10 examples of sales funnels.

Some of the largest and upcoming companies in the world.

It will interrupt their sales funnel per page.

Re-create the correct sales funnel and map it to Funnelytics.

And save the best part for last …

You will play the same sales funnel in ClickFunnels so you can use it to create your own sales funnel.


And the BEST thing.

I will accompany you with these resources for FREE.

You can see all of my recommended network marketing tools HERE.

my just ask it is up to you to share it with as many people as possible.

Sounds fair?


So, we started an example sales example with a small business called Netflix …

An example of a Netflix sales funnel

Phases of Funnel Sales ~ 5

  • Leading page
  • Select your plan page
  • Login page
  • Select the pricing page
  • Order form page

Netflix is ​​certainly one of the largest content streaming services in the world …

According to the statistic, Netflix has over 130 million subscribers and is growing.

That’s a lot of scared subscribers.

How are they doing so well?

You guessed it …

Excellent content and sales funnels.

And their sales funnel is magnificent.

So, we got a handy dandruff cropping tool and started breaking down Netflix’s sales funnel.

Netflix flagship site

Netflix has a simple but powerful lead magnet.


In their title they give a curiosity, “Look comes next.

They provide a subtitle that covers availability and no liability.

Also, their call to action provides a FREE trial …

Who goes out to try before they buy?

Netflix sales funnel lead magnet examples

Netflix Select your plan page

Their second page is so ingenious.

It provides three easy steps to see your progress in the application process

The page reminds you that you’re being charged, and will send you a reminder when the trial ends …

How nice, isn’t it?

It’s so nice that this $ 100 bookie is turning crazy!

Netflix Pricing Plan Page

Want to see what the plan is for you?

They have a page for that too!

And how nice again, to highlight a premium plan for you.

Comparative maps always clarify more questions for potential people…

Displays on, not.

The Netflix Premium plan is actually a great value considering how much people pay for cable TV …

Netflix Pricing Plan - Examples of Sales Funnels

Netflix login page

Now Netflix has been very warm and fuzzy to you about their pricing plan.

Burning time to capture lead.

Create your account with your email address, password and click the continue button …

What is great about this site is the text of the item under their title.

It starts with “Just two more steps …”

We assure you it is almost there!

Continued on…

Netflix order page

Ok, the last step of Netflix is ​​their payment page.

Netflix shows that this is the last step of the application process (Step 3 of 3).

Also, Netflix continues to provide risk-free statements in the text …

  • Cancel before this date
  • Reminder email
  • No obligation, cancel any statement

They finally ask credit card or payment information.

Netflix payments - examples of sales funnels

Analysis of Netflix Sales Funnel Sales Example

Our analysis of the demolition of the Netflix sales funnel resulted in one word.


Netflix keeps their pages very simple.

A strong call to action that will comfort you in the registration process.

And the less they have more thinking …

Overall, Netflix has a 6-page sales process that takes you through each step.

And the answers to most questions you may have indirectly.

After all, if you bought it now … they didn’t care. Why?

Since they have your email and will contact you later 😱.

Want a replica of the same sales funnel? Well, we made it for you. ↓

Netflix sales funnel free resources

Click here to get a Netflix Sales Flow Map Template (Free Flow Map)

🔥 Click here to download your Netflix sales funnel replica (sales funnel template)

An example of a crazy egg sales funnel

Phases of Funnel Sales ~ 4

  • Magnetic Lead Page
  • Login page
  • Price plan page
  • Order form page

Cbreak an egg “recordings“Are visual reports that allow you to see how your visitors interact with your site.

What is it? Are they spying on you, Brian?

Yes, but in a good way …

They help you visualize what users click the most.

You can create A / B testing and find the best converting pages.

And make changes to the brand.

So he dived into the example of the crazy egg sales flow…

Page magnet for crazy egg

an example of a sales funnel, a crazyegg page runs a magnet

As you can see right below the bat, Crazy Egg has a strong promise title.

Confused they tested that title more than 100 times

The subtitle shows social proof of how many websites use Crazy Egg.

What is unique about this main page is that it is looking for a user the first site.

