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What do you want from a network marketing company?

If you’re like most people looking for business opportunities at home, you want an opportunity that gives you a really good chance of success, right?

Please put aside everything you’ve ever heard or read and consider the following 3 dirty little secrets about MLM you’ve never heard of or read:

Dirty little secret about MLM no. 1:

This secret is about the products and how long any online marketing company can last.

A company that has products that are solid contractors with a good sales history, but it’s not a top notch can be good – you can rest assured that you will be able to sell some products.

In contrast, it can be difficult to sell products that are widely marketed and consumed by many different companies – for obvious reasons competition.

The new buzz product – one person can be excited can fly out of your hands – at least initially. It’s possible that a new product will sell quickly for a while – it will only fade if it becomes apparent that it is not working as advertised. Nothing can ruin your business faster.

What can you do?

If you can find a company with a product that is relatively unknown in the market but is rapidly growing in popularity – and if the product has already made many people talk and write about it, you may have found a “rave” product. val.

The rave wave example so far would be liquid minerals during the 1990s.

My wife and I joined a company in 1996 that was relatively new and had a new product. After using the product with our family, we quickly experience real results. Nothing is better.

Once we achieved results with the product, we could easily find others to share the good news with – which led to the sponsorship of 300 people in just over a year – and our group grew to 10,000 over the next few years.

Yes, we tried to build a business with another MLM company that did not have a new and exciting product before placing liquid minerals. We worked hard with the first firm for a year. Our revenue was $ 1500 after 12 months. It was too slow and not too fun.

Should product sharing be fun?

If the product is exciting and achieves results, sharing it with others is exciting and fun. If the product (no matter how good it is) is not new and does not get relatively exciting results, your business will not be fun – it will be WORKING!

The end result of our second online marketing or MLM experience has earned over $ 1 million in 4.5 years – even though we stopped actively working after only 14 months.

What were we doing?

Our children were small. We educated them at home. We did 4H. We took them on a 5 month vacation. We felt almost like “aliens” walking in a “live on a weekend” society because we didn’t have to work …

Has the product been sold for a long time?

We still use the product today, 17 years later… and with that we continue to achieve results. The opportunity to sell products through online marketing was running out because ultimately the product was everywhere. The company no longer exists. We got our last check a few months ago – it was $ 89. Our highest check during the third year was $ 24,561.

What is a dirty little secret?

Many network marketing companies succeed quickly because of the hot product, but they do not last because they fail to find new and exciting products as each product enters the mainstream of the market and competition grows.

Does this mean that network marketing is a bad idea for a home business?

It’s a bad idea if you expect someone to provide you with an above average income for life. Yes, there are a few exceptions to the industry. Were we disappointed when the excitement stopped and our group faded? Yes, of course we are. We decided that we would never “do” MLM again. That was 17 years ago.

In the time since we have built a large real estate company that has reached 148 agents.

What happened? The boom that failed in 2008 ended our office. Suddenly no one was buying real estate, but we still had to come in with $ 30,000 a month to pay the bills in that business. We “fed” the business in the hope that the market will change – it hasn’t changed!

Looking back is 20/20.

What have we learned? We have learned that conventional business has more risks and more disadvantages than network marketing.

If you join a company that eventually disappears, you don’t have to spend a ton of desperate money pushing the strings. And of course, you don’t need a lot of money to get started with online marketing.

Of course, we made a lot of money with the real estate office – and we lost a lot of money too! When our MLM business faded, we were still making money until the last check.

Yes, we still sell real estate – but the excitement is long gone … and so, we rethink our years in network marketing – those were the best years of our lives.

What about the people we involved in MLM? Yes, we made relatively good money, but what about our downfall?

You (and we) cannot control everything.

What about the agents we trained who could no longer make money from real estate sales? They found another job. Was it better for them to learn how to sell real estate? We think so. Many still sell real estate. Most are grateful for the education and the relatively easy commissions they received during the boom. They know the crash wasn’t our fault.

As for our old MLM – what happened to them?

80% of online marketing distributors never sponsor more than 2 people and never receive a check. However, our MLM group was an exception to that rule. I’ll tell you why in “Dirty Little Secret About MLM # 2.”

