Magento web development is a flexible solution that has many features to make SEO websites friendly, representative, customized and has complete operational efficiency. Open source developers believe Magento is the best ecommerce solution because it provides many unique features, which are listed below.

1. Marketing Promotions and Tools – Magento Ecommerce has flexible pricing rules and is therefore an effective creator of various promotions that help increase conversion rates. In addition, there are many tools such as shopping cart sales, cross-product product pages, Google sitemap tools, PPC landing page tools, and search engine-friendly URL tools.

2. Analytics and Reporting – Magento offers a variety of report options such as sales reports, tax reports, tag reports, coupon usage reports, search terms reports, top product reviews, best product reports, and RSS feeds for new orders. These reports can help improve the website and can perform A / B and multivariate testing.

3. Search Engine Optimization – Magento offers many opportunities for creating SEO sites. These SEO features include creating Google sitemaps, taking full control of URLs to build them according to SEO, adding automatically generated popular searches, and customizing Meta data for all websites.

4. Site management – Magento provides a useful interface that enables efficient management of network channels. This site management provides support for localization and multiple currencies, one-click upgrades, CMS for informative pages, and integration of Google’s A / B optimization site and multivariate testing.

5. Directory management – Magento offers catalog management through which an admin site can very easily approve, edit, and delete product tags and product reviews. Catalog management offers various options for displaying items, while products can be exported and imported for serial upgrades.

6. Catalog Overview – Magento offers a variety of features such as cross-selling, sales, filtering …

Source by Stephen Kenealy


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