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Every customer prefers to deal with their favorite brands in different ways.

In fact, almost half (41%) consumers prefer to receive brand messages directly via SMS, while over 24% you want to be engaged through both text and email.

To satisfy their customers, brands need to be where their customers are most and they need to communicate with them through the channels they prefer – including SMS and email.

B.y taking advantage of the unique advantages of each channel, email and SMS complement each other and become even more powerful. To maximize success – and generate incremental revenue – brands must build sophisticated marketing strategies for each channel.

We present ours Tools for collecting dual SMS and e-mail subscribers, built to allow brands to collect both mobile phone numbers and email addresses in one attractive touch point. With this feature, brands allow their customers to subscribe to channels of their choice – increasing engagement, increasing reach, and increasing return on investment.

Scale the subscriber growth strategy at one point of contact

For D2C brands looking to build comprehensive marketing programs, starting with a collective approach in first customer engagement is crucial.

By generating subscribers via SMS and email at a single point of contact, brands empower their customers to engage in the way they want – and in turn, brands are rapidly increasing their audiences across different channels.

Subscription forms via SMS and email

Create an eye-catching pop-up at various points of contact with a double subscription form directly inside SMSBump from Yotpo a platform that invites customers to subscribe to receive one or both of your SMS and communication via email channels. Brands using these forms on average see a 5% + increase in subscriber billing conversion rate.

SMS and email double-tap the subscription flow

Create a friction-free mobile experience with a double-tap subscription flow that allows the brand to use an SMS pop-up and message to generate even more subscribers. Once a customer is approved to receive your texts, send a follow-up message asking the user to subscribe to your email list as well – allowing your brand to reach and convert more customers.

Make custom customer trips that convert

In order to attract new customers and existing customers, brands must take advantage of the inappropriate experience of gathering subscribers at all their points of contact. With our dual subscriber collection tools, your brand must make a compromise in the way of the customer; instead, ensure that your customers can engage – and convert – on their own terms.

How to start?

To enable subscription collection via email, simply go to Subscriber Growth Tools, select Subscription Forms, and use “Additional fields” section to add an email application and set the desired subscriber collection flow. Take a look at ours Help Center article to learn more.

All collected email addresses will be included directly with your email provider through our email marketing integrations.

Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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