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With physical stores closing and brands forced to use online, Google has now done so free sale on Google Shopping, As Amazon’s delays and shortcomings continue to increase, D2C brands have a unique opportunity to relocate to the area; over 40.55% consumers turn to lesser-known brands to find the products they need. For brands, it is crucial to use Google search to encourage the purchase of customers.

Changes to Google Shopping will take effect in the United States. before the end of April, with plans for global expansion before the end of the year. “We continue to work closely with many of our existing partners to help retailers manage their products and inventories, including Shopify, WooCommerce and BigCommerce, to make digital commerce more accessible to businesses of all sizes,” says Bill Ready, president of Commerce at Google.

Google Product List Value

As customers are increasingly switching to online shopping, there is still a clear gap between the products that people search for and the products that can be found online. By allowing brands to place their products on Google Shopping for free, companies can gain new exposure to the millions of customers who want to buy online.

Today, 82% of retail queries involving a brand go through Google Shopping. This means that for any generic search, like “red shoes” or “blue couch,” brands now have a great opportunity to come out in front of new customers and find high-intent customers searching for a particular product.

Impact on Google Shopping Ads

Free lists of Google products will not replace Google Shopping ads; instead, they need help stepping up those campaigns. Existing customers who may have paid to promote only a portion of their products on the platform will now be able to do without any inventory of the entire stock.

How to stand out on Google search

With lower barriers to entry for brands looking to publish their products on Google, it is crucial that brands take advantage of reviews and user-generated content to stand out from the crowd and build consumer confidence during all important phases of discovery.

Brands that add reviews to their Google Shopping ads have up to 24% increase in CTRAnd just 100 reviews per page of a product on your site can more than double the conversion rates for that product.

By providing customers with influential social evidence, such as reviews, star ratings, user-generated photos, and more, brands can:

  • Stand out in search and drive more high-traffic traffic to your store
  • Maximize ROI on each product list
  • Reduce CPA by increasing conversions from search traffic

In order to specify a star rating, there must be at least 3 published product reviews and a minimum of 50 acceptable reviews for all products of your brand. So, it’s important to ensure that you generate relevant reviews and take advantage of the merchant rating in Google Shopping.

If you already have, now is the time to make sure you share your products with Google through Google Trusted Reviews partners, like Yotpo. Our partnership with Google allows brands to include star ratings, reviews, and customer photos obtained by Yotpo in their Google Shopping ads and Google Product Shopping lists. Just verify that your Yotpo brand product catalog in Yotpo contains the same identifiers as in your Google product data feed, such as GTIN or MPN & Brand.

How your brand can generate more reviews

With multiple Google Star Ratings, your brand can instantly show a multitude of customers who have bought and loved your product – an important social proof of conversion. Here are some quick ways your brand can generate more reviews:

  1. Email customers with review reminders
    • Collect up to 80% more reviews with email buyers reminding you to complete reviews after purchase
  2. Use multiple product review requirements
    • Make it easy for customers to leave reviews. Our multiple product review requirements make it easy for users to view multiple products in a single email, so you can generate multiple reviews, faster – increasing the generation of reviews by up to 45%.
  3. Build trust with photos and videos of real customers using your products
    • Drive traffic with great intent on your site and reduce your CPA (cost-per-acquisition) by displaying authentic user-generated photos, along with ratings and reviews in your Google Shopping product lists.
  4. Maximize your response speed to encourage repeat purchases
    • Respond to as many reviews as possible to face customers directly and build lasting relationships.
  5. Reward honest feedback with loyalty programs
    • Try assigning coupons or loyalty points to write reviews or send photos and videos to attract customers again and bring them back to your site.

See our guide for more information about Google Shopping here it isand for tips and best practices on adding Google product ratings to your head here it is.

Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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