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profit from ratesNow I am by no means a gambler. But I earned enough money from bookmakers in just six months to pay £ 860 (return) for a flight to Australia using the appropriate rates. And I also have a company, after a good acquaintance with this risk-free technique.

The result is this guide where I will also share with you the exact steps, including screenshots and a free forum tool.

Why should I trust this guide?

What I am teaching you here completely legal, a proven method called “matched rates”. Combined bets basically allow you to turn tables into bookmakers to get their free offers.student thinking

Betting on matches is legal, and a representative of William Hill showed that the bookmakers have no problems with the use of free bets – Wikipedia

I used it myself for a few years and never lost money doing it, but I wasted my time and was very careful to avoid mistakes.

Take your time with this guide – make sure you understand everything 100% before submitting any money, and please ask any questions in the comments if you know nothing.

I’ll walk you through the “need to know” and then show you how I did it £ 12.64 in 20 minutes in a full-fledged example.

an article on betting in The Guardian

A piece The Guardian to make money from free bets

Positive comments

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What are betting matches?

Match betting is a method that mathematically guarantees the return on free promotions offered by bookmakers. Virtually all bookmakers advertise these offers to attract new customers to bet with them.

For example, “try £ 25 with us and we’ll give you a free bet of £ 25!”

free bets that match the bets

How does the matched bid work?

First, you don’t need to know all the betting terminology when you follow these steps, but it’s important that you know the two types of bets that allow you to fit compatible bets:

Bet on the reverse

Betting for a definite result will come true Eg. “I mean, England will win” is support. If this comes true, you get a bet and a win. If England lose or draw, you will lose your share. You can bet back at any bookmaker such as Paddy Power, William Hill, Ladbrokes, etc.

“Bet” bet

Betting against a definite result will come true. Eg. “Probably England won’t win.” If they lose or draw, you win the bet. You can only bet on trades such as Betfair.

Linked bets work by eliminating the risk of reverse betting in online bookmakers by betting against yourself with equal chances (know as “betting” bets) that you can make on a betting exchange. In other words, you “match” your bet.

smileyAfter your first or “qualifying” real money bet, you will receive a free bet from the bookmaker. Here is the profit. Simply put, you repeat the process: place a bet using a free bet and then place a bet. Whatever the outcome, you are guaranteed to make a profit (which I will demonstrate below).

How much profit can I get?

For each relevant bet you will be given 95% of the free bet amount as profit. This is because stock exchange rates typically charge a commission of 5%. You can also make a very small loss in the qualifying bet due to the slight odds difference on each site. This is normal and you will pay for it by using a free bet.

pound_checksIn the following steps I will show you how to profit from a free bet of £ 20 using a real life example. Repeat the same steps in hundreds of free betting offers each year and you can quickly see £ 1,000.

And it should be noted that the profits from gambling are now up to date without taxes.

What is the risk?

question markAnyone can learn how to bet on similarities, and, theoretically, the risks are unrelated because you cover yourself up by betting on the same event.

However, the risk comes when mistakes are made, you need to double check everything again and follow the steps exactly. In rare cases, free bets don’t always happen right away, so just get sick.

Once you understand the process and succeed by following these steps, you can continue to compare bets on many other online bookmakers with free betting offers (see my table at the end), which can quickly bring in a lot of money without risk. .

You should also know that depositing on gambling sites no affects your credit rating.

7 steps to profit from rates

note: It’s literally step by step, holding your hand. On forums, etc. there is a lot of fragmentary information that often leads to big mistakes for beginners. Below I clearly outline the following steps using a practical example of one free bet with Coral. As long as you follow the word, you can’t go wrong. I strongly suggest reading all the first steps before betting. You will also find a work computer much easier than on a mobile phone!

  1. Open up Betfair exchange account

    The Betfair logo is whiteBetfair is exchange rates where you can “pledge” bets to take away risk at bookmakers.

    Unlike traditional bookmakers, Betfair is a place where you bet against other people.

    They even sometimes offer free bets for new customers (if lucky).

    Register on

    See blank pages? Disable ad blocking plugins when matching rates!

  2. Open up Coral account

    Free betTo date, the best offer is Coral, which offers £ 20 free bets on new subscriptions if you are betting just £ 5 (don’t worry, we’ll approach that too). So we will use this “bookmaker” in this practical example.

    Always check the full T-C and get free offers. There may be some restrictions on what you can bet on, or the expiration date.

    18+ and only in the UK. Minimum first bet £ 5. Must be placed within 14 days of account registration. £ 20 counts as 4 x £ 5 free bets. Does not work with CashOut. The free bet is valid for 4 days. Apply T&C.

    You will be asked to make a deposit during registration. Choose from a variety of payment methods and make only £ 5 (required to unlock a free bet).

