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Before I begin a detailed comparison of Leadpages and ClickFunnel, ask yourself why you need a landing page?

To obtain valuable customer information in exchange for an offer or discount. You get this information to nurture these guides later.

It is simply a sight and a gift. You offer your users something enough, enough to convince them to share some of their information with you. It went pretty straightforward now.

According to a poll from Wishpond last year;

The average B2B landing page conversion rate is around 13.28 percent and 9.87% of B2C landing pages Click to Tweet

Read a detailed post about the Wishpond review, which I wrote a few weeks ago.

If you’re wondering what is key to getting more landing page conversions, continue to test different versions.

When I say to test different versions of your landing page, it also means that you will need to design those many landing pages until you find the result you are looking for. Now, building a landing page is challenging and exhausting at first. Here’s where all these fantastic landing page tools will come in handy.

If there was only one player on the market, it would be an easy choice. But there are many landing page builder tools, and they are all good in one way or another. You can use Leadpages. ClickFunnels. nbounce or to nstapage, I’ve been using ClickFunnels lately, and dare I say it, great. I also used Leadpages, Instapage and Unbounce before. You can read my insights, reviews and comparisons in previous blogs:

In this article, I will draw a comparison between LeadPages and ClickFunnel.

Leadpages vs ClickFunnels

Before we get into how one is different from the other, it is important for the state that both of these tools are amazing in their own way. To be fair, every tool serves a specific purpose. The bad are the differences, there are many ways in which both of these tools overlap.

To make a comparison, it is important to understand what each software does. We will start with Leadpages.



Leadpages is a simple tool for creating and dragging landing pages. It has its priorities set correctly. Leaders integrate with ESPs (email service providers) to capture potential leads to further nurture leads. It’s simple, takes less time to load, and helps you discover some converted landing pages. No coding knowledge required.

Leaders are the best at what they do. Period.

Feature list

Leadpages is a powerful tool that helps you generate leads on the web, through emails, text messages and social media platforms. Here’s how to grow your email list –

  • Drag and drop customization lets you create a landing page by dropping elements like text, images, buttons, widgets, etc. It’s seamless!
  • Host of mobile friendly templates to choose from. Choose any template of your choice and be sure it will have the same amazing effect on your smartphone screen as it does on your desktop.
  • Landing page performance only improves if you have tried and tested different versions. Leadpages gives you A / B testing capabilities to set up optimization forms and landing pages, and see which version works for you.
  • Leadpages offers integration with a variety of software, increasing the scope of work with landing pages. You can capture leads and send them directly to CRM, email list, webinar platform or all three.
  • View the performance of your landing pages with the robust analytics offer that Leadpages offers.
  • Leadboxes allow you to capture leads with 2-step sign-up forms. Pop-up Capture pop-ups help by automatically adding a potential list to your email list. A built-in magnet feed system to these guides pushes the best content.
  • SMS login codes and 1-click login links via automated SMS conversation.
  • Publish your landing pages to your existing domains and websites.
  • If you know HTML, go beyond pre-designed templates to create your own.
  • Simple WordPress plugin
  • SEO-friendly sites
  • Double Opt-in is compatible for easy synchronization with email services
  • Notification in main form, in case you do not already have an email service. You can get leads information directly into your inbox.
  • Works with all popular ESPs like MailChimp, Infusionsoft, AWeber and more
  • For a limited offer, add a countdown timer to your page
  • Video embedding facility Leadpages video ad built-in to turn your landing page into a rich media experience.

Update: For Leadpages customers in Europe and companies collecting data from a European citizen; must follow GDPR law; Leadpages customers can enable these features and follow best practices accordingly.

The Role of Leading Pages in Your Business

Leadpages can do many things. What is not is that Leadpages does not function as your email marketing software. Leaders help you attract leads. However, it plays no role when it comes to sending regular emails to your lists.

You may wonder why you should use Leadpages. The answer is simple: Leadpages has many templates that increase conversion rates and grow email lists quickly.

leadpages-capture pop-up

So now that we understand what Leadpages is doing exactly, here is how Leadpages can help with your business. You can use Leadpages to:

1) Hosting webinars, Sometimes webinar software is a bit expensive. Leadpages offers you a webinar template where you can insert your live presentation. You can also add a chat box for your current Q / A session and communication. You can easily embed Google Hangouts on Leadpages.