I like their call to action button, but I’d like to see a variation of that.

As, “Show me how I can improve, “Or”Show me my website.

Crazy Egg Registration Page

Sales Flow Example - Crazy Egg

After you enter your site on the main page.

They create a “Build-Up” or curiosity to want your heat map on the next page.

You must log in with your email address to see the heat map …

Crazy Egg adds a bit of blur that makes you start your 30 day FREE trial, check it out.

Also, they show more social proof that GREAT companies like DELL and YAHOO use Crazy Egg.

Continued on…

Crazy Egg Prices Plan Page

sales price flow example sales plan page

Crazy Egg shows a 4-tier pricing plan strategy.

Featuring a “Plus” package starting at $ 79 per month.

They also emphasize “at no high cost” to say that hey didn’t mean expensive.

Finally, all calls to action buttons read: “Run my free trial.”

So click on it to see what’s on the other side …

Crazy Egg Processing Page

sales funnel exmaple crazy egg ordering site

The last page of the funnel sale process is their order.

It shows a lot of risk-free content and launches my test text on the page to convince the user.

On the right, they show their social proof of who uses the Crazy Egg.

Call-to-action button color is different from other pages of previous buttons …

According to OptinMonster, green for action is about health and growth.

Crazy Egg Sales Funnel Case Study Analysis

This sales funnel is great for the business that offers this type of product.

Or a similar product that you have to enter on your website.

In the next stage of sales funnels, you can take the lead by creating an account.

If the user goes to the end of the sales funnel or stops at a specific page, you can continue tracking via email.

You can also customize where the user dropped out of the funnel sale process

Free resources for crazy eggs for sale

🔥Click here for a crazy egg sales funnel ticket template (free funnel ticket)

🔥 Download your crazy egg sales stream HERE (sales funnel template)

An example of a Convertkit sales funnel

Phases of Funnel Sales ~ 4

  • Leading page
  • Questionnaire no. 1
  • Questionnaire no. 2
  • Login page

Convertkit is an easy-to-use email sending tool.

What are their features built by creatives …

Who are your creatives? Good question.

For starters, the founder of Converktit was a blogger.

But introduced to all online creatives.

Such as podcasters, YouTubers, course creators, course creators, freelancers, coaches, musicians, photographers.

If you are making digital, physical products or promoting affiliate products.

They made ConvertKit for you.

So we know who this platform is targeting …

You prefer to dive into their sales funnel.

Mark Convertkit

Convertkit begins with their title.

This is followed by a paragraph of text and two action call buttons.

The first is theirs FIND A FREE TEST button that is green.

And another button in the LOOK DEMO button that is transparent. If you want to learn more about Convertkit.

They want you to focus on running a trial so they can get in the door for you.

Example 01 Convertkit Sales Funnel Conversion

Convertkit poll question no. 1

After clicking “FIND A FREE TEST“Button, it will lead you to a series of questions.

This questionnaire will help you understand, “WHO“It’s coming through the front door.

And to customize the user experience.

Also, this questionnaire helps Convertit send custom messages based on the answers provided.

Example 02 Sales Funnel Conversion

Convertkit poll question no. 2

After answering the first question of your email marketing experience.

The second question is “Do you have a website or not?”

You either click yes or no.

If yes, then they would help you set up forms and landing pages.

Also, this simple quick progress bar survey shows you how many steps you need to go through …

Example 03 Convertkit Sales Funnel Conversion

Convertkit Registration Page

Now that they’ve clicked several times in the funnel sale process …

They warmed you up and trained you to keep clicking, saving you time for the next step.

The last step is the login page where they collect your information.

More than likely, people who get to this step of the process will sign up.

Enter your email address, password, and click “start“Button.

This will guide you to your dashboard and give you an assistant to learn their features.

Example 04 Convertkit Sales Lead Conversion

Convertkit Funnel Sales Example Analysis

This sales funnel has a four-step process.

Starting from their main page, followed by two questions and a sign-up page.

You can find some key data, segment it and put it into a category.

The great thing is that you can send them the right campaign to turn them into a buyer.

