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10, 2020

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Coronavirus threw the advertising industry into disarray. Offices are closed and employees work from home. Performances postponed or canceled. Marketing budgets have been cut. The traditional way of behaving is over, which means it’s a great time to invest in inventory marketingthat is efficient, effective, agile and leads to results.

In terms of measurable return on investment, the interaction is gaining much higher than most brand content. Stamps video on there is the average viewing time is 4.57 seconds, while the exposure gets tens of minutes. According to recent research, scammers are more trusted (not to mention much cheaper) than celebrities or athletes among Gen Z and Millennials. Under normal circumstances these are great reasons to work with lovers of influence. Given today’s landscape, there are a few more reasons.

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Influence is still produced

Given the bans on large quantities, little production is happening. However, customers still have needs. Influencers offer a one-time solution as their talented / director / producer / editor / DP / media distributor are integrated into one. They’re best placed to create content with limited resources – they’ve been doing it for years.

Influenza is inexpensive

Brands and agencies are tightening their belts in preparation for the recession. Influence also feels the impact. Companies are delayed or canceled. A recent report shows this Inflator prices are often reduced by 25 percent. As a result, you can work with exposures cheaper than ever.

The interaction of the shaker increases rapidly

At the same time, reflector prices are falling, their audience is growing. With most of the world being forced indoors, usage is increasing rapidly. Facebook and Instagram noticed a 50 percent increase in live broadcasts. In two weeks, Twitch viewers reached 31 percent. U.S. to U.S. viewing viewership increased by 63%. This will benefit influencers, with some reporting a 76% increase in “likes” in sponsored Instagram posts.

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Impact marketing works

When everyone is forced to shop online, terrific funds make more purchases than usual. Data from affiliate marketers have shown that sales are through exposure. SmartCommerce reported a 30 percent increase in orders, and competitor RewardStyle noticed a similar increase.

But agencies need to step carefully

The benefits are understandable, but I’m careful. Given today’s landscape, agencies need to step carefully. Not everyone has the same marketing reflector, and the best programs are cooperation with reliable partners. Influenza is people, and some people can act irresponsibly (and very publicly), while others use their platforms forever. Choose wisely.

In the world of “home shelter,” advertisers and agencies strive to create things quickly, cheaply, and for a few advertising dollars – just what influences what they’ve been doing for years. More than ever, it’s time to invest in experts.


Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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