    Register on

  3. Use decimal odds

    Once you have entered something, Change the odds display from fractions to decimals for easy comparison with Betfair. You can do this by following the link in the top menu throughout the site. This is important!
    Choose decimal odds

  4. Find and place your qualifying bet

    Ideally you want to find a sports bet (I recommend football) that has the best chance of both (bet back) and (secular rate).

    The odds on Betfair are red boxes, not blue ones. If you don’t see any red boxes, you need to go to the exchange by clicking on the top left link. “Go for an exchange“or”Exchange“.

    Betfair exchange

    For this free offer on Coral terms you must specify a selection factor of 1.5 or more. It is best to choose a bet with a low chance of this step, if possible between 1.5 and 4.0.

    See my example below, then use the Oddsmatcher tool that does it all for you!

    My example

    I used Oddsmatcher below, which offered a football match between Liverpool and Sevilla, and so I went to find this game at Coral and Batfer (we want to market the “Match Result” at “Coral” and “Match Odds” at Betfair).

    I will return to Liverpool to win at with odds of 2.25 and place the same bet on with odds of 2.36.
    Choice of chances

    In my betting example, the difference is 0.11, which Oddsmatcher calculates, which brings me a small acceptable loss of 37p from that qualifying bet.

    Here are my total bets on both sites for my qualifying bet:

    Betslips bet match

    Forum tool (qualifying bet)

    Use the Oddsmatcher tool below. This will save a lot of time and maximize your profits.

    He gets live odds from Coral and finds equivalent odds on Betfair for thousands of upcoming football matches.

    The hardest part is also done for you, which is to count the best matches of your qualifying bet based on the nearest possible odds and the lowest losses. Feel free to switch between them, and the steps and calculations will be updated (below the table).

    Just click the blue refresh icon to start and then follow the 4 steps.

Mobile users: The widget may not work properly. If possible, use a desktop or click here to open a widget in a new window.

Get instant bonus tips and more free bets:

  1. Apply for a free bet

    In my game “Liverpool vs. Sevilla” Sevilla won 3-1. So my profit of £ 4.87 (“Baker’s share”) ended up at Betfair, which after commission is £ 4.63. I later lost a £ 5 bet with Coral.

    The total amount between the accounts is thus 37p, calculated by Oddsmatcher.

    As I have already posted a qualifying bet of £ 5, I now have a free bet of £ 20!

    My Betfair account is £ 14.63 (my initial deposit is £ 10 + £ 4.63).

    So, regardless of the results, because you matched the rates, you will have to close your initial deposits between the two sites (minus the small loss we expected).

    Free bets of £ 20 will be credited to your Coral account.

  2. Find and place a new bet

    We will basically repeat the process in stage 4, but using a free bet of £ 20 instead of £ 5.

    Free bets of £ 20 will usually be received in the form of free bets of £ 4 x 5, so just place them in the same case as the individual bets.

    This time you should pick up the odds of more than 3.0 to get the most out of it, but just keep in mind that the higher you need to have in your Betfair account (see the amount of “liability” in the tool below).

    My example

    I used the next step of “Selection” (built below), which offered a football match between “Crystal Palace” and “Manchester United”. The odds are above 3.0 and have only a 0.2 difference between the sites.

    Below you will see that I support the draw Coral (3.5 odds) and then I bet that bet no happen) in Betfair (3.7 chances).

    Choice of odds again

    At Betfair I already have £ 14.63 left from the first bet, so I deposited £ 23 to cover more than my estimated liability (only £ 37.63).

    Here are my free bets on both sites (I placed 4 identical bets on Coral as they split my £ 20 free on 4 x £ 5 bets):

    Bidding on bets using a free bid

    The lowest chance is calculated that I will bring an obvious profit £ 13.01whatever happens. Nice :)

    Forum tool (free bet)

    Just click the blue refresh icon to start and then follow the 3 steps.

    Once again feel free to switch between matches in the table and the calculations will be updated.

    Mobile users: The widget may not work properly. If possible, use a desktop or click here to open a widget in a new window.

  3. Withdraw profits

    Whatever the results, you will now benefit from the amount calculated in the forum. Now it’s time to make money!

    In my example game Crystal Place v Man Utd, the score ended in a draw 1-1. That means my coral pound of £ 20 won (because I supported the draw), resulting in a reward of £ 50. I later lost £ 36.99 on Betfair.

    So £ 50 (win) is £ 36.99 (liability) = £ 13.01. This is exactly the amount of profit calculated for me by the addressee.

    My profit from betting

    My total income from both matched bets which is a 37p loss from my 5 pound qualifying bet £ 12.64. The whole process took me just under 20 minutes, which gave me an hourly rate of £ 37.92 when I switched to countless other free bets (better listed below). Beats stacking shelves …

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match the rates

If you are confident enough in the betting process and are willing to get the maximum profit, process the free offers on the tables in the table below (ordered by ease).