Overall, this sales funnel conducts segmentation.

It’s one of the marketing strategies that Ryan Levesque describes as “buckets.”

If you are interested in the Convertkit auto-email tool.

Or go through their sales process and then click here.

Free Convertkit Resources for Sales Flow

Click here to get a Connelkit Sales Chanel Map Template

🔥 Download Convertkit replica sales funnel HERE (sales funnel template)

An example of a butterfly sales funnel

Sales Flow Phases ~ 1

Drift is one of the leading marketing platforms for conversational services.

You can turn your traffic into qualified guides and meetings with Drift.

Because they only have one step in the funnel sale process – several sections of the main page are missing.

Once you enter your business email address, enter the door and customize your chatbot.

So, we checked their main page.

Lead drain page

Their main site is one big sales page.

With a VELIKA BOLD Hez adline.

“Welcome to now. “

With the accent “now,” we missed it so much!

Their subtitle shows social proof of joining 100,000 customers.

This is followed by their email business field and a call to action, “CREATE A FREE ACCOUNT. “

Interestingly interesting, they focus on business e-mails that discarded erasers …

Butterfly Sales Flow Example 01

Page no. 2

Now, if the title is BIG BOLD headlines, wow …

Scroll through the page to learn more about dating.

And what do you know?

He has the face of a giant PEOPLE. How well does it fit?

Actually Leo Strupczewski. Involved Marketing Director at Drift…

If you have any specific questions about their homepage, contact Leo 😀.

Butterfly medicine Example 02

Page no. 3

You like what you see, but you may have questions like, “Why should we use a chatbot?”

HA! They actually respond that breaking the old way of getting leads to “NOW” or the new way.

The traditional marketing method they require takes days and even weeks to find an advantage and close sales.

Now, with drift and their amazing chatbot you can reach the advantage in minutes!

How cool?

Butterfly medicine Example 03

Page no. 4

They destroyed the old and the new way of marketing …

Drift will now be inserted Social PROOF.

Their title helps them differentiate their competition.

Declaring that “Drift is the first and only marketing platform for conversation.

Stating that “Drift is the first and only marketing chat platform”. Removing saliva erasers …

Plus, they’ve added the best players to use their great product.

Some heavy punches range from invison, zenefits, AdRoll, monDB and more.

Butterfly medicine Example 04

Lead Layer Page # 5

The last part of their main page shows a diagram of their products.

The first step is qualifying leadership.

Then direct the conversation, book an appointment and increase your revenue!

Persec fast!

At the very end is a call to action for re-enrollment.

Example 05. Sales Leaflet

Analysis of butterfly sales flow examples

This sales funnel has only one step.

Lead Page!

Effective because it solves several issues that a user may have …

Like who’s behind Drift?

Why should I use Drift?

Who currently uses Drift?

And how does Drif Drift work?

All in all long guide page works because they have over 100k + customers.

If you are interested in a butterfly sales funnel template, then check it out below. ↓

Non-returnable resources for drift sales

🔥Click here to retrieve the butterfly sales funnel flow chart template (free linden sale ticket)

🔥 Download Drift Replica Sales Flow HERE (Sales Funnel Template)

SamCart sales funnel example

Phases of Funnel Sales ~ 3

  • Leading page
  • Pricing page
  • Order form page

WITHamCart is a web based payment platform.

Conversion optimized billing proposal features.

With 1-click reimbursement, ordering, subscription and payment plan options.

Well designed to maximize profits from every sale.

What makes SamCart unique is their dynamic order page where you can customize it on the fly …

Instead, dive into their sales funnel and see how they receive people at the door.

SamCart tag

When you land on SamCart’s main page, they show you a two-column approach.

The first column shows their title, subtitle, and two call-to-action buttons.

The title is intended for networking professionals who make serious money.

And you want to keep repeating the sale.

Behind the headline is their subtitle which returns their title, and there nothing seems fantastic …

The descent is their “TRY IT FOR FREE“Button and SEE DEMO button.

Check out the demo button that will take you to the webinar signup page.