2) Blog Entries, You can have a neat pop-up window for your visitors to subscribe to your blog. With clear CTA and relevant content, these application boxes are professional and cool.

3) Creating a landing page signup form is easy. Creating a high converting landing page can be a daunting task if you don’t use Leadpages. It’s easy and fast. Great templates to choose from.

4) You can submit content updates automatically, All you have to do is create a LeadBox on Leadpages and upload your free one. Emails will automatically be sent to your new subscribers after they sign up.

5) Collect email subscribers via text message, Here’s how it works:

  • You send a phrase or word to a specific number.
  • The user will now have to respond with their email address.
  • Once they do, they are added to your list of subscribers.

How this helps:

  • Instead of pushing your target audience to your website or URL, you can simply ask them to submit their zip code.

lead page conversion rates - Leadpages vs ClickFunnels

6) The sales template is perfect for creating a sales landing page, You can customize according to your needs.

7) thank you pages in minutes, After the user subscribes, you can display your thank you page containing valuable information. You can turn on CTA buttons to help your users spread the word on social networks. Saying thank you is always great and gives a personal touch.

To know how Leadpages effectively helps brands grow their email lists, take a look at case studies published on Leadpages blogs. One of the case studies I found really interesting is the PowToon study (probably because of what the brand does!).

PowToon lets you create animated videos and presentations using drag and drop software. Companies like Starbucks and Cisco use PowToon for their videos. Founded in 2002, PowToon spreads a simple message:

If you have a message and want to make it more engaging, animated, fun, and use your own branding, this makes it a really easy way to create engaging content.

While you can read whole case study on Leadpages blog, here’s the highlight –

PowToon has performed A / B testing with its landing pagesIf one worked, it had another interesting up its sleeve. PowToon exclaimed at Sherbill:

I knew what people were doing without Leadpages. The fact is, you don’t have to rely on other people to learn the basics. Cheap easy and affordable enough.

PowToon uses webinars as a way to engage users, not as sign-ups or subscriptions. Below is one of the PowToon webinar registration sites for existing clients:

PowToon Webinar Registration Landing Page

In this case, this works, they had another page ready for listing.

Alternate Landing Page: PowToon

PowToon relies on Leadpages for everything from branding to content. With great landing pages and attractive content, PowToon focuses on the right place.

Leading page integration

Leaders provide a range of integrations to make your job easier. Whether it’s analytics or CRM, social media or email marketing – Leadpages lets you integrate into all segments. First and foremost, Leadpages integrations can be segmented as:

(Note: Few are marked with lightning bolt such as a symbol indicating “Integration”, a tick means “Compatibility”)


Without analytics it is impossible to do anything. Unless you get detailed insights on your marketing efforts, you cannot strategize your next step. Leadpages enables integration with Google Analytics and is compatible with Google Tag Manager and all Javascript analytics platforms.



CRM integrations help launch successful post-capture campaigns. Leadpages integrates with Infusionsoft and Salesforce. It is compatible with Zoho.

Leading page integrations

e commerce

Do you have an online retail store? Well, Leadpages has the capabilities to suit your needs as well. Integration with 1ShoppingCart and Interspire enhances your ecommerce capabilities. Leadpages is compatible with Shopify.


Email campaigns

That’s the most important aspect. Leaders integrate with a multitude of email marketing software such as Mailchimp, SendReach, GetResponse, iContact and more.

Digital Advertising

Leaders are compatible with Facebook ads and Google AdWords, helping you increase traffic by sending targeted ads and dedicated PPC landing pages.

Leading page integrations

Marketing Automation

What is B2B Marketing Without B2B Marketing Automation! Leadpages allows you to integrate Hubspot, Marketo and Ontraport for advanced B2B campaigns.

Leading page integrations


Online payment is the future and it has already started! Leaders are compatible with two of the most popular transaction tools: PayPal and Stripe.

Social media

Integrate Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus to quickly capture leads. It is also compatible with the professional LinkedIn website.