Dirty Little Secret about MLM # 2:

There is one feature about the compensation plan that matters first and foremost.

The online marketing industry promotes endless payment options, cars, registers bonuses and front-end packages at which you will be paid high fees. Forget about all these things and forget the company you are looking for if it does not offer the following features.


This is because the following features build stability in your group and pave the way for your group’s relatively easy (and fun) growth.

Can a product user join for free?

If not, run! MLM “gurus” will tell you to promote “opportunity” (opportunity to make big money from home). That’s putting the cart in front of the horse! The driving factor of any MLM is PRODUCT – and VAST most people who join you will be (initially) primarily (if not completely) interested in getting and using the product.

Do the products have competitive prices?

As you can see from the above paragraph, if the price of the product is “out of school” you will be out of luck as no one will continue to buy a product that has a creepy high price.

Assuming the products are reasonably priced and still need insurance against potential competition.

That “insurance” represents the mouth of your product by using customers. Many users of your products will tell you “I don’t want to work”. However, people like to talk to others about the good things they find. Once they have a friend who is looking for a product, NOTICE I (in most cases) will contact you to get help with their friend’s check-in.

If the company you’re looking for makes it easy for product users to sign up for a friend – and the company will pay for it, you’ll build on a solid foundation.

If the company insists that the users of the product become agents to pay them off, run! However, if a company has a system that allows the product user to overcome the monthly cost of the product by signing up with several friends – this is the basis of a winning combination.

Why? When a product user comes over the monthly cost of the product they use, they are “impenetrable” because all competition is eliminated – they will never find the product elsewhere for free … and some will turn into micro-level builders and a few mega-level builders.

The logic goes like this:

Product User: “If I could get my product for free by signing up with a few product user friends, what would I do if I became a distributor and started treating it like a business?”

We had many people earning $ 300, $ 600, $ 1500 $ 6,000 and more per month who started out as pure product users. The key is to help product users matter to them (because it matters most).

Only better if a product user receives a check (no matter how small) after only one ordering friend signs up – again, this is because 80% of networkers never get a check. The shock for most people is shock (or electronic payment).

How did we sponsor 300 people and create a stable group?

In our previous MLM experience, the above features allowed us to sponsor 300 who have become 10,000 people – the vast majority are product users or small builders. Of the 300 sponsored people, only a handful delivered hard punches.

Dirty Little Secret About MLM # 3:

As you can see, the vast majority of our former group were product users – many who became micro-builders, usually earning $ 300 a month.

What is the third dirty secret in this regard?

The online marketing industry is leading you to go towards your existing online marketers. The problem is that many existing online marketers are victims of the “next great thing” syndrome – they fly like parrots to the next great frost in networking.

Product users come from the general public.

She was NOT looking for a network marketing gig! They don’t know what you’re talking about. On the other hand, 7 out of 10 people on the street (and online) want to know about a hot new product. We (you and I – the general public) are always interested in new new products, right? Were you interested in when the first iPhone came out? We were.

So, here’s how – building your online marketing business by bringing together product users is the way to go. MLMers do NOT do this – they take what they think is the “easy way” – they think they will sponsor “experienced online marketers”.

It is a huge and often repeated mistake. Get started by sponsoring online retailers and you will find a lot of rejection and you will have a hard time building stability.


Life is about taking calculated risks. A business consists of taking calculated risks without risking a lot of money to begin with. Don’t spend money for a while on any company you join. Join for free and check it out. Ask people you know for their opinion. If all is well, take the next step and order the product. If you get results, think about “work.”

The buying factor of network marketing is just that – no low start-up costs. Don’t bet your house. There is no other business model on the planet that offers so much upside for such low investment – and it offers very little downside risk.

Again, we were MAD which is our network marketing company because it didn’t last – but it didn’t even last for our real estate office. Big difference? We KNOW how much money we made net from MLM.

We also knew the pain and financial loss from normal business when the real estate market shifted – it wasn’t pretty. And we didn’t get 3 years to play and do whatever we wanted to do while doing normal work!

What should you do next?

Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 


Source by Scott R. Linden




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