And the TRG IT FREE button takes you to the next step in their sales funnel …

Which of course is the pricing page?

The Lead Page gives an insight into what their dashboard looks like and an example of their order page.

So, rather check it the pricing page, right?

Samcart Sales Sales Example Example 01SamCart Pricing Page

You’re excited to learn more about SamCart, so we went ahead and clicked on the “TRY IT FOR FREE“Button.

SamCart has a two-price pricing plan that simplifies the decision-making process.

The first package is priced at $ 99 per month, which is a long list of features

  • Departure templates for up to 18 year olds
  • Unlimited products
  • Use billing pages everywhere
  • The process of installing a credit card
  • One-time payments, subscriptions, rehearsals and payment plans
  • Advanced statistics and reports
  • Prospects (abandoning cart)
  • Webhooks
  • Click Upsells
  • A / B Split Testing
  • Priority support

How cool is that?

If I had used ClickFunnel, I would have definitely used SamCart.

Their premium package is priced at $ 199 per month.

If you remember their title, “Look at the Internet Specialists Platform.”

For online use experts, this is theft.

See the click on the $ 99 / month package and see the following in their example of a sales funnel …

Samcart Sales Sales Example Example 02

SamCart order page

They hit you with a 14-day FREE trial to test SamCart!

What’s cool is that there is no contract and anytime you cancel …

Their order page is long. Well, the options are mentioned on the pricing page.

Well, I’m not going to break down every section of my order page, it’s going to scroll down …

Samcart sales example sales example 03

The last part of the order page is located strength from SamCart.

See the red dots section that says “YES, ADD THE HACKS REPORT.

Bad their simple one-click sales.

And he started to bet $ 100 that one sales click turns into a factory with one click.

Samcart Sales Sales Example Example 02

SamCart sales funnel example analysis

The SamCart sales funnel has three stages …

A leading site that gives you the opportunity to try out tools or check out a FREE demo.

Free demo that records a person’s contact information.

However, the MARKET FREE Sell Funnel process will only work if you sign up for their free trial …

Why not sign up for a free trial?

What do you have to lose? 14-days?

Overall, this sales funnel is effective because it entices customers to sign up for a free trial.

If you are interested in a SamCarts funnel sales template, go ahead and check them out below. ↓

Free Resources for Selling a SamCart Funnel

🔥Click here to get SamCart Sales Flow Map Template (Free Sales Flow Map)

🔥 Download SamCart replica sales funnel HERE (sales funnel template)

An example of a sales funnel is selling Hulu

Phases of Funnel Sales ~ 4

  • Leading page
  • Pricing page
  • Login page
  • Order page

Hulu Lead Page

Hthis is a TV experience like no other.

Discover Hulu’s Collection of films and shows. 30 day free trial. Exclusive originals. Exclusive content. Largest streaming library. 50+ live TV channels. HBO, Showtime and Cinemax.

Hulu’s homepage is simple and straightforward like Netflix’s flagship site.

They have a title, subtitle, text item and a call to action button.

The subtitle offers a low monthly fee of $ 5.99 per month.

Which will entice users to continue and click on START A FREE TEST button.

Also, they show the first three premium channels available as add-ons.

You can’t miss Game of Thrones, can you?

So, click the green button and go to the next step of the funnel sales process …

Leading example of Hulu sales funnel sales page

Hulu Pricing Page

It offers Hulu a triple price structure for new customers with a different viewing experience.

  • Limited ads starting at $ 5.99 per month for 12 months.
  • There are no ads for $ 11.99 per month.
  • Hulu with live TV is priced at $ 39.99 per month.

They point out a limited commercial door entry plan.

They can later sell them with different pricing plans.

Now we have an understanding of their pricing structure, moving on to the next page …

Hulu Sales Flow Sample Page

Hulu login page

This page is easy.

You enter your information in text boxes or you can continue using the Facebook button.

A sign-up page for example of a Hulu sales funnel

Hulu order page

Once you have entered your account information because you want to watch TV.

Moment to pull out a credit card to access FREE content.

Hulu offers two types of payment methods for your convenience.

The first option is basic credit card payment.

