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Did you get a number of old rolled toilet tubes in the corner of the bathroom? People with good money actually pay for those …

sell toilet roll pipes

Credit: WAYHOME Studio (foreground), Alex SG (Background) – Prison

Usually the look of the toilet roll Ready You were filled with wandering despair (and rage for the one who the hero intended to purchase the next batch). But what if reaching the end of the cycle became a sign of having money?

Whether you want it or not, your laziness to get rid of cardboard pipes can cause you to pay a lot of time. intelligence EBay sellers take to the auction site to simply place their cardboard cylindrical tubes, and earn a surprisingly decent AMOUNT of cash in exchange.

Show how many people sell toilet roll pipes, and more importantly which people actually pay for them?

How much money can you make from empty toilet rolls?

screenshot of rolled toilet tubes on ebay

Looking to sell blank toilet roll paper? As quirky as it seems, buyers are more than eager to pick up these cardboard tubes. Whether it’s for arts and crafts, gardening, making bird feeders or using toys for furry pets, they make a lot of use.

While I’ve seen one salesman slap a box of 800 tubes that racked in £ 48.00 £ 22.00 plus P&P (look, I’m not kidding), others – a little more realistically – are sellers profiting in Are Around 10p per tube.

Although you don’t necessarily have to become a millionaire this way of doing any The money for what you are most likely to collect is still worth it.

All you need a modest doctor – is a quick photo, publish a list eBay and humiliate them in the mail. When they sell – easy!

And if you want to reach a wide audience, you can try selling them on Facebook, selling groups Gamtra too.

Tips for selling toilet roll pipes

toilet roll with a smiling face

Credit: Tanafat Somvangsakul Prison

Here are some top tips to make money selling toilet roll pipes:

  1. We sell several tubes of rolled balls – Collect as many as you can in a few months and sell the batches in one package. The list looks much more appealing when mountains are offered here, not just a few, and people seem to be looking to say goodbye to cash for more.
  2. Offer free (or very cheap) mail and packaging – Asking for £ 22 P&P is setting itself up for failure. Around ask local stores for decent (free) cardboard boxes to ship them and pack neatly! Elegant collections reach higher values. Try adding postage to your set price so you can offer it for free – it will look much more enticing to buyers.
  3. Collect empty tubes of rolled toiletries as household – Will eoneone from birth make its “special” way to make empty roller ball tubes, why not do it all together? Try to clean everyone for a few pounds, buy toilet paper in bulk (be careful supermarket offersBut like sites have 36 packs for just £ 5.75), then use the money you earn on eBaying from the tubes to pay for the next round of bulky toilet paper.
  4. Ask fog roll toilets at others – Your neighbors will be throwing out these pipes every day, so ask them if they will kindly donate your entrepreneurial efforts to help you raise the number.

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Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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