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Recommendations are nothing new in the world.

Back in the day, villagers would tell their neighbors about the best insidious dice down the street. They said, “Just tell the cockerel my name and he will take care of you.” Trading companies have relied on business from referrals, and now eCommerce stores use this classic method to drive sales.

Forward to the early 2000s, when PayPal adapted this old tactic and brought an update for online businesses. The company paid people to invite friends. In their first year, they had million users by March 2000 and five million by the summer of 2000. This inspired companies like Dropbox to create similar programs.

And the rest is history. Today, retailers rely on referral marketing to find new customers using this tried and true strategy.

Why is referral marketing so successful?

Partly because traders are struggling to gain trust. Actually, 92% of consumers trust the recommendation of a friend or family around the ad.

With almost unlimited amounts of information about products and services, it can be difficult to extract data from fiction. Thus, consumers turn to people they trust for a recommendation. These recommendations often occur naturally, but there are steps traders can take to formalize and influence recommendations.

Every e-commerce expert must have a deep understanding of referral marketing to increase sales and stand out from the competition. After immersing yourself in the details around recommended marketing, so you can start earning more customers today.

What is referral marketing?

Referral marketing is a strategy that encourages current customers to naturally tell others to buy your products or services. Usually marketing is done by word of mouth, textand spontaneously, but there are ways traders can effectively put together a program around recommendations.

For e-commerce merchants, referral marketing is a great way to raise awareness about your product or service. Because there are so many competitors using Best practices for SEO it may not be enough to rank high on search engines. Referral marketing brings traffic to your website and helps increase your rating.

Referral Marketing Vs. Affiliate Marketing

So you know what referral marketing is, but it is often confused with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is when people who sell to customers give artificial recommendations, while marketing recommendations are when an actual customer gives a true recommendation.

Example for affiliate marketing they can be companies that send products provided the recipients of the product write a review. Companies use affiliate marketing to increase the number of reviews, as they represent an important factor to customers when comparing products.

Both marketing methods are effective, but companies usually choose to use one or the other.

Why is referral marketing so powerful?

Referral marketing is the secret of strength that drives some of the most successful startups. Lyft and Airbnb have developed their customer base on strategic reference marketing strategies and as a result are the two most famous startups to date.

1. Precise targeting.

People who refer someone to your company are called clerks. Once you ask your current customers to refer them to someone, they know who to tell and how to convince them that they are buying your product or service better than you are. The reason why recommended marketing is so useful.

As referrals happen more and more often, sometimes a customer constantly asks if their friends or family have a referral code for a particular product or service they want. Bad as accurately as you can get.

2. Confidence factor.

According to Nielsen, people are four times more likely to buy them if a friend recommends them. This fact seems either shocking. Advertisers and marketers are not trusted, and in the age of information it is difficult to establish true and false.

When a friend or family member recommends something, it means they have tried it and had a positive experience with the product or service. People recommend things they hate. In fact, if your company has a bad reputation, people make sure no one buys from you.

You never want to be a person who gives a bad recommendation, harms human nature. The most faithful marketing campaign is, therefore, a referral program.

3. Reaching and accelerating.

Landing page conversion rates are typically around 2-3%, and are implemented if they go well. When visitors reach the referral page, a shocking 14% take action according to Saasquatch.

With recommended marketing campaigns, your reach increases quickly. Current customers need to do the work for you to contact their friends and family to get a boost.

The point of a recommended e-commerce program is to reach out to people and quickly turn them into customers. Because of the nature of this strategy, if implemented correctly, companies see success at the speed at which they are engaged acquiring new customers.

The best recommendation is when a known person or influencer naturally recommends your product or service. If this happens, the range is extensive.

8 Marketing Strategies for E-Commerce

There are many examples SaaS referral marketing programs, but when it comes to that e-commerce companies, There are not that many companies that use this strategy when every online store should invest in this marketing strategy.

These seven examples show different ways to create a referral marketing program.

First Gillette On request

Gillette On Demand service is a delivery of razors, shaving creams and other shaving supplies.

Encourages current customers to share by offering a two-way discount. Two-way discounts are a way to encourage the customer to refer and encourage the person receiving the purchase recommendation.

The landing page gives customers the ability to refer via email, Facebook, and Messenger, giving customers no excuse but sharing.

An example of recommended marketing

Second Hincapie Sportswear

Hincapie is an e-shop for cycling clothing designed for customers for riders.

The referral offer provided by Hincapie Sportswear is unique to the company itself, which can lead to greater engagement as it creates a more targeted incentive. Hincapie offers a custom cycling jersey if your friend or family member spends a certain amount of money. Customization is a great gift to offer because it provides a unique and unique to your customers. Really thanks the customer for the recommendation.

They also have an ambassadorial program that connects cyclists across the United States who use their equipment and share their love for it.

An example of a Hincapie marketing recommendation

Third Merge dashes

Hyphen Sleep is an e-commerce sleep solution company that sells everything from mattresses to bed storage bases.

Hyphen Sleep stays true to its brand from this referral program landing page. The copy here is interesting, casual and fun. When you read it, you feel like you are sincerely grateful for what you will instruct.

Hiphen calls those who refer people to their mattresses an ambassador, which is a unique way to use a referral campaign. By inviting ambassador clients, establishing a fine line between affiliate marketing and referral marketing.

Marketing recommendations for the dash

4th Pink lily

Pink Lily is an online boutique that sells women’s clothing. The Pink Lily website features an entire page dedicated to their program called Pink Perks.