And the other option is the option of express payment with checkout via PAYPAL or American Express.

Hulu sales order example page

Analysis of Hulu Sales Flow Example

The Hulu sales funnel example has a 4-stage healing process.

Starting with their main page, pricing pages, sign-up pages, and order form pages.

This is a classic 4-step sales process with an excellent customer experience.

The theme of their sales funnel is a gradient green that pleases the eye.

Also, large text boxes and buttons make it easy to use.

If you would like a FREE sales funnel or template map, see the following resources.

Hulu sales funnel free resources

Click here to get a Hulu sales funnel ticket template (free sales funnel ticket)

🔥 Download the FREE sales funnel replica HERE (sales funnel template)

YouTubeFunnels sales funnel example

Phases of Funnel Sales ~ 4

  • Leading page
  • Pricing page
  • Login page
  • Order page

Yyou need to have an example of a sales funnel without ClickFunnel.

ClickFunnels is Ferrari’s marketplace software tool for sales funnels.

Poor well …

Why? Well, you can read my ClickFunnels review HERE.

If you want ClickFunnels, this is a builder of sales and withdrawal funnels.

You can create and customize your sales funnel in 10 minutes or less.

No joke …

He made a dive into the ClickFunnels main page.

ClickFunnels Leading Page

ClickFunnels’ leading page has changed over the years.

They have a VERY promising title.

That being said, “the software gives you everything you need.”

Also, they have a survey on the right and when they submit it, they send you a case study.

The poll works great!

Being customer driven and providing a specific sales funnel template.

They have an explanation video to learn more about ClickFunnels.

Example 01. ClickFunnels sales funnel

ClickFunnels Pricing Page

ClickFunnels offers a two-tier pricing structure.

The first is their flagship product ClickFunnels software.

Starting at $ 97 / month and includes a 14-day free trial.

Their second price level is the Etison Suite.

Which includes ClickFunnels, Actionetics and Backpack.

The Etison package costs $ 297 a month and includes a 14-day free trial.

Also, you can pay annually where you can save 16%.

Example 02 of a ClickFunnels sales funnel

ClickFunnels login page

The sign-up page is easy.

However, ClickFunnels contain three elements that I would like to highlight.

The first bar of their progress is: “Almost complete.”

This gives the user the impression that they are talking to the target.

Another is their title, “Start Your 14-Day Free Trial.”

Like most software tools we have described, they provide a 14-day trial.

The last element is social proof. They use Liz Benny as a review to encourage users that anyone can use ClickFunnels.

Example 03 ClickFunnels Sales Funnel

ClickFunnels order form page

The ClickFunnels account forms page is also easy.

The order form is very similar to the application form, which is a consistent user experience.

Aside from 1-click adding 9 workout secret workouts for only $ 47.

ClickFunnels example page sells page flow

Analysis of ClickFunnels sales funnel sales examples

ClickFunnels is one of the best selling funnel software on the market.

They use four stages of the sales phase approach.

Courses begin by clicking on one of the free trial buttons.

Then comes a selection from two pricing packages.

Then enter your account information.

And enter your billing information.

Overall, the ClickFunnels sales funnel example is great to use for one reason.

And communicates conversions with a 14-day free trial.

If you want to test the ClickFunnels or Etison Suite drive, click HERE.

ClickFunnels Sales Funnel Free Resources

🔥Click here to download the ClickFunnels Sales Flow Map Template (Free Sales Flow Map)

🔥 Download your ClickFunnels replica sales funnel HERE (sales funnel template)

An example of a Udacity sales funnel

Phases of Funnel Sales ~ 3

  • Leading page
  • Pricing page
  • Order page

dacity is where lifelong learners come to learn the skills they need.

To cover the job they want, to build the lives they deserve.

Udacity offers a wide range of educational programs to help you build your technical skill.

What they offer in completing the program is called “Nano degree.

By definition, a nano degree is a course of study that you can complete in less than twelve months.

So now we have the understanding for the nano stages, struggling to dive into their main page.

Udacity Lead page

The Udacity front page offers something unique.

Can you guess what this is all about?

