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Buying things on the Internet can be quite addictive – once you get started, you can stop – as it can be done anywhere, anytime.

Before the dawn of the giant marketplaces and e-commerce websites, everyone had to include shopping on their to-do list, and today you can just clap on the couch, cross the screen of your device and click the button to make a purchase.

However, despite loving their convenience, most consumers would still drive to brick-and-mortar stores to buy high-ticket items, according to new research.

Nearly half of PushOn digital consumers surveyed said they were buying more expensive products like a new kitchen or bathroom in the store.

The reason is that they can see and review the products before they decide to buy.

The report reveals that 47% of 1,000 consumers are actually researching online, and after their heart sets a product, they buy it at a physical store. On the other hand, 70% said they bought expensive items online, but only after seeing it in the store.

It just goes to show that despite the convenience and convenience of online shopping, most people still want to see and feel a product, especially more expensive like a car, to make sure they don’t waste money.

However, they are not at all close; 45% of consumers said they were willing to make expensive purchases online if websites offered technology that allowed them to experience the product so they could make informed decisions.

Is AR the future of e-commerce?

PushOn received a variety of comments from survey respondents regarding e-commerce tools that should push for the purchase of expensive items online.

40% said they should use Augmented Reality (AR) to test the product before purchasing it. As this technology blends digital images into the real world, online shoppers will be able to see and experience the product by placing the image across their perception of reality.

On the other hand, 41% of respondents said they would feel more secure about buying an expensive item, hence their confidence to spend more, because of the implementation of tighter Internet security.

Here are the other items on their wishlist:

  • 52% think merchants should invest in technology that provides a better experience in multipurpose channels – so the shopping trip is seamless in-store and online.
  • 32% want to use online services to get immediate answers to their questions.
  • 17% invite marketers to use AI and digital chatbots that make purchase recommendations based on their buying habits and can answer product questions.
  • 17% want to see online shopping with one click to make it easier to check.
  • 16% would like to use mobile payments more to speed up their online shopping.

In addition to great products and fast delivery, industry experts are urging online companies to choose the best technology to help customers visualize their products.

As Sam Rutley, CEO of PushOn, honored him with:

“Using technology, such as digital chatbots that can act as online customer service assistants or AR applications to assist in product visualization, marketers will be able to create a seamless multipurpose experience where customers can access the same level of service and information as they would. This will go a long way toward increasing consumer confidence through the higher levels of security and beliefs this technology has to offer, which means they will feel comfortable spending more online. ”

What technology have you recently adopted in your online business?

Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 


by Dave Furness




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