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Is travel enough as much as us? Some of our favorite memories and perks lie in the clouds.

And before someone calls you back on a flight that absolutely nothing can be missed (medium seats, long lines, safety issues, etc.), think that maybe you did it wrong. If you suffer from every flight because you thought the nice aspects of air travel come only with the most expensive tickets, the good news is: Some of the best discounts for flyers have nothing to do with having to spend a lot on airfare.

Look in your wallet for the many high benefits that your credit cards offer. Be free Clear or TSA before voting, access to vacations at airports or before boarding flights, flying can be fun, even if you spend a ton.

This guide gives you right on the doorstep some of the most enjoyable aspects of flying.

Lies before the flight

If you are presented with a holiday experience, you are out of luck. Hall at Centurion House These airport lounges have recipes for popular food items and cocktails. The recipes use ingredients that you already have at home to cook dishes similar to the popular guacamole chef dean Fearing.

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During the flight food

Credit in the photo: Cathay Pacific

The drink was developed in collaboration with the Hong Kong Bartenders Association, and now that the airline has shrunk, the airline wants to remind its passengers of one of the famous benefits. To go with it, insert the microwave ramiekin with nuts to enjoy this most important snack in flight in the same way as in American and Delta airlines.

Forget what you know (or think you know) about food by plane. For travelers sitting on the pointed end of an airplane, this is often much more appealing. United Airlines believes so and even published a cookbook of his favorite recipes from business class Polaris.

Credits: United Shop

It contains 40 recipes, including chefs Project Trotter. Grab a cocktail, dim the lights, and enjoy one of these dishes on a tray while watching a movie (or one of hundreds of videos from a “trip report” or “flight report” uploaded by travelers documenting a flight service on YouTube). As you like stay in Polaris without finding affordability and savings MileagePlus miles diverging to one of numerous airline credit cards.

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Delta may have introduced Biscoff cookies to the US. airline passenger, but many domestic airlines now serve them. These popular European cookies are available in many grocery stores and online. When you order before the end Delta Bishop’s own storeyou can earn 1 SkyMile for a dollar spent.

United brought Dutch slinger (15% discount when using coupon code FLYAWAY15) in the US Attention of airline passengers, but the American also got rid of these delicious treats. Unfortunately, JetBlue gets credit for his signature Terra Chips, which he serves on flights. Both snacks, which, with many frequent flyers, can transport you from home to another area with each snack.

As airlines see fewer and fewer passengers, their perishable snacks and meals will be wasted. Many airlines donate their food to banks where possible. You can buy them from similar suppliers Imperfect foodwhere the airline’s usual price is sold, like plates of cheese and discounted snacks.

High comfort and style

The music on boarding the airline can put you in a good mood for travel, even if you’re riding in a chair. American Airlines releases music on board – usually a collection of indie rock bands and new artists Spotify and Apple Music. The playlist changes monthly.

If you want to have a business-style airline dinner, good luck: many airlines sell the same services used in their aircraft. Delta sells some of its in-flight items, including old planes and service carts flight museum in Atlanta. Keep an eye out for their frequent sales if interested.

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Forget forgetting to watch one of the many popular airline security videos that have been uploaded to YouTube before digging into food in China. Air New Zealand has a web page If you want to read it aloud, a current video on security as well as a full transcript.

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The Lufthansa WorldShop sells all kinds of accessories under the brand of airlines, including a coffee table created from the wing of the aircraft. Austrian Jetshop has many aircraft models, vintage logos and coffee cups.

Air France has Online store selling souvenirs with logos, travel and clothing. Why not dress like a pilot while at home? These TAP Air Portugal notebooks and stationery can also help satisfy the urge to travel.

United sells bed linen at Polaris Business Class. Fifth Sachs Avenue pillows and blankets apparently so luxurious that the airlines had to issue passengers a polite reminder not to steal them from the plane. The airline provided a link to its online store so passengers could purchase them.

Credits: United Shop

And if you plan to cook dishes from the airline’s cookbook, you can also order yourself branded apron go with him.

Many sites also sell travel reminders. Airport known to everyone: from t-shirts to pillowcases with airport codes or gifts that match the boarding passes we would all like to have. Pilot Center aimed at pilots, but has memorable models and gifts that will appeal to everyone.

How to maximize your rewards

You want to travel with a credit card that prioritizes the ones that matter most to you. Here are our choices for the best road credit cards of 2020, including the best for:


Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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