They use a marketing recommendation by allowing customers to give friends a $ 10 discount on their first purchase. Once a friend makes a purchase, the person who made the recommendation can also get a $ 10 discount.

Pink Lily marketing recommendation

5th CBDistillery

CBDistillery has a loyalty program with the “refer a friend” incentive. Referrers can give a $ 10 discount on a first order of $ 75 + in exchange for 50 points. Every 50 points earned represents a $ 5 discount. This encourages insiders to send more recommendations.

CBD recommendation for distillation

6th Postmates

Postmen is a food delivery service that provides a $ 25 credit each time a friend logs in with a customer referral code. In the food delivery business, customers jump between different apps asking for discounts.

It encourages people to stick to Postmedia and share love with others. That discount goes a long way with food delivery. In addition, they allow you to enter all email addresses straight on the screen so they are easy to share and be rewarded.

Marketing recommendation

How do you conduct referral marketing?

Implementing a referral program may seem a natural benefit to certain industries, especially retail. But they are not the only ones who can use this targeted marketing campaign. A referral program is a cheap investment that can help you reach better potential customers and dedicated customers.

To best prepare yourself and your launch team, it is crucial to plan ahead. Before you decide to jump headfirst to a referral program, you need to do your competitive research. Does any of the main competitors offer you? See what they offer and where you use your brand to exceed your existing standard. Try to invent a wheel if it goes off, it already works.

Success ensures that these best practices for the implementation of the referral program lay the foundation for success.

1. Select an incentive.

There are many different types of rewards that you can use to successfully refer to your business. You may need a testing period in which to experiment with different rewards, or you may know the bat you want to move forward with. Whatever the incentive, recommend a referral link to the clerks so they can easily share the incentive with their friends.


The most obvious reward is simply donating money in exchange for a recommendation. This should come without the need for existing customers to make an additional purchase.

Ordinary old cash, however, does not encourage people to buy more in your store. Instead, offer a gift card to your e-commerce store with money on it to help customers come back and maybe even spend more.


If the user performs certain actions or refers to customers, he gets a certain number of points. These points can be used for discounts, free gifts, experiences or any combination. The point system allows for greater flexibility in redemption methods.

Customers have spent usage points multiple times – saving money for your business as well.


A popular incentive program is an incentive to offer discounts both ways. For example, if customer A refers to customer B, customer B will receive $ X from the first purchase, and customer A will receive the same $ X from the next purchase after B deposits his. Both sides will feel like they are helping a friend.

Offering a discount often encourages customers to leave faster because they are getting a discount, and someone else depends on their purchase and for the discount.

Free gift

Another incentive could be to provide a free gift, for example, to customers – samples. The more exclusive the product, the better. After all, they should feel like a special partner after they get a friend to buy you.

Free gifts are a great way to get your customers attached to a product. It allows them to try something new, and they may buy them in the future if they enjoy their free gift.

E-commerce cosmetic stores use free gifts as part of the recommended program and other parts of their marketing strategy.


Offer experience as a reward for a number of recommendations. The higher the number of recommendations, the more prestigious the gift can be. Find an experience that resonates with customers, such as a personalized class, and offer it.

This is a great tactic to use on Instagram, because if the experience is good, your loyal customers will recommend your products to others and share them on social media so they get more recommendations.


Do you have any of the above in mind? Go ahead and run with it. The more unique the offer, the better. Just make sure it can be transmitted and something that consumers want.

The biggest thing to consider when choosing your incentive is simply to know that if it resonates with your audience, they have very little luck. You can review your audience and find out which awards would motivate them. The better you know your audience, the better you can design your program, the more success you can see.

2. Determine when you need to introduce your incentive program.

Once you’ve created difficulties with your program and you’re ready to run live, you need to spread the word by creating content around it. Simply put, a referral program is just another marketing campaign, so if you’re promoting it, don’t work for you.

Making an email marketing campaign simple interest for your engaged customers. Create a simple email with an enticing headline, like “Did you hear the news?” Explain the program briefly and direct traffic to your landing page. Your repeat customers are probably already spreading the word about you to their friends, so make sure they can get rewards for it as well.

Be sure to promote it both through social platforms and on the website. Pop-ups can be used to convert occasional customers into conversions. Your employees should also know the program well and spread it to their networks.

3. Follow the recommendations.

If you follow how it works, then none of that matters. Track your data to determine how well your program integrates into the user base. Are there areas for improvement? Were consumers slow to adapt? Find out where you can improve and move forward. Examine your customers and see where they think you can improve.

Poor forget to thank your customers. If the referral program is done properly, your customers do a lot of work for you. Give them well-deserved rewards and invite those who have achieved the best results. Happy customers can lead to a growing customer list.

Using recommended marketing tools

Implementing your recommended program will be easier if you have the proper tools to simplify the process. Identify flaws in your marketing technology package and consider adding software marketing recommendations, Also called customer representation software, the recommended marketing software contains features that help companies create and manage referral programs, monitor interactions and activities, and personalize communication efforts.

According to G2 in the spring of 2020 Grid® Report, the first three software solutions within the user advocacy category are:

  1. swagbucks
  2. Influitive
  3. Yotpo

In addition, a marketing automation tool can come in handy when launch promotion your new program.


A marketing recommendation is one of the key keys to the success of e-commerce companies because people trust family and friends exponentially rather than retailers. Through the right incentives, you can achieve precise targeting and reach a large number of customers. If done correctly, recommended marketing will translate your e-commerce, help drive sales, and raise awareness about your product or service.

Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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