The same key steps that are given above are still valid and I have written a mini-guide for each of them. All offers 18+. Always check for complete trends and requirements.

Frequently asked questions about rates

Are the rates legal?

In the UK the rates are quite appropriate. Use the breakthrough between exchanges and bookmakers, but neither of them will lose, as neither support nor placement elsewhere has any effect on the results of your compatible bet.

Some believe the match rate is illegal because it’s too good to be true. But concluded legally (provided you are consistently over 18)!

How can I track my bets?

You can subscribe here for information on the great software we are going to run to track all your relevant bets!

How to find more free bets?

Bookmakers also offer current customers free bets and bonuses called “reload offers”. They are designed to keep customers coming back to them.

There are also additional offers that come and go. I check them daily, but still add them to this page as it gets even bigger!

To get the latest offers, just subscribe to my email list here he is or watch relevant sites for betting.

Why does Betfair assume my bet was “Unmatched” or “Partially Matched”?

What it means:

An unmatched (or partially matched) bet on Betfair basically means that the “suggested” bet for the bet has enough money backed up to cover you in full.

How to avoid this:

Despite the rather rare scenario, however, one should consider how much money is available for any odds / prices by looking at the lower decimal odds of £ XXX (in pink boxes). You may need to click the “View entire market” button to see this:

unbeatable rate

The amount of money shown must exceed the “Baker’s Share” figure you deposit into the coupon, otherwise it will be fully matched. Generally you want the figure to be a lot above (ideally over a few hundred pounds) just to give you a nice pillow.

You also need to be quick in placing a bet, as the amount available may change in the time it takes to confirm the bet (especially if the event starts soon).

If the amount displayed is less than required:

You can either switch to another event / bet (recommended) or choose the odds to the right at a higher price and update your calculations.

If the whole bet does not match:

This is the message you will receive after placing a bet if you have any money.

First, it is important that you cancel this bet immediately, otherwise it may still be (partially) the same!

Then go back to the events page and select the different odds for which there is enough money, which will update the calculations (calculator here).

If the rate partially matches:

In this case, you have no choice but to keep a partially matching bet, and you will need to match the rest at the next available odds (check enough money this time!).

It is important to cancel the fixed part of the bet if it matches later without your knowledge.

If you match the full amount, you cancel the betting risk with the bookmaker and may lose money. Increasing the odds will have minimal impact on your overall income.

The bottom line is to make sure you bet on full liability at Betfair to cancel the risk when betting at the bookmaker.

Can I enter my own numbers in the calculator tool?

Yes, you can click on the settings icon (top right) to change the bid / share, no refund / commission amount.

Для больш прасунутага выкарыстання або проста пагуляць з вынікамі скарыстайцеся нашымі Калькулятар ставак. Вы таксама можаце дабрацца да яго праз выпадальны інструмент.

Я мяркую, што большасць людзей хоча атрымаць максімальную суму бясплатнай стаўкі, таму па змаўчанні мы аўтаматычна ўсталёўваем сумы стаўкі і г.д. для кожнага букмекера.

Як працуе прапанова па вяртанні ставак?

Вы заўважылі, што некаторыя акцыі вяртаюць вашу кваліфікацыйную стаўку, калі яна прайграе (“без рызыкі”), а не прадастаўляючы вам бясплатную стаўку пасля складання кваліфікацыйнай стаўкі.

Разлікі крыху розныя, таму карыстайцеся нашай спецыяльнасцю калькулятар вяртання ставак.

Большасць грашовых сродкаў вяртаецца ў выглядзе бясплатнай стаўкі SNR, але часам гэта можа быць прадастаўлена ў якасці грашовых сродкаў. Для кожнага патрэбна свая стратэгія, якая далей разглядаецца ніжэй.

Вяртанне грошай

Калькулятар просты ў выкарыстанні: увядзіце долю стаўкі, шанцы на зваротную / пракладку, як звычайна, і поўнае значэнне вяртання ў полі «Сума вяртання».

Бясплатнае вяртанне ставак

Тут ідэя закласці менш на біржах, чым звычайна, калі б нам было што выйграць, калі стаўкі на букмекеры прайграюць (г.зн. бясплатная стаўка).

Калі ён выйграе, гэта зроблена. Калі ён прайграе, нам трэба выкарыстоўваць бясплатную стаўку для кампенсацыі нашых страт. У любым выпадку прыносіць практычна аднолькавы прыбытак.

Звычайна мы можам атрымаць 70-75% кошту бясплатнай стаўкі наяўнымі і таму загадзя адрэгулявалі суму вяртання ў калькулятары да 70%.

Ці магу я зарэгістраваць некалькі ўліковых запісаў?

