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Pruvit Review: Can You Make Money with Pruvit?

Has anyone from Pruvit been in contact with you? Are they trying to get you to join their team? You may have been told that you can work part-time with a full-time salary. And wondering you’re wondering, “Can you make money with Pruvit?

Here I would help you decide what to do. I know it may not be an easy decision. On the one hand you want to make great money making money as you see with other Pruvit distributors. On the other hand, it seems a little too good to be true.

Poor dive into this and see what Pruvit is all about and see if it’s possible to make money with them.

What is Pruvit?

Pruvit is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company in the field of health and wellness. Bad a little unclear when they started, but according to the BBB website, they have been around for five years.

According to Pruvit’s website, the CEO and founder of the company is Brian Underwood.

Pruvita CEO Brian Underwood

Brian Underwood was the CEO of another MLM called Rippln that started in 2013 and went bankrupt by January 2014. (You can read about this here, if you like, in the BehindMLMs post.)

Pruvita products are related to ketones. According to the Pruvita website:

“Supplementing with exogenous ketones allows you to experience ketosis – the benefits of elevated ketone levels in the blood, without having to adhere to such a restrictive ketogenic diet or a super low-carb diet, which some people find difficult to adhere to. Optimize your human potential. ”

Pruvita’s main product is KETO / OS NAT, but they also have several other ketone-related products.

Pruvit products
Here’s a sampling of products for sale, plus their prices:

  • KETO // OS® Black Label – $ 157 for 20 servings
  • KETO // OS® PRO ™ + MCT dark chocolate – $ 130 for 20 servings
  • SIGNAL // OS® AM / PM – $ 108 for 30 meals
  • KETO // UP® Toucan Tango – $ 93.50 for 12 cans

As you can see, these are not cheap!

In fact, you can find a similar product on Amazon for much, much less.

Pruvit alternative on Amazon

This Giant Keto supplement is only $ 34.99 for 15 meals.

If you show this to a person trying to get you to join them on Pruvit, they will come up with a story about how Pruvit is better and better, why it costs more.

It’s true…

MLM products always cost more because compensatory wages have to be paid. submitted only reason.

How much does it cost to join Pruvit?

If you look at their website, it seems you can sign up as a distributor for free, but then you get this big pop-up:

Join Pruvit for free?

This basically says that you can sign up to access the Promoter Cloud, where you can find out where everything is on the last day, but no product will be sent to you and you are therefore eligible for prizes.

So it’s not a great option.

The next worst option (according to the site) seems to be to buy a membership and then select an individual product option. When I try to say that membership is $ 1. (Although there’s talk somewhere about reading that costs $ 37 a year, so you’re not sure if $ 1 is a special promotion.)

You will see this first on the Pruvit website. This is where they want you to start when you become a distributor:

Pruvit Starter Packs

To qualify for commissions and bonuses, you will also need 50BV (bonus value) per month. That will be about $ 50 or a little more.

I always like to mention other optional expenses that may arise. These are things like:

  • Travel expenses (for example, going to a meeting and meeting with someone for a presentation)
  • Costs associated with going to a convention convention
  • Additional purchases of personal products
  • Purchase a product used for samples
  • Business cards and brochures
  • Table fees for congresses, fairs and other events

These are the kind of things that sneak up on you and that most distributors talk about or bear their costs.

Pruvita Compensation Plan

Finding a Pruvit compensation plan was not easy. For some reason, they really link it to their website. Probably available in the back office after you join.

But it’s probably a good idea to get over it before you join if you’re seriously considering the opportunity.

I personally use compensation plans for myself because they don’t make sense, so I won’t go over this.

But here’s a video that talks about the basics (this is a year old and I know if anything has changed since then):

He says there are 4 main ways to make money with Pruvit.

  1. Support Bonus / Pruvit Bucks
  2. Go Challenge Bonuses
  3. Weekly payment / daily payment
  4. Monthly payment

It seems that there are 11 acts in Pruvit, divided into 3 phases. Phase 1 includes rows 1-5.

Pruvit Ranks 1-5

Phase 2 is the “round of champions” phase and includes ranks 6-10.

Pruvit Ranks 6-10

The final grade is “Legend,” and I think it’s both scary and impossible to come by.

Pruvit Rank 11

Evil will see how much these Legends do in the next section.

Revenue Disclosure Pruvita


Look at this.

The discovery of Pruvit’s income shows any statistics for Legends. I guess really is it is impossible to reach that level.

Here are the basics from this report:

“The income statistics published below apply to all United States. Pruvit promoters who could qualify for lower-level commissions in 2018. “Promoter” is defined as having paid a promoter fee of $ 37 at a particular point in time from January 2017 to December 2018. Average annual promoter income in 2018. was $ 1,666.28, the average annual revenue for all promoters in 2018 was $ 36.80. 1.05% of all promoters did not continue with Pruvit after their first year. Of the approximately 24,544 promoters who applied as U.S. Promoters since the beginning of 2018, approximately 24,286 were still active at the end of the year. ”

The average annual revenue for all eligible promoters was $ 1,666.28.