He suffered a time limit.

As you can see below, it shows that you have 11 days before closing your enrollment …

And scarcity is one of the phycological principles of influence according to Robert Cialdini.

We want to miss this nano stage of becoming a Digital Marker, so we just click on the SIGN UP NOW button…

Example 01 for the Udacity sales funnel

The Udacity pricing page

The Udacity pricing page offers two types of payment plans.

The first is a one-time payment of $ 999.

And the other option is a $ 84 monthly payment plan.

Most people are eager to learn about digital marketing.

He would choose an affordable option of $ 84 a month.

Click on the APPLY NOW button to see number two behind the door …

Udacity Sales Funnel Example 02

Udacity order page

The order page shows a unique option where you can pay a monthly fee using a service called confirm.

This pricing structure is great if you can control the monthly plan option.

Since the establishment of a third party service like AFFIRM.

Related to this is the service charge or April.

Također, imate mogućnost plaćanja kreditnom karticom ili PAYPAL-om.

Udacity prodajni tok Primjer 03

Analiza primjera prodaje toka prodaje Udacity

Prodajni tok Udacity koristi trostupanjski postupak lijevka prodaje.

U našem primjeru digitalnog marketinga pregledava glavnu stranicu, stranicu s cijenama i stranicu obrasca narudžbe …

Dakle, ovo je klasični prodajni lijevak bez ikakvih nadopuna.

Na njihovoj glavnoj stranici.

Koriste nedostatak koji će propustiti prilikom upisivanja poziva korisnika da klikne gumb za upis.

Ono što je cool u ovom toku je da nude tri različite opcije plaćanja za snimanje prodaje.

Ako želite kartu ili predložak prodaje Udacity, tada pogledajte resurse u nastavku.

Hulu prodajni tok besplatni resursi

Kliknite ovdje da biste dobili predložak karte lidera prodaje Udacity (Besplatna prodajna karta toka prodaje)

🔥 Preuzmite svoj prodajni tok Udacity replike OVDJE (predložak prodajnog toka)

Primjer prodajnog toka prodaje Builderall

Faze prodaje lijevka ~ 4

  • Vodeća stranica
  • Stranica s cijenama
  • Stranica za prijavu
  • Stranica za narudžbu

Tevo nedavno se radilo o Builderallu …

Pa što je to?

Builderall pomaže poduzetnicima i tvrtkama koje žele oživjeti svoje ideje.

Sa kompletnim graditeljem digitalne mrežne tvrtke i marketinškom platformom na webu.

Lako možete postaviti prodajni tok po pola cijene ClickFunnela.

Sada imamo ideju o čemu se zapravo radi u Builderallu …

Radije zaronite na njihovu glavnu stranicu.

Olovni stranica Builderall

Glavna stranica Builderall prikazuje džinovsku sliku heroja.

Veliki naslov, podnaslov i gumb za poziv na akciju.

Sastavljen je znatiželjan ako se slika HERO s vremena na vrijeme promijeni.

Međutim, jedinstveno za ovu stranicu je što je zapravo izgrađena sa vlastitom Builderall platformom.

Radije naprijed i klikni na POČETITE ODMAH i vidi gdje nas vodi …

Primjer 01 Builderall prodajni tok prodaje

Stranica s cijenama Builderall-a

Klik na POČETITE ODMAH vodi vas na stranicu s cijenama.

Builderall nudi trostruki paket cijena od 9,90 do 49,90 dolara.

Ono što je zanimljivo je da oni koriste dolare i cente umjesto čitavih dolara.

Pa ako pogledamo paket web prisutnosti koji uključuje:

  • Pristup Pixel Perfect Builderu
  • Neograničene stranice i poddomene
  • Povežite domenu
  • Širina pojasa i neograničen broj posjetitelja
  • Integracije trećih strana
  • SSTP je uključen
  • Vrhunski lokalni hosting
  • Sustav podrške za ulaznice
  • Prethodno prodajni tokovi
  • I još…

Zapravo možete imati spremni tok prodaje za samo 9,90 USD.