Не, ядуць, робяць гэта. Букмекеры ў наш час вельмі строгія і забараняюць вам, калі яны падазраюць, што вы гэта робіце.

Яны прыйшлі, каб праверыць ваш IP, кукі, імя, адрас і рэквізіты аплаты па меншай меры. На рэальныя тэрміны праверце іх сайт.

Ці атрымліваюць бясплатныя стаўкі дзеючым карыстальнікам?

Так. У той час як бясплатныя стаўкі, пералічаныя на гэтай старонцы, прызначаны толькі для новых карыстальнікаў, кожны час букмекеры пасылаюць вам больш бясплатных ставак (“перазагрузіць прапановы”), асабліва калі вы некаторы час не былі на іх сайце ці вялікім спартыўным мерапрыемстве. знаходзіцца на гарызонце.

У мяне ёсць асобная тэчка электроннай пошты для букмекераў і разглядаю іх рэкламныя акцыі раз у некалькі дзён.

Далучайцеся да майго спісу каб атрымаць гэтыя прапановы для перазагрузкі кожны тыдзень тут.

Прапанова букмекера адрозніваецца ад прапанаванага ў даведніку. Дапамажыце?

Яны могуць мяняцца кожны так часта, проста адрэгуляваць фігуры, націснуўшы кнопку наладкі ў інструменце (уверсе справа). Разлікі будуць абноўлены для вас.

Для большай гнуткасці скарыстайцеся Кіраўнік калькулятар.

О, і калі ласка дай мне крычаць абнавіць кіраўніцтва.

Я атрымаў бясплатную стаўку. Што я раблю?

Спачатку праверце ўмовы на сайце букмекера. Калі вы лічыце, што сачылі, ім трэба звярнуцца ў службу падтрымкі (з рэквізітамі вашага ўліковага запісу).

Ці адаб’юцца стаўкі на мой крэдытны рэйтынг?

Не патрабуецца, бо букмекеры пераходзяць на правядзенне крэдытных праверак

У маёй крэдытнай справаздачы нічога ніколі не было. У той час як букмекерскія канторы часам могуць правесці на вас крэдытную рэгістрацыю (рэдка), яна запісваецца і не ўплывае на ваш агульны кошт.

Калі вы хочаце праверыць свой крэдытны бал у любы момант, вы можаце зрабіць гэта бясплатна (глядзіце наш гід).

Як я магу закласці акумулятары?

Калі вы шукаеце, каб звольніць стаўкі акумулятара, здавалася, трэба гэтая табліца.

Выбірайце падзеі, якія ёсць прынамсі паўгадзіны паасобку, таму што ідзе закладка кожнай падборкі па адной стаўцы адначасова, у залежнасці ад вынікаў папярэдняга этапу.

Ідэя заключаецца ў тым, што калі якая-небудзь нага на акумулятарнай стаўцы прайграе, вы перастаеце класці на Betfair. Калі ён выйграе, вы працягвайце ісці.

  1. Калі ласка, увядзіце сваю стаўку ў букмекерскай канторы ў раздзеле “Назад”.
  2. У раздзеле “Множны тып” выберыце, які менавіта стаўка (напрыклад, высокая, чатырохкратная і г.д.).
  3. У клеткі ад E4 да E6 увядзіце апісанне кожнай ногі на стаўцы акумулятара – у ідэале ў храналагічным парадку. (Дык вы блытаеце сябе!)
  4. Увядзіце шанцы букмекера для кожнага выбару ў вочкі F4 да F6.
  5. Калі ласка, увядзіце шанцы абмену ў клетках G4 да G6.
  6. Калі ласка, увядзіце камісію за адкладанне ў клеткі ад I4 да I6.

Неабходны ўклад для першага этапа будзе паказаны ў вочку К4. Калі ён прайграе (на баку букмекера), зрабі. Калі ён выйграе, працягвайце звальняць другую нагу, як разлічваецца ў К5.

Працягвайце хадзіць на нагу з боку букмекерскага кантора, і памятайце, каб класці, як раяць паміж кожнай нагой. Забыць ляжаць паміж ног (нават толькі адзін раз) можа быць вельмі дарагі памылкай!

Як паведаміць пра няправільную інфармацыю або пра памылкі?

Для ўсяго іншага, калі ласка, выкарыстоўвайце каментары ніжэй, і я вярнуся да вас.

Адмова ад адказнасці: Звярніце ўвагу, што ні аўтар, ні вэб-сайт не нясуць ніякай адказнасці за выкарыстанне парад, прыведзеных на гэтай старонцы. Таму ўважліва прачытайце яго, і калі вы вырашыце прытрымлівацца адпаведным этапам ставак, тады вы карыстаецеся на свой страх і рызыку!

гульнявая гульня азартныя гульні

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