Your ecommerce site is your medium for connecting with your audience. Therefore, it must be perfect and professionally designed to give the user the best experience. The rate of your conversion success depends on the structure of your site and the overall performance it provides. You must plan accordingly to achieve the results of your efforts, because if you plan to fail, then you fail to plan. Check out some of the common ecommerce mistakes that could kill your sales at the same time as conversion rates. So let’s look at them in the short term.

  • Awesome photos: If you want to sell online, you need to put in high quality images that capture the attention of your visitors and give them a reason to buy the same right away without thinking. It empowers your business and clarifies visitors’ doubts about the product or service. And using poor quality images can turn the table and push customers away, so make sure you never repeat this mistake again.
  • Poor product description: If you misrepresent your product or service, it may confuse your visitors and spoil their interest. It’s not a small mistake, but a mistake as a description helps buyers know more about your product range and helps them make a purchasing decision. Also, it will help search engines crawl your site to increase its rating, so be sure to describe your products well and use the long tail keyword in that.
  • No search engine optimization strategy: You are not the only one in the market, there are many other race companies selling the same product, to win this throat-cutting competition you need to make yourself a higher position than your competitors. And a search engine optimization strategy can help you do this, and if you neglect it, keep in mind that it will take your customers zero in on your efforts.
  • Not so friendly site: Not having a mobile-friendly website or responsiveness is the biggest mistake ever, which does not kill your sales but also affect your customer’s interests. If you want a flood of traffic to your website or a high conversion rate, your site needs to be mobile-friendly.

These are just a few of the ecommerce mistakes that could kill your sales and make sure you are ready with a backup plan for quick troubleshooting.

by Gunjan Singh


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