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June is usually the month of weddings, pool parties and other celebrations, such as Father’s Day and preparation for the fourth of July. But as priorities and budget continue to evolve according to the law COVID-19 Pandemic and protests for social justice, these traditional events are likely to look and feel differently.

If you want to participate in these summer activities, you can also find ways to get engaged with your community. And your credit card can help you.

Support your community strategically

Donate your rewards

Donation of money is quite simple. If, say, you have a card like Citi® Double Cash Card is an 18-month BT offeryou will earn 2% back on each purchase: 1% on purchase and 1% on return. Use this card for all your daily expenses, and the cash refund will be monthly. As long as you accrue at least $ 25 in bonuses per billing cycle, you can save it and send it to your chosen organization each month.

Donating miles or points can be a little trickier. Many travel maps offer this option, but for these redemptions the values ​​of the items are usually lower. Also – unlike cold hard cash, you will generally not be eligible to pay taxes for donating credit card points or miles to charity.

Parade Nerd: Keep in mind that if you pay a donation directly to your credit card, the charity can be counted on the convenience of the fee, or you may ask if you want to cover that cost by giving more.

Spend consciously

As businesses reopen across the country, you can support local or minority businesses with your protector to help them recover after COVID-19 closes. While money doesn’t get rewards in the canteen, some credit cards encourage “burning” rewards for taking out or delivering from restaurants.

On September 30, 2020, Holders of Capital One credit cards You can redeem miles to cover things like delivery to a restaurant and takeaway at the cost of a penny per point – the same rate as for shopping trips.

Also through September. 30, Chase Sapphire Reserve® and Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card allow cardholders to redeem items at increased rates for loans for purchases in restaurants (including takeaway and delivery services), grocery stores and home stores.

Plan for future holidays

Father’s Day

Look for opportunities to gain more value when you hunt for a dad’s gift. If possible, double the incentives by studying your own credit card bonus centeror shop through Rakuten, a refund site that represents a wide range of sellers. Either way, you can earn rewards both through your card and online.

If you have a Chase or American Express credit card, you can research once suggestions providing discounts or refunds when shopping with qualified sellers.

Fourth of July

The credit reward can pack extra incentives if you buy a new grill, decorations and food before this fourth of July. Browse your inbox for new offers.

Or see if your credit card issuer has temporarily tweaked their offerings during a pandemic in a way that can benefit your costs.

For example, Discover® Back Cash earns a 5% refund up to $ 1,500 for quarterly expenses in revolving bonus categories (activation required; all other expenses are refunded 1% back). Initially, in the second quarter of 2020, bonus cards were wholesale clubs, gas stations and Uber and Lyft attractions. But only in June, “Discover” also added The Home Depot to the list of categories eligible for a 5% reward.

And as noted above, the two Chase Sapphire cards temporarily stimulated redemption points in home improvement stores.

Practice self-care

To navigate the “new routine” and plan summer events, set aside a few minutes for self-handling of the meditations in question using the “Peace” app. American Express credit cards They are currently offering a free year of Calm Premium and half the subscription fee for next year.

If you have an AmEx credit card, you can still participate in free considerations on the Calm website.


Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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