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Online paid surveys are rewarded by survey companies. Consumer goods manufacturers and brand companies are always interested in hearing what consumers and respondents have to say about their products. It doesn’t matter what the market segment or product line is. Consumer opinions and trends in emerging markets are equally important. This is where the online survey-paying companies fill the gap by finding such market research information for companies. And that’s why online survey users are valuable to them. Unfortunately, unscrupulous internet marketers who see how lucrative a business is, quickly set up scam sites to escape from those seeking real income.

But how do you know if a paid poll website is a scam? After all, there are probably more legitimate survey sites than there are fake sites. We’ll look at some of the danger signs. When you see them all at a particular market research company, it’s time to escape! Before we do this, do not confuse survey websites from those sites that offer a directory of online paid surveys. These are honest websites that did market research or survey sites before putting together an easy-to-refer information directory. Serious survey researchers use them even though there is a one-time fee.

Scam Scent 1 – Pay to join

Market research companies require you to pay them in order to be offered free paid internet surveys. What they do is charge you for signing up with them. Don’t fall for this trick. They earn direct commissions from manufacturing companies that need survey data. Charging a fee is ridiculous. However, paying directories that are paid through online surveys is perfectly fine as it can save you a lot of time.

Scam Scent 2 – Empty shell companies

These are empty shells, ie. They look on the outside but they are empty on the inside. These online survey sites work as membership sites and always have tricks up your sleeve. It is common here that they will charge you a joining fee and you will never hear them again. When you try to contact them, most of them are unavailable, while a few would say that you have to wait longer for online paid surveys to be available. This is obviously an eternal wait.

Scam Scent 3 – Series Research

Another trick that companies that offer free internet services pay for is to organize “group robberies.” What happens is that they conduct serial surveys according to hundreds of surveys. The payment term states that you must meet the minimum quota or be paid as soon as you reach the minimum survey value or credit before you are eligible for payment. They can also agree to pay at the end of the month. So when it comes time to pay, guess what? They get together and leave. Basically, these are the Tier 2 online survey sites that feed the major online survey companies with survey results. Now, unlike the major survey firms, they do not have direct contact with survey seekers, that is, companies with clients.

Scam Scent 4 – Gift-only concept

Most surveyed internet or market research companies pay cash, though the payment method could be a combination of cashless reward. Such rewards can be free product samples, gifts like free pens, discount vouchers, shopping coupons, movie tickets, etc. Be especially careful when you realize that an online survey company only offers non-cash items for your participation. I’m sure this is not what you actually want as respondents.

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Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 


by Davion Wong




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