And this is it ago costs.

I like this report and Pruvit credits it for breaking down revenue amounts for each level. I won’t copy all of this here, but you can check it out using the link above.

You should basically earn at least a rank of 6 to have a certain decent income (an average of 34k, but remember to spend before costs and expenses), and only 1.04% of distributors go into a rank of 6 or higher.


Pruvit complaints and positive reviews

I like to start with BBB when I can because it always gives us a nice overview of what’s going on with the company.

Pruvit BBB rating

You can see that the company is not accredited and does not have a rating. Customer reviews are not great and there are a lot of complaints.

So, is this?

Uh oh.

Pruvit BBB warning

Bad never good when you get to the BBB and see a warning like this.

But dive a little further and see what people are saying about Pruvit.

We first looked at some positive reviews. Reviewers said:

  • Customer service and my distributor have worked great together on some issue
  • A + experience
  • I have incredible energy and my brain fog is no longer falling
  • This company changed my life!
  • Pruvit products have helped me, along with a keto diet and tracking intake

Here’s someone who loves the product and also loves promoting it:

Pruvit positive review

Now deal with shifting gears and look at the other side of things.

Here are some of the complaints on Pruvit:

  • I felt very bad after taking the product and it was hard for me to get my money back for an unused product
  • The promoter discovered I was sick and pushed the product on me and even claimed it could cure brain cancer
  • This is a pyramid scheme with very expensive products
  • I have tried to contact customer service several times and it only goes to voicemail

I’ve seen several complaints about people charging for products they never ordered. That seems worrying! More than a few people said their products make them sick. Thanks also as far as! You can see the flow of complaints here. Just a warning, there are a lot of them!

Here’s an interesting remark from someone who promoted the product. I caught myself filming the whole thing because it was pretty long. You can see it all here (it needs to be moved down a bit).

He badly pointed out some areas I want to pay attention to:

Pruvit prigovor

First, in connection with Pruvit, it was paid by someone who made money. As much about “owning your own business” as bosses like to try to tell you.

And then he deals with the whole problem of non-payment for services. There seems to be a lot going on with this company.

The last part I pointed out, I really want you to pay attention to. They believed her that all the promoters “went all out” and other promoters spent thousands of dollars.

This happens in MLMs.

Everything happens. BiH. Time.

Because your upline brings money from your purchases.

Just think about it before you decide to join.

Here’s another story I found on reddit.

This person’s sister is the promoter of Pruvita. Her sister claims she earns $ 10k – 12k each month.

Here is the part I want to pay attention to:

Her sister ordered products in her name

This basically means that the poster sister (Pruvita promoter) orders products in her sister’s name to qualify for the bonuses. It’s not legal, but it happens all the time.

It also means he probably doesn’t do almost what he says he does because he spends a lot on products.

Double booze!

Related articles:

Is Pruvit a scam or a pyramid scheme?

Although the warning from the BBB website concerns us, we still say that Pruvit is a scam and technically not a pyramid scheme although many people will try to call it that.

But like all MLMs, it has some issues that make it a pyramid scheme.

To be a legitimate MLM (not a pyramid scheme), you need to be able to make the most of your money through retail sales. Of course, you can make retail sales with Pruvit. But can you earn enough to make good money without hiring?

Unfortunately, the disclosure of income ends with the cessation of sales in relation to employment commissions, but I think you know the answer to this question.

It will be really hard to convince enough people to pay a ship of money for this product that they can get a lot cheaper on Amazon.

Most people interested in buying products are people who are also interested in a business opportunity.


  • You can start with a decently low price
  • A good portion of people love the products (but keep in mind that many of them will probably also promote Pruvit)


  • Poor customer service (so bad that the BBB has a warning about them)
  • Some people have very bad reactions to products
  • The products have been proven to help with weight loss or any other problem that promoters claim to help
  • Just over 1% of promoters earn a decent income with this company (and spend before expenses).
  • Over 99% of people end up losing money in MLM (source)
  • MLMs always have products that are highly overpriced, making them difficult to sell at retail
  • Your line will try to force you to buy more and more products in advance (because you are a customer)
  • MLMs generally have a bad reputation, making it difficult to hire others
  • If you manage to hire others, they will become your competition

Yes, I am biased against MLM, but they have now pretty much researched them for this blog. (You can see all the ones looked at here.) It was also because I’ve been in one for over a year and I know how they worked. You can read about that experience here.

You feel sorry for working with your time and money, but I love writing these articles to warn people that you have to get lost like me.

It is very, very difficult to do MLM work, and income disclosures prove it!

Pruvit video Monica Siembieda


So, can you make money with Pruvit? I mean, she ate a slight opportunity.

But there is a better chance that he will end up walking at a loss. And sometimes it causes a huge loss. Sometimes that loss happens even in cash. Faced with seen posts of friendships and marriages that were broken up due to MLMs.

Just look at the story above with the sisters.

Poorly sad.

If you want to earn more than $688 daily income in your time, there are better ways to do it. I recommend blogging and affiliate marketing, personally. Check out my free guide to see if you’ll be doing something you’d love to work at.

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Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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