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So what really is credibility is branding. The “definition” is; creating and leveraging a point of credibility inside and outside the company to accelerate sales speed. Credibility branding really tends to change the company’s bottom line culture and part of that is a different mindset. Part of what branding credentials do is the tools and models to customize your organization’s vision. It simply allows you to think about things in a different way. Credibility branding services also provide new research models, one simple example of this is the examination of editorial content.

Do you know how many companies do not research what the editorial community says? Companies do extensive research on the financial aspects of the market, which is really important and must be done; about the set of characteristics of their product and the comparison with their competition, which is really important and must be done; and they completely forget about positioning. The positioning part is perception, and perception is reality. Unless you create a perception that matches the market opportunity, you will not win anyone, including the editorial community.

Publications, bloggers, outlets; The content generated by these companies and individuals is a gold mine in perspective and perception. Publications only make money if there is circulation and readership. Why would you care about that? Well, they deliver content that readers care about. They are a barometer in terms of what’s important to your customer. So, by reading and browsing this content you can refine a lot of top market research right in front of your nose. Talking to editors and analysts is another way to gather this information. They talk to your competitors and your customers, they have a unique understanding. Talk to them; you may not need to reinvent the positioning wheel.

Research beyond characteristics and finance may also include examining competitive positioning. Browse the website, press releases, sales materials, editorials, speakers, awards, etc. By reviewing these materials in the public domain, you will gain unique insights regarding the positioning of your competitors. Here are some other questions to ask when reviewing this article:

o How do your competitors position themselves in press releases?

o How does the editorial community accept this positioning?

o Are they having an impact on the ship?

o Who are these influences?

o What do they say about them and the market?

what are they talking about and where are they talking about?

o What makes it different from what you do?

o Who seems to be channeling its message?

o Is it middle management, are end users customers, are they C-level directors, is it a channel?

Conducting this type of research beyond the traditional linear approach and insight into messaging and positioning capabilities is an important process that is often missed. Consultations like mine can take on this type of project. It’s one of those things that is hard to get inside; though very important, it often returns a burn to what seems more immediate. A credibility branding system would elevate this research to a higher level and conduct a diagnostic audit. Content research is only one part, interviewing key constituents directly to find out the most relevant information about your company, its business practices, market opportunities and positioning.

Understanding messaging and positioning allows companies to focus on influences that will adapt to it. Using these influential members who have already established market credibility ensures instant recognition and your enhanced market credibility. Enhanced credibility allows your customers to get on the plane faster.

Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 


by Jennifer McLean




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