Miva Premium Cloud Commerce

What they wanted

Xtreme Diesel Performance wanted a cloud ecommerce solution that reflects the originality and passion of the brand and its community, through the world-class high-performance car experience.

What we built

Miva has partnered with XDP to design an absolutely immersiv online shopping experience to revolutionize the B2B shopping experience with highly interactive search, personalized account pricing and a rich, cloud-centric community content hub.

Why it matters

The next-level shopping experience is the way to go for wholesalers and sellers looking to compete with Amazon. A high-end user interface loaded with relevant community building products and content information is critical to the continued loyalty, trust and rapid growth of CLV.

Miva burns top ecommerce solutions for innovative business brands.

Miva directly connects XDP with its community and customers. By providing a shopping cart and cloud hosting site, this total ecommerce solution is the most cost effective way to provide great service in the world.

All Miva customers benefit from world-class solutions and host cart functionality. Get to know your solution today.

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