Leading page integrations


I already mentioned hosting a webinar with Leadpages. Here are two tools that can be integrated with Leadpages: GoToWebinar and WebinarJam / EverWebinar.

Web page

You can use Leadpages if you use the site on WordPress (integrate the WP plugin), Drupal, Joomla, Squarespace, Weebly and Wix (compatible with Leadpages).

Lead site prices

Leadpages offers monthly, annual and bi-annual plans. An ‘advanced’ plan is not available for an annual subscription.

If you opt for a monthly subscription:

  • The standard plan for home businesses and freelancers starts at $ 37 per month
  • The pro plan for small businesses and professional retailers starts at $ 79 per month

The same plans are available for $ 25 per month (Standard) and $ 49 per month (Pro) when you opt for an annual subscription. For marketing teams and agencies, you need to choose annual subscriptions. The “advanced” plan starts at $ 199 per month.

Lead site prices

For a two-year subscription, plans come in:

  • Standard: $ 17 per month
  • Pro: $ 42 per month
  • Advanced: $ 159 per month

If you’re not sure which plan is right for you, Leadpages has a short video to help. Check out the features that each plan can offer.

Now that we have a thorough overview of Leadpages, let’s look at how ClickFunnels help build landing pages.



ClickFunnels is an equally wonderful tool for building a landing page. It’s intuitive and simple, with lots of great built-in templates.

The Clickfunnel homepage is rich in content. A lot about this tool, and ClickFunnels makes sure you know exactly what you will get here.

As the name suggests, ClickFunnels doesn’t just refer to landing pages. You can also create a sales funnel in your system. It may be a bit like Leadpages in terms of landing page design, but it has features beyond that.

There are funnel templates that will allow you to create and organize your entire sales funnel. Well, obviously the landing pages you create using ClickFunnels are not a standalone thing. It’s actually part of a sales funnel.

You can create various funnels, such as one for registering a webinar, one for the Thank You page, and so on. The best part you ask? You can even have a covered part to charge (if you need to). Sales will be flawless with this tool.

Prefer to see ClickFunnels features:

ClickFunnels presents interesting numbers on its homepage along with a bold green CTA button. Without a doubt, the numbers make a real impact!

Statistics: ClickFunnels

There is no hiding with ClickFunnels. Moving down the homepage prompts you with all your questions. It starts off with the title What is a Sales Funnel and Why You Will Need It; and explains how ClickFunnels can fit your needs, the different types of funnels you can explore, and how to use each feature available.

Update: Clickfunnels is now GDPR ready and provides a set of features that can be used to monitor GDPR best practices. Also, Clickfunnels have updated their privacy page where they mentioned about the updated GDPR. You can follow this link for information on GDPR tools, CheckBox elements, smart Actionetics listings, and examples of dual sign-in verification.

ClickFunnels doesn’t want to take any chances. To catalyze your decision to sign up ASAP before you even think about trying out any other tools, ClickFunnels presents a detailed comparison with some of the leading tools. This is not only a comparison, but also an overview of all the features of ClickFunnel. It goes like this:

cilckfunnels-comparison - Leadpages vs ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels nicely categorizes its features and functionality into sections such as “actionetics” and “backpacks”; like this:

clickfunnels-options-actionetics - Leadpages vs ClickFunnels

And finally, the brief is called “PROPERTIES.” It is bad to say that this section addresses the most common questions and technical features that you will find in ClickFunnels.

clickfunnels features - Leadpages vs ClickFunnels

Passage features

Since ClickFunnels already made the comparison very easily, I will quickly walk you through the main features of this tool:

  • A simple and powerful drag-and-drop editor
  • Landing page software
  • Complete web site hosting
  • Professional topics and templates
  • Simple WYSIWYG editor
  • Submit an automatic software response
  • A / B Split Testing
  • Various sales funnels, commonly known as “Boxed”
  • Conversion tracking
  • Membership Websites
  • Opt-ins (Two Steps and Instant); and so much more.

Using ClickFunnels: Simple Steps

ClickFunnels will give you a detailed guide on how to use this tool. There are pictures, GIFs and videos to help you with each step.