Ova ponuda je previše primamljiva da bi se mogla uskrsnuti.

Pa, ljudi se kreću naprijed koristeći Buidlerall.

Kliknite na jedan od gumba KUPI ODMAH i pogledajte gdje nas vodi …

Primjer 02. Builderall prodajni tok

Stranica za prijavu u Builderall

Builderall nas vodi do stranice za registraciju.

Their registration page is straightforward by entering your name, email, and password.

The only thing I can point out is the second checkbox, where you have to check it to move forward.

By checking the box you’re agreeing to receive information from Buidlerall.

Ok, let’s fill out the details and click the NEXT button.

Builderall Sales Funnel Example 03

Builderall Order Page

Clicking on the next button takes us to the last page of the sales funnel process.

Builderall order page consists of two payment methods.

One is with PAYPAL which is a highly trusted source.

And converts well.

The second option is using STRIPE to pay with a credit card.

Stripe is a third party payment processing platform like PayPal.

By selecting one of the payment options.

You are prompt for your PayPal or credit card information.

Builderall Sales Funnel Example 04

Analysis of Builderall Sales Funnel Example

Builderall is a unique platform to get your website off the ground.

Also, you use as a Digital Marketing agency or promote Builderall as well.

Builderall uses a simple four-stage sales funnel process.

Because their pricing option has a low barrier to entry which is attractive.

This sales funnel can be used with similar type service packages or products.

If you would like to take a view Buidlerall sales funnel process, then click HERE.

Builderall Sales Funnel Free Resources

🔥Click Here to Get Builderall Sales Funnel Map Template (Free Sales Funnel Map)

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Travelzoo Sales Funnel Example

I have been using Travelzoo since 2014 so I had to break down their sales funnel example.

Travelzoo is a global media commerce company.

Which publishes offers from more than 2,000 travel, entertainment, and local companies.

Sales Funnel Stages ~ 3

  • Lead Page
  • Sign Up Page
  • Zip code Page

Travelzoo Lead Page

Travelzoo lead page consists of a search feature, latest deals, and social proof.

At the top right, they have a massive amount of social proof.

Their Facebook page has over 3.4 million likes.

Impressive, right?

If you haven’t joined Travelzoo already, then their JOIN FOR FREE button is at the top and centered.

Also, to access of these amazing deals you would have to sign up.

Let’s go ahead and join for free by clicking the blue button at the top.

Travelzoo Sales Funnel Example 01

Travelzoo Sign Up Page

Travelzoo lead page consists of a search feature, latest deals, and social proof.

At the top right, they have a massive amount of social proof.

Their Facebook page has over 3.4 million likes. Impressive, right?

If you haven’t joined Travelzoo already, then their JOIN FOR FREE button is at the top and centered.

Also, to access of these amazing deals you would have to sign up.

Travelzoo Sales Funnel Example 02

Travelzoo Location Page

Just one more thing.

Is a classic copywriting strategy, such as “But wait…”

Once you have registered with an email address you’re directed to add your zip code.

This helps Travelzoo gives you the best deals for your area.

And that’s it of their sales funnel example.

Nothing fancy.

Nothing glorious.

But it sure works!

Travelzoo Sales Funnel Example 01

Analysis of Travelzoo Sales Funnel Example

Travelzoo is one of the largest travel deal websites in the world.

They use a simple three-stage sales funnel approach to get you in the door.

It starts with their lead page, signup page, and zip code page.

It’s super simple, yet so effective.

Because they will follow up with you with great deals of all sorts.

This is sales funnel is great for offering deals for any specific product.

If you would like to take a look at Travelzoo’s sales funnel process, then click HERE.

Travelzoo Sales Funnel Resources

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Sales Funnel Example Next Steps?

I have broken down 10 of the BEST sales funnel examples from companies such as,

Netflix, Crazy Egg, Convertkit, Drift, SamCart, Hulu, ClickFunnels, Udacity, Builderall, and Travelzoo.

I hope you gained a lot of value from it and learn how you apply these techniques to your business or project.

If you want me to breakdown another company, then feel free to reach out to me.

To Your Sales Funnel Success,

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