1) The The first step is to select a sales funnel, If you missed explaining what a funnel is, scroll through the homepage to find out.

ClickFunnels has six pre-built funnels-

Clickfunnels-sales flows
ClickFunnels- 6 types of sales funnels
  1. Funnel for bestselling books
  2. Product Launch Line
  3. Perfect funnel for webinar
  4. The Real Things Funnel
  5. Fishbowl funnel
  6. Network Marketing Bridge Funnel

2) Drag and drop your message. Adjust by moving the elements as needed.

3) Set up action sequences for your funnel, such as emails, texts, etc.

4) Start the hopper

The coolest part of ClickFunnel is this:

ClickFunnels- Donation

ClickFunnels integrations

ClickFunnels allows integration of some well-known names like Mailchimp, AWeber, Drip, ConstantContact, Pureleverage, Sendlane and many more. You can add shopping cart software such as Strip, Infusionsoft, Clickbank, Taxamo, Ontraport and JVZoo.


ClickFunnels rates

With a 14-day trial CTA across the homepage, your first connection to this tool may be free. Great tool with great support. Here are the pricing details for this tool:

ClickFunnels basic plan starts at $ 97 per month. That includes:

  • 20 streams
  • 100 pages
  • 20k visitors / month
  • Integration with shopping cart CRMs and automatic emailing.

But the value package, including all Actionetics and Backpacks, is $ 297 a month.

To make things more compelling, ClickFunnels details pricing in this way:


Leadpages vs ClickFunnels

I’m sure after going through the details of both tools; it is obvious that ClickFunnels are more powerful.

Leadpages is a tool that has its own focus: creating landing pages. Poor everyone. There is nothing more than that, and Leadpages says it works well.

ClickFunnels goes beyond landing pages. It’s a complete package. The landing page building is part of the entire Funnel. ClickFunnels is a highly advanced version of Leadpages.

In many ways both tools are the same. Some features are common to both:

  • Create landing pages with a simple WYSIWYG editor
  • Landing pages respond to mobile devices
  • Host topics and templates
  • A / B split testing
  • Webinar Flows
  • Two-step involvement
  • Instant login

And now, an overview of all ClickFunnels still has Leadpages:

The first thing ClickFunnels has is Sales Funnels (6 built-in streams).
Although both tools have webinars to promote internet events, ClickFunnels offer advanced and automated webinars. Also, ClickFunnels provide:

  • Smart email tracking
  • A full view of the funnel conversion or, Page Conversion Tracking
  • Reorder the funnels on the go
  • Easy page / funnel replication
  • Member Guidelines
  • Drop content
  • Lock membership content
  • Payment integrations

The most important winning point is, ClickFunnels offers a 14-day free trial, Try this great tool before you pay.

You probably feel that ClickFunnels is very expensive. But given the type and conversions you will get, this price simply pays off. I would ask everyone not to compare the prices of Leadpages and ClickFunnel as both of these tools have different functionalities.

Both tools have great dashboards, but ClickFunnell’s dashboard wins with its flat icons and robust statistics. Then the editor follows. ClickFunnels has a powerful editor that offers more variety. Leading pages, by contrast, have some limitations when it comes to editing page structure or headline. Although people say too many options will mess things up, I think the ability to customize ClickFunnel is a clear winner. Sometimes I feel Leadpages are always introducing newer templates to justify this issue!

ClickFunnels makes it easy to capture lead as well, while Leadpages is all about capturing maps. In Leadpages you can’t get A / B sharing testing unless you go for an advanced plan. But with $ 97, you get all that and more in ClickFunnels.

One part that I have not mentioned so far is the section on Affiliate Program. Both Leadpages and ClickFunnels have this feature. While Leadpages provides a 30% commission, ClickFunnels provide 40% of the lifetime of the commission branch.

The main reason I would argue for ClickFunnels is because It is always a relief to have a tool that can do more thingsManaging ten tools together is a headache sometimes.

In terms of integrations, ClickFunnels outperform Leadpages with payment integrations.

again, as a closing note I would say that it totally depends on your merchant needs, If you are looking for simple landing pages to capture only potential leads, Leadpages is the best you can find. But if you want more than that, ClickFunnels is the right choice.

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